Types of block house for finishing the house inside and styling features: Instruction + Photo and Video

Types of block house for finishing the house inside and styling features: Instruction + Photo and Video The block house looks like an eurolining. Wood panels are made using modern technologies and developments. Block house interior photos, which are freely available on various Internet resources, make it possible to create your own unique style.

Freshly planed wood, fills the room with a fresh aroma that has a beneficial effect on the microclimate in the house.

The parts are connected using the groove-tenon system.

On the surface of the lamella there are slots for ventilation, the outer side resembles a rounded log.

General information

Material characteristics

Block house is a natural material for wall decoration, therefore it has the appropriate characteristics:

  • environmental friendliness - the material does not emit toxic substances, during manufacture the tree is dried in natural conditions without treatment with chemicals;
  • Types of block house for finishing the house inside and styling features: Instruction + Photo and Video heat preservation - the panels maintain the optimal temperature in the rooms;
  • sound insulation - the material does not allow noise and annoying sounds from the street to pass;
  • ease of installation - due to the design elements, there are no difficulties with installation;
  • light weight - light panels are used to decorate the walls of balconies and loggias;
  • aesthetics - an attractive appearance makes the material very attractive for designers;
  • the possibility of combining with other materials.

The material is not devoid of flaws:

  • low level of fire safety - the panels are treated with fire retardants after installation in order to protect housing from troubles;
  • change in shape - if the fastening rules are not followed, damage in the form of grooves remains on the lamellas;
  • does not let steam pass well - fungus and mold develop under the elements. In order to prevent undesirable phenomena, they equip a high-quality ventilation system and arrange ventilation.

Types of block house for interior decoration

The choice of block house for interior decoration is determined by the type of material, size, grade.

For the design of the room inside, there are panels with small dimensions, the width of which is 9 cm. This type allows you to visually enlarge the rooms.

Block house varieties:

  • Exclusive material - elements that are even without the slightest flaw and have no noticeable defects. It is used for decorating walls in expensive private houses;
  • grade A - a high-quality material for interior cladding of residential or commercial premises;
  • grade B - small knots and irregularities are allowed. The material is used for decoration of saunas and baths;
  • grade C is an unremarkable material that is suitable for cladding of utility rooms.

Combined types AB or BC are on the market. Before purchasing a block house, experts advise to make sure that the material is stored in compliance with all standards.Poor quality panels can crack and deform.

Rules for choosing a block house

For the manufacture of finishing material, deciduous and coniferous trees are taken as a basis. The pine wood pattern is formed by the many knots that create a unique pattern.

Spruce gives the block house a wonderful texture, and cedar helps maintain a favorable microclimate in the house.

Before purchasing the material, they are determined with the place that is supposed to be finished with panels. Decorative elements are suitable for interior cladding.

The bathhouse or dressing room is trimmed with panels of aspen, alder and linden, avoiding conifers. This is due to the fact that resin is released from the needles at high temperatures, and the tree also has a high heat capacity.

The panels get hot, which is not very convenient.

Variants of application

The block house cladding is performed in two versions:

  • full - they trim the walls and ceiling;
  • combined - decorate one or more walls.

Block house is combined with other finishing materials, for example, wallpaper, clapboard, plaster, natural or artificial stone, metal forged products, glass. The panels make it possible to translate into reality bold ideas and original solutions.

If you want to restore the style of merchant houses or a simple rural house in the house, the house block is ideal.

The material is often used to create alpine chalet-style houses. The panels are suitable for wall cladding in bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms.

Technology of finishing block house inside the house

The panels are laid on a pre-installed crate under the block house inside the house. Therefore, there is no need to prepare the walls, all defects will be hidden by the sheathing. For the lathing, wooden planed slats or bars are used, which are fastened at a distance of 50 - 70 cm from each other.

Bars 5x5 cm in size are suitable for work, slats no more than 7 cm wide.

During installation, the board is positioned in such a way that the spike looks up. This prevents moisture build-up. To avoid surface deformation, the panels do not need to be fixed too tightly.

Block house is attached to the crate with clamps, nails or screws.

The installation method is influenced by the size of the boards. Nails are suitable for thin lamellas, self-tapping screws for massive elements. Installation starts from any position, both from below and from above. Gaps are left at the ends of the panels to improve circulation.

During installation, the wooden elements are wedged with a spike that protrudes directly into the groove.

It is important to make sure that the tenon of the first board, and the next one after it, is placed in the direction of the window. This allows you to hide the resulting joint. After installation, the panels are fixed to the crate using nails or self-tapping screws.

Important! Block house panels are treated with fire retardants and antibacterial agents in order to extend their service life.

After laying, the material is coated with a primer, after which it is opened with wax varnish or paint without color.

Upon completion of drying, the panels are sanded and coated with a second coat of the selected paint material.

Tips & Tricks

To make the material last a long time, follow these rules:

  • before finishing the block house, it is customary to calculate the amount of material required. Experts advise buying panels from one batch, since the shade of the next one may be different;
  • if it is known that the panels were transported at subzero temperatures, they are left to soak in the room;
  • the gap between the wall and the cladding is filled with insulation. For this, mineral wool or expanded polystyrene is suitable. To improve the properties of insulation materials, lay a vapor barrier film;
  • House block is painted before laying on the crate.

    This is due to the fact that it is rather difficult to paint the comb after installation;

  • after installation, the panels are covered with a layer of colorless varnish or paint;
  • it is necessary to renew the paintwork every 5 years.

Caring for a block house in the interior

Modern wood care products are impressive in their variety. Their action is aimed at protecting the surface from bark beetle pests, open fire, mold and putrefactive processes. Primers or wax are often used. Further, the coating is periodically cleaned of dust with a vacuum cleaner or a damp soft cloth.

The use of products containing abrasive particles is not allowed.

Guided by the desire to refresh the color of the wood or completely change it, home owners select a variety of shades of paint, or use wood stain. Varnish is able to increase the term of exploitation of the block house, subject to periodic renewal of the layer. The stain favorably emphasizes the texture of the wood, creates an attractive shine, gives the desired shade.

Everything new is well forgotten old.

Having a rather traditional appearance, the block house fits into modern styles and helps to create original interiors. Thanks to the functionality of the panels, in a short period of time the craftsmen change the style of the house. The material fits perfectly into houses decorated in loft style, minimalism, hi-tech.

In order to create a high quality coating, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of installation and surface maintenance. The aesthetics and attractiveness of the house interior depends on the chosen type of block house and its shade.