Types of chandeliers and original ideas + Video

Types of chandeliers and original ideas + Video Great new, well forgotten old. This expression fits the new hobby of using natural wood objects in the interior. Wooden chandeliers are one of the newest things.

The return of interest to them was not only a tribute to fashion, but also the emergence of new technologies in the electrical field.

This is due to the introduction of LEDs and halogen lamps into production, which do not heat up to a critical temperature.

Wooden chandeliers. General information

Currently, wood luminaires are not produced in the consumer system, there is a model range with the presented options in the amount of several pieces. It depends not only on the high cost of items made from natural materials, but also on the fact that designers are constantly in search. New exclusive collections are continually emerging from the design department. Wood itself is a material that allows you to constantly come up with new solutions.

Chandeliers differ in many respects:

  • sizes,
  • by style,
  • material of manufacture,
  • combination of different materials in one design,
  • by the number of connected light sources,
  • by the method of mounting to the ceiling,
  • by the complexity of the structure ...

Choice of chandeliers

Dimensions of lamps

According to the external dimensions, the chandeliers are made taking into account understanding consumer needs. It is based on the average size of housing under construction.

Starting from small studio apartments in residential complexes to individual buildings. The developers of lighting devices take into account the total volume of the room, the square and the height of the ceilings. An exclusive wood lamp can be selected for any home.

There is a separate opportunity to order a custom-made chandelier from a designer or make it yourself. Materials for such creativity are always at hand.

Styles of wood lighting fixtures

Wood is inherently a conservative material. It is accepted to adhere to several main styles:

  • Types of chandeliers and original ideas + Video Classic style , it involves a construction of large fittings, there are almost no decoration elements, glass shades are used in the form of classic geometric shapes or flower buds. The style maintains simplicity, symmetry and high functionality of the device.
  • Art Nouveau style , this is a riot of non-standard forms, ornate lines, a combination of details of various materials, the use of sources of different shapes and intensity.
  • Country style that came from distant places.

    It expresses all the charm of antiquity and monumentality. It stands out for the use in the manufacture of a lamp of simple shapes from parts of natural colors inherent in wood. This style brought into vogue the use of a cart wheel with candle light bulbs.The frame contains forged metal or chains.

  • In oriental style chandeliers are made without the use of metal, wood parts have the correct geometry.

    To facilitate the construction, inserts made of fabric or special paper are added.

Do-it-yourself material selection

The structure of any tree is in constant change. Before assembling the chandelier, all the machined parts are treated with special chemical compounds that protect the material from fungus and mold, rotting or pests, and prevent the possibility of fire. Then the surface is covered with paint mixtures. They keep moisture inside the material, allowing it to maintain the desired shape.

Wooden parts permanently retain moisture at least 20%.

Depending on the location of the chandelier made of wooden parts, its service life depends. Premises with very dry air will cause the tree to gradually shrink in size. A waterlogged atmosphere will cause the material to expand. These actions themselves occur at an imperceptible level, but over time, the coating gradually deteriorates and destructive factors gain access to wood.

Which is irreversibly destroyed.

To increase the life of parts, it is necessary not only to constantly inspect and maintain it, but also to choose the right material for the corresponding location.


Types of chandeliers and original ideas + Video Oak, suitable for dry, roast climate of the Asian region. If bog oak material is used, it will not be damaged during the rainy season. He is a hard tree.

Products made from it are beautiful and monumental. It is not suitable for graceful models. It goes well with metal inserts and chains.


Beech is on the same level with the oak. Light, hard wood with small interspersed pores allows you to add a special charm to the lamp.

Excellent models come out of such a tree; combinations with other materials are not appropriate.


These are pine, spruce, larch more suitable for the middle lane. With a temperate climate. Such wood can be combined with various materials. It is best to process them with natural resins.

Such a tree will constantly release essential oils that are beneficial to health.

An important feature of wood material for chandeliers

Wood is available in any region. It does not have to be an array; shrubs, dry vines, and reeds are perfect for making an exclusive model of a lighting fixture.

Wooden material is easy to work with in the manufacture of even thin, graceful details. With him, there are great opportunities to implement your creative ideas.

Wood products can be constantly changed, modified, corrected inaccuracies.

But there is a need to comply with a number of rules for the manufacture and operation of lighting devices using electricity.

  • Types of chandeliers and original ideas + Video Use bulbs in lamps with such material that do not heat up during operation. This avoids the appearance of dark spots on parts, tan markings or in the worst case of fire.
  • The frame and channels for the electric cable routing must be made of non-combustible materials.

  • Lamp holders are made of ceramic with hidden contacts.
  • If it is necessary to connect wires inside the chandelier, special terminal blocks must be used.
  • The fastening of the entire structure must be a reliable way.
  • Wooden parts should be periodically inspected and treated with impregnations and paints.


Wood is a wonderful and convenient material for making chandeliers for the home.

If you take the necessary steps to maintain such lamps in time, they will provide comfort and coziness in your home for a long time.