Types of doors without platbands with a hidden box - Installation steps + Video

Types of doors without platbands with a hidden box - Installation steps + Video Some nuances are responsible for the aesthetic appearance and attractiveness of the door leaf, among which platbands play an important role. Their shape can be very diverse, have rounded edges, curly or straight. Also, their width varies, they can be either narrow or wide.

There is an opinion that the door does not have a logical end without platbands, and there is little attraction in it. But, we will try to prove the opposite, and we will understand the features of the door without platbands.

It organically fits into modern interiors, does not spoil them at all, and gives a certain zest.

Most are accustomed to classic door models, and do not quite imagine options without platbands. There are stylistic directions, the general perception of which develops precisely when there are no restrictions in space. A large number of door leaves in one room makes it limited, and if the task is to expand this space, then it is better to give preference to hidden doors without platbands.

By picking up the canvas in the color of the walls, you can achieve a single unlimited space.

Doors without platbands and classic design

Contrary to the generally accepted opinion that such doors do not fit into the classics, designers try to offer options without platbands and show how organic they are in these variations. If you want to add some respectability and solemnity to the room, opt for just such door panels. Columns, cornices and portals are often used as a replacement for platbands.

Doors without platbands in the interior. Modern design

Types of doors without platbands with a hidden box - Installation steps + Video Modern trends in interior design do not like special luxury, pretentiousness.

The main thing is simplicity, clarity of lines, a minimum of decorative elements. To further simplify the overall look of the room, designers refuse to use door trims. You can achieve attractiveness in other ways, for example, play on a contrasting combination of colors. Interior doors without platbands are very often installed in office premises, houses and apartments, which are decorated in a modern style.

Choosing this type of door system will make the opening in your room invisible.

This method is good for enlarging small spaces. The hidden door frame allows you to protect the space in the house, as well as visually expand the area if necessary.

Types of doors without platbands with a hidden frame

Such doors can be two-sided and one-sided. The difference is that doors are considered one-sided without platbands on only one side. They are installed when there are goals to expand the space of one room, and platbands are attached from the side of the corridor.

Such models of door leaves are most often used in practice. In addition, an important nuance is that the one-sided version has a smaller thickness.

Double-sided doors without platbands are produced with an orientation to the interior partition. The most common width of the door frame is 7.5 - 10 cm.

At first glance, it seems that the double-sided structures are rather large, but in fact, quite the opposite. The material from which the doors are made is very light, therefore, in the end result, the total mass of the entire structure will be at the level of the solid wood door. In the production of hidden door panels, a variety of technological solutions are used, so choosing your option is not difficult.

Very often canvases are created prepared for finishing, which allows them to merge as much as possible with the walls in the room in the future. In addition, there are ready-made decorated options for different styles.

Types doors without platbands depending on the opening method:

  • Classic swing doors on awnings;
  • Pendulum;
  • Rotary doors.

Swing designs are the most popular because they are more familiar in appearance and have a low cost. Such canvases are attached to hidden hinges. Pendulum doors are convenient to use, but they are more expensive and are a little more difficult to mount. A roto-door is the most convenient design option, but their installation requires a lot of effort, money and time.

Operation of doors without platbands

This design of door leaves has been used for a long time. Since time immemorial, such doors have been installed to hide secret rooms in castles and mansions. Modern stylistics endows them with slightly different functions. Often the installation of doors without platbands is carried out if they want to visually hide the number of openings in the room. For example, in the closet, dressing room, bathroom, dressing room.

Note. The use of modern fittings and special door handles minimizes the possibility of injury, especially for those who first enter a space where doorways are invisible.

Advantages and disadvantages of doors without platbands

Before proceeding with the analysis of the advantages of this door leaf design, let's say that there are practically no disadvantages ...

Basically, they can be attributed to the features of the installation and technical characteristics.


  • Types of doors without platbands with a hidden box - Installation steps + Video Full integration into the walls. The best way such doors fit into rooms with a large number of doorways. Such door options help to hide various utility rooms.
  • A small area is used for installation.

    This feature allows you to install in a narrow opening where a standard canvas simply will not fit.

  • Possibility of installation in rooms with a non-standard layout. For example, this option is more appropriate if you need to install a door under the stairs or in the attic.
  • Increase the access of sunlight to the room.Various options for door opening methods provide this opportunity.

  • Various sizes of door frame without platbands. This feature guarantees the ability to select a design that matches the capabilities of your premises.
  • Possibility of developing an individual design.
  • Excellent level of sound insulation;
  • Variability of finishing;
  • Structural strength.

Doors flush with the wall without platbands the ability to increase the thickness of the leaf to the level of 5 cm.

This is what provides protection against extraneous noise. An excellent option for installing such doors would be a children's room or bedroom. For a standard door, sound insulation is 25 dB, and for a hidden door - 35 dB.

Tip. To hide the doorway from sight as much as possible, you can hang a picture on the canvas.

This will allow it to dissolve in the space of the room.

Disadvantages of doors without platbands:

  • The need for installation at the stage of preparation of the opening. If you are aiming at installing this type of door leaf, do it before finishing work, otherwise everything will have to be redone again, and this is an extra cost.
  • Expensive installation. If we compare the price of installing a conventional door leaf, it will immediately become clear that installing a door without platbands will cost much more.

    This is due to the complexity of such work. The total cost consists of the price for the door and payment for the services of the craftsmen. You can reduce costs by choosing a manufacturer. Buying a door leaf from a Russian factory will cost you less. Doors from foreign firms cost several times more.

    In addition, the price of a door depends on what material it will be made of.

Note. Doors without platbands fit very organically into a loft-style interior.

As a material for the manufacture of hidden doors without platbands, exotic woods are often used, which can be coated with various shades of acrylic paints (matte and glossy), aluminum, MDF.

Door trim without trims

  • Types of doors without platbands with a hidden box - Installation steps + Video Acrylic paint;
  • Plaster;
  • Decorative panels;
  • Veneer;
  • Mosaic;
  • Mirrors;
  • Leather;
  • Wallpaper.

Installation of a door without platbands with a hidden box

As mentioned above, installation of hidden canvases has its own characteristics and some difficulties. Therefore, you cannot do without the help of specialists. Fastening of the door frame is carried out at the stage of wall construction or before the start of finishing work, if we are talking about installation in a finished apartment. In addition, the installation methods differ depending on which canvas material you have chosen.

In rooms with walls of gas silicate or bricks, the door frame is installed before the plaster is applied.

Plasterboard walls allow installation on a metal profile frame.In already finished walls, the box can be installed after the layer of plaster has been removed. After the doors are installed, the plaster is applied in a new way or the installation of drywall is carried out. As a result of such manipulations, you will get a hidden opening.


In order to successfully install a hidden door leaf, the wall thickness must be at least 10 cm.

The door frame is installed using special anchors. The horizontal and vertical alignment of the frame is performed using a building level and mounting wedges. Then, the gaps between the box and the wall must be filled with two-component polyurethane foam. Next, a special elastic solution is applied to the door frame, the task of which is to prevent the formation of cracks between the frame and drywall or plaster.

Experts insist that an elastic solution in this situation is more advantageous than the use of a reinforced mesh or non-woven mesh, since these materials are not able to ensure reliable adhesion of surfaces when they vibrate.

When installing the box, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the applied plaster, the level of surface and wall preparation, the thickness of the floor covering. It is very important to make the door leaf fit with the utmost precision. Otherwise, the door will not be able to open fully, the gaps may be large and form gaps. For the installation of massive canvases, additional hinges must be attached.


Interior doors without platbands combined functionality and maximalism. This allows them to organically fit into interiors with different style directions. Blades made of aluminum guarantee long-term operation of the structure and its reliability. Magnetic locks, hidden handles and hinges make it possible to almost completely drain the door leaf from the walls.


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