Types of installations for drilling water wells with your own hands + Photo and Video

Types of installations for drilling water wells with your own hands + Photo and Video Varieties of drilling rigs for water. Productive mini drilling rig is excellent for construction of shallow water wells.

Based on the available drilling methods, the rigs are classified into different types.

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General information about drilling rigs

Structure composition

  1. Impact rig .

    It is a triangular frame with a solid base, to which a flexible cable with a bailer and a chisel is attached. These units are easy to install and will do their job reliably.

  2. Screw installation . The equipment includes a drill auger for excavation in the required volume without additional flushing with water.
  3. Rotary units .

    Production equipment providing hydraulic drilling. A manual rotary unit is the most affordable option, which does not use an electric motor, and all drilling operations are performed manually. It is compact and mobile, so it is easy to transport and can be used in places with difficult access roads.

Advantages of self-made drilling rigs

Do-it-yourself MGBU constructions have been successfully used in the development of water wells for private houses.

The advantages of such equipment are many:

  • compact size and light weight;
  • simplicity of design;
  • high efficiency and versatility;
  • Types of installations for drilling water wells with your own hands + Photo and Video affordable transport, quick collection and dismantling;
  • no negative impact on the landscape of the area where the well is being developed;
  • connection to a standard network or any independent power source;
  • relatively low price of hand-made devices;
  • high maintainability.

Types of drilling

Percussion drilling method

The safest way to build hydraulic structures using small BA is a metal pipe equipped with a bailer. The equipment is suitable for use in areas with moving and soft ground. Byler pulls rock out of the borehole and brings it to the surface.

Percussion drilling is a labor-intensive method of well development that has special requirements:

  • high-strength flexible cable for extracting large amounts of soil;
  • safe installation and operation;
  • high performance.

The main advantages of such drilling are:

  • Types of installations for drilling water wells with your own hands + Photo and Video long-term operation of the well;
  • the ability to locate large-diameter hydraulic structures;
  • prevention of water contamination by third-party additives during well development;
  • ability to control the level of the aquifer;
  • high efficiency in winter.

Disadvantages also exist:

  • the speed of overcoming rocks is reduced if the depth of the structure is significant;
  • the required location of the casing;
  • the possibility of collapse of individual layers of soil during the passage of sand.

Auger drilling

An efficient and safe way to develop shallow water wells on mobile and light soils with a high percentage of sand in the composition. The creation of a working channel for a hydraulic structure is carried out by a screw rod equipped with an end mill and blade elements, which are designed to lift the soil to the surface.

The screw drilling machine can be compact or large, requiring preliminary installation on special equipment.

Advantages of this method:

  • high speed drilling operations;
  • lightweight assembly and easy installation of equipment on site;
  • no involvement of professionals and expensive equipment for lifting soil to the surface;
  • the ability to work in small areas.

A hydraulic rotary unit is used to develop the well - a drilling rig equipped with a rotating bit and a rotary mechanism. Rotary drilling ensures efficient development of the borehole channel, rapid reaching the deep aquifers of the well.

In areas with loose and moving soils, in which there is still sand and clay, the well is equipped with a spoon drill - a cylindrical installation with spiral holes. For dense loamy soils, spiral drills are used that work according to the corkscrew principle. For rocky and dense soils - a pointed chisel.

This method has only two drawbacks: a significant flow rate of the well flushing solution and the probable penetration of clay particles into the aquifer.

Drilling with well flushing

The most effective and efficient way to create a well with a depth of at least 35 meters is to use a mini-installation for drilling wells for water, which is able to provide a penetration rate of up to 12 m / h, which is significantly higher than other methods.

The issue of drilling includes the obligatory flushing of the well in two ways (direct and reverse).

  • The direct method involves feeding a leach solution and throwing soil to the surface.
  • Backflushing involves the supply of solution into the well and the subsequent pumping out of the soil mass using a pump.

  • Drilling pipes or hoses are used as a conduit for the transmission of the cleaning solution.

The drilling mud performs the following functions:

  • Cooling, lubrication of the working elements of the drilling rig;
  • soil leaching from the well;
  • body strengthening.

Motor pumps and other drilling pumping equipment are used to supply the washing solution to the channel.

Assembling a drilling rig with a manual drive

To create a rig with your own hands, you need to make the main components and working tools:

  • cross of pipeline connection;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • metal pipe with a diameter of 0.5 inches;
  • steel plate;
  • adjustable wrench;

Important! Some structural elements for the drilling unit cannot be manufactured by hand, so they must be purchased in advance.

Self-assembly of the structure provides for the preparation of a section of pipe that will be used as the basis for the drilling rig.

All work is performed in the following order:

  1. To create a transverse structure, 2 cm long recesses are drilled at the ends of the pipe.
  2. Tipped steel plates are welded from the end of the pipe.
  3. The water hose is connected to the cross hole and an adapter is used for a safer fit. Water supply is carried out to check the functionality of the structure.

Important! After completing the drilling work and after reaching a depth of one meter, you replace the tip with a longer piece of pipe.

Production unit for drilling with an electric drive

To make an electric drill rig yourself, it is recommended to start with finding working materials and tools :

  • electric drill with drills;
  • screwdriver;
  • grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • drill ;
  • glass;
  • reducer;
  • frame.

To supply water to the well in a continuous mode, the drilling unit is to be connected to a gearbox that acts as an electric drive. The channel is cleared with Beiler.

Drilling rig production is carried out as follows:

  • Types of installations for drilling water wells with your own hands + Photo and Video Procured a piece of pipe of the required size.

  • A valve is made at the bottom of the projectile.
  • A protective mesh is welded on top.
  • A handle or “ears” are welded to secure the rope.
  • The lower part of the projectile is sharpened or several “teeth” are welded from metal pieces or pieces of thick wire.
  • A tripod is made of metal pipes.

  • A block, winch and motor are installed to lift the projectile from the mine.
  • The rope is tied to the thief and the structure is assembled.

Important! It is recommended to make the screw two turns to prevent its breakage when drilling a shaft at a sufficiently deep depth. Next, the drilling rig is launched - drilling a depression into the ground with a gradual expansion of the rod.

The small-sized drilling rig is a productive equipment for the development of an aquifer in a private area.

The drilling rigs are simple and reliable in design. However, there are significant differences between the units in terms of cost, technical parameters and service life.

Important! When developing a well with a depth of more than 8 meters, the drilling unit is installed on a special tripod made of metal or wood. In addition, making homemade drilling rigs is not difficult, the main thing is to prepare high-quality components and follow the step-by-step instructions correctly.