Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video

Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video The living room is a universal place in its purpose. ... Here we receive guests, arrange holidays, relax after a hard day, in addition, the room can be divided into functional zones for lack of sufficient space and used for various purposes.

Repairs in the living room and photos of various interior options can be found on the Internet in the public domain.

Thus, you will be able to choose suitable options for yourself or to look after the finishing features, choose furniture and decor for the room. Also, information on stylistic directions will help you figure out which one will suit you best.

Where to start renovating the living room?

What is your goal

You can get an answer to this question, starting from the set goal. This is due to the fact that the types of repairs are different: major, cosmetic, requiring design solutions or carrying out on their own.

Experts advise to start with making a project of the room, provide all the nuances, the location of the sockets, lighting fixtures and furniture. This will avoid mistakes that can ruin everything in the end result.

Even if you want to make repairs to the living room with your own hands, you should listen to the designers and their rules. To change the interior of the living room completely, it is necessary to carry out redevelopment work, the possible combination of a room with a balcony, the installation of partitions for the purpose of zoning. All this you must think over at the initial stage of work.

Important! Remember that the redevelopment in the apartment of a multi-storey building must be legalized. To do this, you need to contact the housing inspectorate with an apartment plan and possible changes.

Classic living room renovation involves installing or replacing windows and doors, changing the flooring and facing materials on the walls, moving outlets or adding the required number, replacing the wiring if necessary.

Ask yourself

Before embarking on a modern living room renovation, make a list of priorities and answer your own questions:

  1. Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video Determination of the location of technical devices (TV, home theater, music center, etc.).

  2. Place of installation of furniture (upholstered and cabinet).
  3. Planning functional areas and their purpose.
  4. Solution of the problem with lighting devices.
  5. Choice of decor items and x location (eg fireplace).
  6. Determination of the stylistic direction in the design of the room.

Choosing ideas for renovating the living room

Determining the tactics of carrying out repairs

The process is built depending on the chosen style, is very important. This will allow you to clearly adhere to the set goal, while knowing how the interior should turn out as a result. You do not need to mix many styles of living room renovation in one room, otherwise you will not get a stylish living room, but an interior on the verge of kitsch.Someone likes the national eclecticism of different peoples, someone prefers the classics, while others like the romanticism of French Provence.

Style definition

  • Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video Classic.

    Renovation of a living room of a classic has an unspoken definition - expensive and rich. The combination of wooden furniture, exquisite fabrics for furniture and textiles for windows, luxurious chandeliers, a contrasting combination of light and dark - this is all about the classic style. Natural fabrics are used as upholstery for furniture: velvet, velor. A chandelier decorated with candelabra, crystal, and forging elements is hung in the center of the ceiling.

  • Modern trends in design are preferred to more modern types of materials, laminated chipboard is often used, furniture and decoration from which looks light and relaxed, without creating a feeling of bulkiness.

    The main rule for creating any style in the interior is not to overload with details. The hi-tech style is made using metal, chrome surfaces, adding bright blotches.

  • Eclectic and country style adds comfort to any space. Directions can also be different, for example, the theme of the East is very popular in our time.


As for the general rules for repairing a large living room and filling the room with details, it is very important to adhere to proportions, as well as use some tricks to help make ceilings higher and the space itself wider.

For example, a horizontal strip on the wallpaper will make the room look taller than it really is. Dimensional frames on windows or large doorways will help increase the space, the same applies to large-sized paintings with a three-dimensional image.

If the height of the ceilings allows, you can organize multi-level structures, since such options are most suitable for the living room. With the help of a certain location of spot lighting, you can zone the space.


The diamond pattern wallpaper will make your room look wider.

At the initial stage of renovation in a living room in a modern style, it is necessary to take care of creating a floor covering.

Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video If necessary, remove the old covering, level the floor with a leveling compound, lay underfloor heating (optional), and at the end, lay the covering of your choice.

Now there is a great variety of options for materials for flooring: natural cork, parquet boards, laminate, linoleum, porcelain tiles, quartz vinyl tiles. Each type of material has its own technical and operational features, which it is advisable to study before buying.

Also, the choice of floor depends on the stylistic solution of the living room interior.

The parquet board will best fit into the living room created in the classic style. The material is very beautiful and durable, but at the same time expensive.If there is already parquet in the living room at the time of the renovation, and it is in good condition, you can simply loop it and cover it with a new layer of varnish.

It is best to combine the interior of the living room with the general style of an apartment or private house, or make it not too different from the rest of the premises.

Features of designer renovation of the living room

Interior projects from the designer have a number of distinctive features. First of all, professionals in their field get to know the owners of the apartment, find out their preferences, discuss options for the stylistic design of renovating the living room or any other room, and, based on their wishes, as well as their own vision, create a project.

Types of renovation, stylistic directions, design renovation + Photo and Video Then it will need to be agreed with the customer, registering all the nuances. A living room renovation project can be completed from A to Z, or only part of it. The necessary materials are prescribed in the contract with articles with the place of purchase.

It is also possible when the order is made by the owner of the apartment.

Note. When choosing a design bureau and firm, first familiarize yourself with their work, check the qualifications of the workers, and best of all, collect reviews on the Internet or from real people who were their clients.

Of course, ordering the design development of a living room project is not a cheap pleasure. Wealthy people can afford it.

An alternative option for the majority of the population of our country will be an inexpensive living room renovation on their own.

What is redecoration

Redecoration of the living room provides for the replacement of finishing materials on the walls, ceiling and floor. It does not require a thorough replacement of wiring or window and door openings. The main task of this type of repair is to refresh the appearance of the room, to make it more modern.

Redecorating the living room is:

  • Replacement of wallpaper without leveling the surface of the walls.

  • Works with the ceiling (painting, tension canvases, multi-level structures).
  • Replacing the floor covering.
  • Work with the replacement of lighting fixtures.

Before applying new materials for finishing any surfaces, it is necessary to remove the old layer. Otherwise, cracking of coatings may occur, and new ones may flake off and fall off.

Cosmetic repair in the living room also provides for the rearrangement of furniture, dividing the space into functional zones.


If the repair options in the living room were carried out by a working team, then you, upon completion, must accept the job. First of all, inspect the surfaces for defects. Both should not flake off and bubble. Stretch canvases on the ceiling should be stretched evenly and not sag.

The floor covering should not squeak when walking. The conclusion of an agreement between the customer and the contractor provides a guarantee that defects will be eliminated upon detection. Remember that repairs are guaranteed.


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