Types of welding using a laser machine - Pros of using + Photo and Video

Types of welding using a laser machine - Pros of using + Photo and Video Types of welding using a laser system. Welding of metals, an effective way of joining metal structures. The seam formed also has the property of sealing the structure, which has a number of applications. Welding has two uses: joining parts and cutting them.

The choice of technology depends on many factors, such as: types of materials, characteristics of the finished product, etc.

Areas of application

Stainless steel is very often used in line production. Here, special attention is paid to strict adherence to the regulations and sequence of operations. Since failure to comply with one of the conditions may violate the result. In the case of aluminum structures, the metal is pre-prepared. But thin sheet metal is very useful in laser welding.

By using laser welding in the case of thin sheet metal, burn-through of the material can be completely avoided.

Types of welding

Among large industrial organizations, great attention is paid to the technology of plasma welding, since this type significantly increases productivity and speeds up the process itself.

Another type of welding is also popular, such as gas-powder. The technology of this process consists in the supply of a reagent to the junction, which forms a fusion and a good tight adhesion of metals.

Types of welding using a laser machine - Pros of using + Photo and Video Gas type welding uses the technology of supplying reagents through the torch flame, which to some extent restores worn parts, however, to achieve the best result, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the heating time of the material.

Using the current welding type also has a number of advantages, but this type of welding requires application experience and specialized skills.

Application with cast iron

Standard methods of welding are not always suitable for metals with impurities, since reagents that disturb the connection may be formed during the process. In this case, special welding methods are used.

So when welding non-ferrous metals on cast iron, the method of hot and cold welding can be used. To do this, first the workpieces are cleaned, then molded and heated to a temperature in the range of 600-800 degrees.

The cost of cold welding is higher than standard methods, however, it has a number of advantages in use for alloys.

Advantages of laser welding

Compared to other welding methods, the use of powerful gas lasers has advantages:

  • Significant depth of metal penetration.
  • Thin seam.
  • The cost of using lasers does not differ from standard welding methods.
  • Ability to machine extremely small parts.

  • High production speed. Automated system.