types, styles and materials for construction- Review + Video

types, styles and materials for construction- Review + Video Dacha has long ceased to be an indicator of a person's wealth. Nowadays, if you wish, you can build not just a small hut of four walls, in order to keep equipment for earthworks in it, but also a cozy house, even if it is small in size. At the dacha, you can spend the whole summer, or come with relatives and friends for fun gatherings.

To build a comfortable housing for temporary residence, it is necessary, first of all, to make a draft of a country house, which will take into account all the nuances and wishes of the owner.

This article is for those who are going to make their dream come true to build a small country house 6 x 6 m or 6 x 8 m with attic or veranda.

Houses measuring 8 x 8 m with an excellent layout of timber, brick, block will become a decoration of the suburban area. There are a huge number of country house projects for every taste and budget. In addition, there are ultra-modern types of two-level buildings, as well as the good old classics.

How are country houses designed?


A country house is designed in such a way that it has everything necessary for a cozy living communications - water, electricity, sewerage, gas, ventilation. The house may have several rooms with a bathroom and a kitchen.

In the courtyard, you can set aside a place for a small pool, put a gazebo with barbecue, a play area for children.

As for the size of the structure, then focus on your needs. A country house can be built with a terrace for relaxation, an attic, a veranda and even a garage for a car. There are different projects of a country house - 6 x 6 m, 6 x 8 m. Buildings of this size will be enough for a small family, you can arrange the necessary furniture for convenience.

Note. You can completely do without gas at the summer cottage, which cannot be said about electricity. Therefore, at the design stage, do not forget about this important nuance.


You can heat your home in the cold season with a wood-burning stove or an electric fireplace. Country houses, their projects and layouts may be different.

In order to save space, you can build an attic, which will not take up additional space, but this way you will have another room.

Typical project

Set of documents

Typical project of a country house is a set of documents which contains all the information about the building:

  • types, styles and materials for construction- Review + Video drawing;
  • plan;
  • diagram ;
  • tips for improvement;
  • used building materials, tools;
  • specification;
  • approximate price.

Sections of the project

The project contains 3 sections related to construction, building architecture and engineering. The engineering field is a scheme for laying sewage systems, heating, electricity, water supply. The constructive category makes it clear what the layout of the premises in the house will be, the architectural one gives a general idea of ​​housing as a whole.

How to build a house according to the project

Size selection

Build a country house with your own hands, having a project, the task feasible for many. You don't even need to have a special education for this.

On various Internet resources there are a lot of options for ready-made projects of country houses, with photos and videos, as well as drawings.

There are housing models designed for a small budget:

  • An ordinary cheap summer cottage in which you can put inventory and hide from the weather.
  • Economy class country houses are universal projects.

    Suitable for seasonal residence in summer and winter. Typically, these buildings are small in size.

  • Projects of two-storey country houses are designed for a more expensive budget. They are distinguished by comfort, you can live in them, even all year round.

Inexpensive country house

types, styles and materials for construction- Review + Video No need for such a structure hire a specialist to draw up plans and drawings.

You can handle it yourself. The finished project can be taken on the Internet. For the project of an inexpensive country house, you do not need to fill in a serious foundation, since the building uses mainly wooden boards or plywood, which do not weigh much. For an attractive look, you can purchase beautiful siding and wall cladding.

Country houses of economy class

Such housing can be made very comfortable and cozy.

Often, projects are designed for dimensions 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 m. Inside the house, you can place a small kitchen set, make room for a sofa or bed, build a shower and equip a bathroom. For such a house, it is necessary to fill in a solid and reliable foundation and lay communication systems.

Large country house

For families with a large number of people and a guard of relatives, a two-story structure is suitable. It is clear that for such an option the expense item will have to be increased, but if you can afford it, then such a country house will be an excellent housing, even for permanent residence.

An attic can be built as a second floor. Allocate the first floor for the kitchen and recreation area, place bedrooms on the second floor. For added convenience, take care of the veranda or terrace.

What to build a country house from?

Projects of country houses made of wood remain the most demanded. And it is not surprising, because wood has a number of wonderful characteristics that make it irreplaceable.

Plus, this material is easy to obtain. Environmental friendliness, good thermal insulation properties and excellent appearance make wood one of the most popular building materials.

The project of a country house from block , also on the wave of popularity. They attract the attention of land owners by the relative cheapness of the material, as well as by the performance characteristics. Cocking the house will take a little time, since the block size is much larger than a brickIn order not to freeze in winter, the house is sheathed with insulation.

Brick country houses are distinguished by their reliability, durability and excellent ability to keep warm. The cost of building a brick house will be higher than from a block, and the masonry process itself will take longer, but the result will exceed all your expectations.

The fundamental points when choosing materials for building a house in the country should be your goals for the distribution of funds, as well as the plan of the structure itself. Suppose it is not entirely profitable to purchase and transport wood on a two-story wooden house.

Stylistic trends in the construction of country houses

  • Russian style - these are houses in the style of the Tsarist era of Nicholas II .

    .. They are spacious and are built on 2 floors. On the adjacent territory, they put gazebos, make a small lake or pond. Of course, a project for the construction of a country house of this type is not cheap.

  • A mix of town and village. The style represents projects of small country houses, which are built of silicate bricks, with modern glazing and balconies. The layout of the house resembles a city apartment. External walls are often not clad with other materials.
  • Bungalow.

    Most often these are one-story houses with an attic or veranda.

Zoning of a country house is done with the help of walls made of the same material or of plasterboard, which is much cheaper. If the house is planned for two floors, then it is advisable to allocate zones:

  • active use (living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, resting place);
  • passive (bathroom, bedrooms, children's rooms , restroom).

A typical project of a country house provides for the division of space into zones, which we mentioned above. If this is a two-story summer cottage, then the first floor is allocated for the kitchen, hallway and bathroom, as well as the living room or dining room.

The second floor should have a bedroom and a sitting area.

Note. It is advisable to place the kitchen and bathroom next to each other for the construction of a common communication system.

Country houses with flat roof

This type of construction is unusual for our country. These houses are more popular overseas, especially in the United States.

However, these houses look very stylish and modern. The interior space is created extremely open and airy. The fewer walls and partitions, the better. The kitchen and living room are combined, additional closets and pantries are being built for storing things.

For lovers of minimalism

Such houses are distinguished by their compactness and at the same time functionality.

This is a new trend in construction. Houses are built like two-level buildings, which makes it possible to save space and use it to the maximum. On the second level, a bed is placed and the remaining space is used to store various things and objects. The house also has the ability to install a shower, a kitchen unit and a sofa for guests.

The project of a country house with a garage

Such houses require more space to bring the project to life, but if there is one, that housing can turn into not only temporary, but also suitable for permanent residence.

If you lay out all the necessary communication systems in advance, take care of the improvement, then the house will become comfortable enough for living. Make an exit to the terrace from the bedroom, build a basement where you can store things and inventory. Well, the garage will shelter your car from snow, rain and sun.

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