Typical project of a public bath

Typical project of a public bath Public bath project - business plan for beginners

The incredible popularity of the steam room as a place to relax and to relieve stress can be an excellent basis to plan and equip a public bath as a private business. The history of the popular Sandunov baths can tell how popular and reliable such a business can be. At the initial stage, you don't have to hand over incredible profits from the sauna, but the investment will surely pay off if you organize a customer-oriented business.

Sauna as a business

Naturally, the bath, like any other business, is focused on earning income, remains a very risky venture. You will need to spend a lot of money at one point, and there is always a risk of missing out on clients.

Bathing business is not selling shoes or baking bread, where the profit is small but stable. This is directly related to positive emotions from customers. For this reason, even a very experienced administrator will not undertake to think in advance whether the sauna will be profitable as a business and whether there is a benefit in this under certain conditions. From experience it became known that a business plan can only be drawn up if it was possible to solve two main problems:

  • A comfortable place in the sleeping areas of the city for a bath project.
  • Provision of energy resources, primarily water and electricity.

The price of payments for utilities for rent of space, payment for the spent heat and water remain the main threat to the profitability of the bath as a successful business.

Good advice! Before opening a sauna or bath complex for profit, it will be wise to gain experience in the functioning of a business inside, from the point of view of a manager or administrator.

Only in this way can you understand where the funds are going, and how the planning or working organization of the bath complex does not suit customers.


Which of the business options should be chosen

It is unacceptable to plan an enterprise in the future using an abstract example, this is the road to nowhere, and such a business on the usual bath model turns out to be a losing one in advance. With modern entrepreneurship, there is no universal "recipe" and projects for service stations, shops and cafes.

All this is designed for a certain type of customers, the location of the institution within the city, the availability of transport interchanges, and most importantly, the demand for certain types of services. Sauna establishments in this sense are no different from other service sectors. For this reason, for aspiring entrepreneurs, it is better to draw up business plans - saunas with reference to typical models of steam establishments:

  1. Typical project of a public bath The project of a public bath, which is designed for a large flow of clients. In this business, profits are generated due to the huge number of visitors, with an average service level.
  2. A plan for embedding a bathing business with pronounced national features.

    For example, a Finnish, Turkish or even Russian bath with all the accessories and paraphernalia. As a rule, we are talking about expensive establishments with a layout in the form of an office, without public steam rooms, washing rooms and pools.

  3. Model of a bath complex, which is equipped with a fitness room, billiards, swimming pool and exercise machine. The bathhouse in this complex will be only part of a complete set of procedures for health improvement.
  4. Bath for corporate events and recreation.

    A relatively new business, when the owners of such baths actively lure customers away from restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.

A typical project of a public bath makes it possible to earn money, even according to an individual business plan. Recently, the sphere of construction and maintenance of individual apartment baths began to develop massively. The business plan for building a home sauna is much simpler, and the profit can be equal to 30% of the price of the object.

The plan of a public bath

The first option can be called the most difficult, and it is also the most laborious in management and organization.

It is so problematic that most entrepreneurs, when planning capital investments in a public sauna, do not limit themselves to planning estimates or looking for reviews about the bath, whether it is profitable in terms of business. As a rule, before deciding to open a sauna, future owners give preference to ordering a bath project with the most detailed calculations of spending to provide everything with energy. The profit rate per person is small, on average no more than 5-10%, and therefore the establishment will be profitable only with a huge number of customers. Each error in the calculations, raising the heat generating company prices for heat energy can make the business deeply unprofitable. For example, you can consider a project of a public bath for the number of people from 20 to 40.

Planning an institution as a business

For cost-effective and stable operation of a sauna-bath, a load of at least than 70% of the total strength. Since the status of the bath is a national or public bath, and the ticket price is low. A couple of hours are allotted for a visit to the sauna, for a shift at 8 o'clock the bath provides service to 85-160 people. The plan provides:

  • Two wigs - a 9 squares sauna and a 12 squares Russian steam room.
  • Dressing room and dressing room with a main area of ​​30 squares.

  • Washing department and two sanitary facilities - 30 squares.

In total, it will turn out from 80 to 90 squares for two dozen people, or 180-200 squares for a bath project for 40 people. It is interesting that the obtained calculations for the required area are often used when drawing up a business plan as the main argument for calculations. It is believed that an investment of $ 1,000 is required per square meter. In this case, setting up a business on the basis of a public bath will cost up to $ 180,000.

Spending on the operation of the bath

This is a one-time investment, and it will need to be repaid during the payback period of the bath. The current expenditures for one day of the bathhouse operation will be formed as follows:

  • The price of heat supplied to the steam room, sauna and washing department. The total energy consumption for a bathhouse for 40 hours is at least 65 kW / h, and with a tariff of 5. 38 rubles per 1 kW /, and for 8 hours of a shift, you get 2600 rubles.
  • In order to debug service for 150 people, two people with a daily wage of 1000-1400 rubles will be enough.

    This is another 2,000 to 2,800 rubles salary excluding taxes and state. deductions.

  • Spending on water - 160 people need about 4 tons of water for washing and about a cubic meter for sanitary services, only 700 rubles.

And of course, advertising costs are required, without it even the best business will pay off very slowly. It is enough to hang out a couple of full-size banners with short text and signs not far from the steam room - and open the sauna for general use, the most popular in the city.

The project of a public bath for 50 or more people will turn out to be such that the expenses during the 1st working day according to the plan are 7,000 rubles. Taking into account 20% of taxes, earnings per day must be at least 8800 rubles. If from 85 to 150 people come to the bathhouse in 1 working day, then the ticket price will be 110 rubles.

In 2018, a visit to a public bathhouse cost from 300 to 800 rubles on average, and it turns out to be a highly profitable business. Most of the earnings will be used to pay off the investments, and a public bath for 45 people, according to the plan, will give "clean" from 30,000 to 35,000 rubles.

A project with a cost of $ 180,000 will pay off in 1 year.

Business plan of the bath complex

With a competent delivery of the bath, free money will definitely appear, and if a good place is chosen, it will be possible to form a positive attitude towards the bath in the clients As for exemplary service and comfort, you can try your hand at organizing a whole complex.

Composition. In this case, the business plan will imply the presence of such a complex:

  1. Some types of steam rooms, at least saunas and a Russian steam room. Turkish hammam and Roman baths are not very popular, and therefore there is simply no point in building them at the stage of business formation.

  2. A massage room will be required in a modern bath, but its inclusion in the plan makes sense if you have an excellent specialist in Thai and therapeutic massage in mind.
  3. The hall for aromatic therapeutic therapy is being built as an independent section, and not an addition to the sauna or Russian bath. Approximately 1/3 of customers willingly use herbs, and their sale can be an excellent addition to the business of a bath complex.
  4. Entertainment halls - beer bar, billiards and video hall.All this can fit in one wing of the complex, but in order to quickly return the money invested, according to the business plan, they need to be completed and put into operation only on the eve of some events.

For example, a recreation area in a bathhouse can be planned and opened before the World Cup, or mass corporate events on the eve of the New Year holidays. In such a project, a bath complex will require not just a pool and a billiard table, but also a separate room for a company for 20-30 people.

Business plan of the Russian bath

There are doubts about how a future project needs to be designed, how to find the style and content for the bath complex, then it is better choose the Russian version of the steam room, finishing under the walls of logs with a real stone stove. The Russian bath is adored and revered because of its excellent health-improving effect, and therefore a business based on such a decision will never become unprofitable if you met two conditions. The wooden cladding of the steam room and bath walls quickly wears out and loses its original appearance, and therefore, 2 times a year, the tree needs to be refreshed, and it is subjected to cleaning, restoration and renewal.

The bath building needs to be supplemented with an external pool or frosty plunge pool. For this, it is important to equip a closed and fenced area, as well as install fireplaces and barbecues. Business on such a bath can bring in from 700,000 to 800,000 dollars a year with an initial investment of 400,000 dollars in the first part of the project for 40 people per day. For an ideal return on business, it is required that the Russian bath is visited by at least 100 people per shift per day.

How to open a bath from scratch

First of all, it is important to find a room for a bath complex, ideally at the junction of two sleeping areas.

The most desirable place will be a park area or two-storey premises, which are located near shopping centers. Repair work and reconstruction of the first floor with an area of ​​130 to 150 square meters will cost about $ 50,000. In this case, it is best to arrange a long-term lease or purchase of premises for one owner, and only then register an LLC ("limited liability company") with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles.

Business does not tolerate quick decisions, and therefore, if funds are not enough for a bathhouse, you can make a small version for 1/2 or 1/3 of the room. In the rest of the space, construction work will be carried out in the morning or at night.

To start a business, the following equipment is required:

  • Typical project of a public bath Two stoves - a wood-burning stove will cost $ 1,800, an electric oven for a sauna - $ 1,000.
  • Sauna and steam room material kit about $ 850.
  • Showers and boiler $ 1250.
  • Lounge furniture - $ 600.

After about 8 months it will be possible to introduce a massage parlor and a solarium, which will cost another $ 8,000.

Most of the owners of new baths and steam rooms prefer to increase the authorized capital and buy a license to sell alcoholic beverages instead of a solarium. This helps to increase profitability almost 2 times.

The most difficult thing in launching is personnel selection. An administrator who knows how to communicate with people and has authority costs a lot of money, and therefore the recruitment of a team needs to start with him specifically. And having found this person, you need to encourage him in every possible way.


The project of a bathhouse for business has one remarkable feature, and its services will always be in demand, in all crises. Income can be lower or higher, and it all depends on the literacy of business management, but people will always go to the bathhouse, and therefore the demand for scalding steam, as well as procedures for healing in the steam room, will live for many years.