Uncomfortable kitchen - ways to solve the problem

Uncomfortable kitchen - ways to solve the problem How to make the kitchen cozy and beautiful with your own hands + photo and recommendations

In every home, be it an apartment or a country house, the kitchen is the most non-standard room in which the atmosphere of warmth, tranquility and comfort is strongly felt. It is here that the hostess is the keeper of the family hearth. First of all, children run into the kitchen after they have been released from school, and the head of the family is in a hurry from work.

It is here that beloved guests are received, and it is here, in such a family and cozy room, that one can share the most secret desires, make grandiose plans for the future, and also hold family meetings.

Based on the facts that are presented, every woman wants to turn her possessions into the most comfortable and beautiful, regardless of the size of the room.

To get the desired result

... it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, it will be enough just to try to beat those household items that are already in stock. Let's look at how to make your kitchen beautiful and cozy with your own hands.

How to properly equip

A cozy kitchen, first of all, should be not only modern, but also quite attractive. When creating a kitchen room design, you should think about the correct location of kitchen appliances, as well as additional decorative elements. Designers with extensive experience strongly recommend using the working triangle rule for the kitchen space, in which the sink, refrigerator and hob are located at a significant distance from each other. It turns out that they will not interfere with the work process, and on the contrary, the kitchen will become more ergonomic.

P The height of the kitchen space helps to create the division of the room into a cooking and dining area.

In addition, the eating area must be comfortably furnished, taking into account the number of family members, as well as the possible number of guests who may come to visit you. But in the working area it is worth placing the used household appliances in such a way that they are at arm's length.

Pay attention, that to create coziness in the kitchen, modern designers more and more often advise using restored household items and even making some decorative elements with their own hands.

Restoration and placement of furniture in the kitchen

Quite often after people make major repairs , old pieces of furniture are returning to their rightful places, but it is not always the case that the state of the furniture corresponds to the updated interior design. Most people immediately want to replace the old headset, but not every person has this opportunity.

For this reason, decorators suggest trying to breathe new life into old kitchen cabinets.

  1. The first thing that is usually very striking when a person enters the kitchen is the appearance of the kitchen set. Time-worn doors on cabinets are best glued with self-adhesive paper.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the surfaces of the floor cabinets, as well as to remove the separated coverings from them, and instead of them put a solid worktop that can combine several elements of the kitchen set, which helps to create a single and very beautiful composition.
  3. It is imperative that all handles and fixings on the drawer units are bright, and the shine of the fittings will emphasize the overall appearance of the cabinets.

    You can restore old ones or replace everything with new ones.

  4. The fabric surface on the kitchen corner should be given for restoration, because not everyone can cope with this task.

If you use these tips, you can turn an old kitchen set into a comfortable and convenient kitchen area.

Correct use of cabinets

Uncomfortable kitchen - ways to solve the problem To make the kitchen look as cozy as the photo, a lot of attention should be paid to making the cabinets functional. The fact is that it is they who will be responsible for the ergonomics of the entire kitchen and the headset in particular.

A well-organized space inside the drawers makes it possible to avoid random scattering of dishes throughout the kitchen. So, you get a room that will always be neat and uncluttered.

Floor cupboards should only store bulky utensils, which are the least commonly used for cooking. The accessories that are used most often should be laid out in the drawers. In wall cabinets, and especially on the upper shelves, you should hide dishes that are unclaimed or used extremely rarely.

The correct range of colors and shades

As for the color scheme of the kitchen space, much will depend on the square of the room. For a kitchen that is very small in size, shades of light colors are the best solution, and decorative bright colors are suitable for obtaining contrast. For large kitchens, you can play with color. The design of the room can be decorated in a neutral warm color or in contrasting and bright combinations.

Please note, that when dividing the kitchen, a very interesting solution would be to mix light and dark shades, in which the light part will decorate the work area, and the dark shades will decorate the dining area.

Nice little things to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen

It is not difficult to create coziness, comfort and warmth in the renovated kitchen. as it might seem.Naturally, you can go to any store of household goods and buy various decor items, but if you use your imagination, then from the items that are available for everyday life, you will be able to create stunningly beautiful jewelry.

Decorating the surface of the walls

You all know that the walls in the kitchen get dirty very quickly, and this is several times stronger than in other rooms, especially in the part where there is a kitchen apron, where the main work of cooking takes place. Such a site requires a special approach, and in its creation it is best to use materials that can be easily washed, for example, the same tile.

Uncomfortable kitchen - ways to solve the problem Most modern trends suggest using a glass cover to create a kitchen apron. The glass used in the manufacture has excellent properties of strength and resistance to temperature changes. In addition, the material can be easily cleaned from streaks and oil splashes. by the way, even a decorative stone looks very beautiful in the design, and the material itself is unpretentious, easy to clean, and also looks exquisite when decorating any kitchen, and especially as a separation strip.

Note the fact that walls in modern kitchens do not need to be pasted over with standard vinyl wallpaper, because this method is very outdated for updating a kitchen space, and the paper will quickly lag behind the substrate from temperature changes.

The most modern option for finishing the kitchen space is painting the walls. On top it will be possible to apply different images with the subject using stickers or stencils.


How to make a kitchen cozy with your own hands without mega-costs? When decorating the kitchen space, curtains will play a special role, and by choosing the right fittings and fabric, the room will receive an extraordinary transformation, and individuality, a kind of "zest" will appear in it. Craftsmen with extensive experience recommend buying different types of curtains for each season. For the winter season, it is best to buy dense textiles, and for the summer, transparent and airy tulle is perfect.

For most people in the 21st century, curtains are no longer so relevant, and blinds have replaced them, but even their designers recommend covering them with a fabric with a medium density.


Light will play an equally important role in creating a comfortable and cozy kitchen. It is advisable that the kitchen set is equipped with additional lighting, due to which you can see the inside of the cabinets. In the general lighting for the interior of the kitchen, a distinction should be added by zones, namely, dining and working. In the second half, you need a rich and bright light so that the cooking process does not cause discomfort.

But in the dining area it is required to put lamps in which there will be a calm light.Meals must necessarily take place in a comfortable, cozy and fairly calm environment. If the dining table is located a little further than the working area, then you need to hang a chandelier above it, which will be equipped with shades to diffuse light.

Please note, that in certain cases it is worth using a floor lamp or sconce, but most of these lighting items will be used near the coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere.

Dishes and decorations

The main items for any kitchen space is precisely the dishes, which must be combined with the general style direction of the room.

Decorative plates that will be placed on the wall will look beautiful enough. On top of the wall cabinet, you can put unused types of dishes, sets, for example, the same tureens, trays and bulky dishes.

At the moment, a very fashionable trend is the dishes on which there is no pattern, solid colors. These are nondescript plates and cups that perfectly emphasize the sophistication of the overall interior, regardless of what color the style of the kitchen space is made in. The jars in which cereals, salt or sugar are stored should differ in contrast with each other, and at the same time ideally fit into the overall gamut of the kitchen room.

It is also impossible to imagine a kitchen without any accessories, namely towels or potholders. The fact is that it is they who help to give individuality to the kitchen room, create home comfort, emphasize the color of the premises. But hanging any pot holder anywhere would be a very stupid decision. Even such little things must be perfectly combined with the overall interior, and also be in the same range.

Interesting techniques from design practice

Even the most uncomfortable kitchen can be transformed and made pleasant.

For each person, the understanding of warmth and kitchen comfort is different. For some, this is manifested in the fact that pieces of furniture consist only of wooden surfaces, while others prefer paintings on the surface of the walls, while others adore using only a modern style that is equipped with a large number of household appliances.

In this regard, experienced craftsmen have some tips and rules developed over the years.

To create a warm and cozy environment, you need to be guided by several principles, due to which the kitchen can be turned into the most beautiful room in the house.

  1. Pay particular attention to the color saturation of the walls in your kitchen.

    The selected gamut is capable of completely influencing the psychological state of a person, and warm tones can soothe and relax the emotional and mental state after hard working days, but bright and sharp colors, on the contrary, will excite. In special cases, aggression may appear.

  2. Proper use of space.Even small rooms can always be organized rationally. It is imperative that all the necessary utensils and objects are located at arm's length, and when you arrange and arrange accessories at your own convenience, the cooking process will take much less time.

  3. Textile products are an important part for room comfort and family warmth. The windows, on which there are no curtains, seem aloof, bare, and people who walk down the street are constantly trying to look in, which definitely causes discomfort. Towels for dishes, hands, potholders and aprons, as well as rags for wiping the work surface, must always be located at arm's length.
  4. When working with lighting, you should pay attention to what tone of the lamps is selected. Dull light should be in the dining area, but rich and bright lamps are ideal for work areas.

Please note, that it is not always possible to follow the hints from the designers.


Despite the many proposals, often the total area of ​​the room does not allow fantasies to play out, but in more modern houses, where the kitchen area is much larger, you can use bold design ideas for decoration and decoration.