Unnecessary things for the kitchen, which are better not to spend money on

Unnecessary things for the kitchen, which are better not to spend money on Unnecessary things for the kitchen that you waste money on

There are many kitchen items that manufacturers are trying to offer to people who have just made a renovation and are now running off their feet in pursuit of buying kitchen items that will fill up new cabinets and shelves. But is there a need to buy them?

Let's look at what unnecessary things for the kitchen are that you will waste your money on.

Filter pitcher for water purification

The best option (when the apartment has really bad water) would be wiser to install a stationary purification system on the water pipe water. But the jugs that are so actively offered to us on TV screens are in fact ineffective, especially since replaceable cartridges are very expensive. But the desire to save money (by the way, quite fair) will lead to the fact that the cartridges will be used longer than they should.

Because of this, water in a jug can do a lot more harm than good, and even worse than tap water.

Recyclers for household waste

This is probably the most useless thing for the kitchen, because in fact there is nothing complicated about to throw the rubbish into a regular bin, which fits the garbage bag and often take out everything that is unnecessary to the landfill. Moreover, such utilizers are very expensive, about 10,000 rubles (and this is still an average price).

Frying pans with teflon coating

The thing, of course, is very convenient, but what is more important, it is very capricious to use. The dishes covered with a Teflon layer should be treated with extreme care, not allowed to overheat or scratch the surface, which can be very difficult.

And if the coating is damaged, then you can no longer use the dishes, and you will have to buy new items, and this is expensive.


Such things are often taken as a gift, or they are bought by those who are on a diet due to stomach ulcers and not it is only contraindicated to eat fried.

But people usually use such things very rarely, and as a result, the device stands and gathers dust in the closet. The optimal replacement for such a device would be a multicooker, where you can steam and make yoghurts.

Food processor

Unnecessary things for the kitchen, which are better not to spend money on This is the same story as with the double boiler.

The fact is that there are a lot of attachments and components in such devices, the harvester is difficult to clean after use and takes up a lot of space. In addition, most of the people suggested by the function really only need a couple at best. What you really need very often is a blender, but you can buy it as a separate appliance, and it will be cheaper, and still will not take up much space.

A set of knives

Usually housewives have a couple of their favorite knives, which are convenient in all respects and are very often used, and often such things are bought separately , not in a set. As a rule, the knives from the set are not very popular and, as a result, stand in their stand, collect dust and do nothing to help out.


A microwave oven is also an unnecessary thing for the kitchen, however, there is a caveat - this applies to those who live alone or simply rarely cooks, which is why there is really nothing to warm in it. In this case, the microwave oven is rarely used, although you can safely warm up what you need on the stove.

And someone, on the contrary, is inclined to give up the microwave because after it the food becomes not so tasty, but this opinion is the most widespread.


Unnecessary things for the kitchen, which are better not to spend money on Although many people in the kitchen have it, this is not the best option. It is difficult to imagine that during a family dinner, when all family members finally eat together, a TV program will be turned on, and everyone will chew and watch rhythmically.

On the contrary, this is the time when it will be better if everyone communicates with each other, and you can watch the next talk show later in another room.

Waffle makers, juicers, deep fryers, toasters and other small appliances

You just need to think before buying how often you will use this or that electrical appliance. Perhaps you bake waffles every six months, and have seen freshly squeezed juice only on TV programs and still have no idea how much fruit you need to get at least a glass of juice.

A deep fryer is also not the most necessary thing, and moreover, instead of overpaying for an electrical appliance, it is better to buy a metal mesh deep fryer, which will take up less space and will cost you less. Toasters are the same, hardly anyone uses it every day, and if you really want dried bread, use a frying pan, stove and 5 minutes of time.

"Miracle device", which is absolutely useless

Here we are talking about a thousand and one devices for cutting, cleaning, molds for scrambled eggs, scissors for herbs in a hundred blades and more. In general, everything that is intended for only one action. It is more economical and better to buy those things that are universal, and at the same time you will use them often, rather than once every six months.

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