Unnecessary things in the kitchen - getting rid of trash + Video

Unnecessary things in the kitchen - getting rid of trash + Video Unnecessary things in the kitchen - getting rid of the trash

When the holidays come, the children go to their grandparents and the parents have more free time. If you want to do a complete cleaning, then you should start in the kitchen - this is the place where the whole family is most often. With the help of several methods presented in the article, you can get rid of unnecessary things in the kitchen and organize the space so that further cleaning takes less time.

Details are in this article.

What to look for

Check spices and herbs for freshness

Although most people still think not it makes sense to buy products in small quantities and literally "rake" as much as possible because of the profitable.

Dry herbs and spices have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months. Try to inspect all supplies. Smell each container of herbs and spices in turn to check for freshness. Write down the names of everything that needs to be replaced. If you need to buy several varieties of spices in bulk, then you should also buy glass jars for spices.

And to quickly find the component you need, sign the jars and arrange them in alphabetical order.

Knife Sharpening

The most common complaint you hear a lot in the kitchen is "I need to sharpen my knives." Naturally, that is necessary, because sharp knives are much safer than blunt ones. To do this, you should get a sharpener and spend 5-10 minutes to simplify your life. If you apply sharpening from an electric sharpener every three months, then you will extend the life of the devices for many years in advance.

Get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary tools

In addition to the products that are in the refrigerator, in the average kitchen you can find many mysterious tools, or rather objects, the purpose of which you can never understand in your life. Such gizmos are often presented to us as gifts, or we ourselves buy them in a semi-crazy state. Moreover, the kitchen has many of the same collections of items that eat up space. How many potato peelers, bottle openers and garlic presses do you have?

When you open each drawer, you have to make a decision. In the case of some copies of the same instrument, you should keep the best for yourself, and then throw away everything that is unnecessary in the trash bag or put it in a separate bag to donate it all to charity (but only on the condition that you can donate it all as much as possible rather).

Or, if you can think of a legitimate place for one of these tools, like a picnic basket / cooler bag. As for mysterious objects, it is better to give them to someone or throw them away - in general, anything, but the space must be freed.

Separate the baking tools

Unnecessary things in the kitchen - getting rid of trash + Video Try to store the baking tools cooking separately from baking appliances. Moreover, you need to choose cooking tools that will be stored in a drawer with pans and pots. Similarly, use a drawer containing baking tools.

When you need a garlic press, you don't need to reach it by pushing away the cookie cutters and rolling pin. If you want your kitchen space to be organized like a professional, then you should put boxes in a row and use storage systems (organizers).

Down with fake diamonds

A junk-free kitchen is a good kitchen. Surely many of us say: "I don't have to do this task, because I definitely don't have such things!" But now we are not talking entirely about diamonds. Surely you have disposable containers like the ones you put in salads at the supermarket? Or maybe you keep all the glass dessert jars that you had in your house? Such "collections" take up a lot of space and are rarely used.

They can be categorized as "fake wealth".


So, messing around with containers is not a pleasant task, but it's better to take a deep breath, perform a few simple steps, and then the cabinet will look perfect:

  1. Collect in one place all the containers that are in the house, for example, on the table in the living room or kitchen. Be sure to cover something to protect the surface. Quickly divide your collection by type, for example, glass, square, round.
  2. Match a lid for each container.

  3. If you have separate lower and upper parts of the container that do not fit together, you should throw them in the trash can.
  4. Explore all that remains. Often times, people keep many containers even after the family members are fewer. If you are not using something, throw it away or recycle it.

Now a little about optimization that will help to get rid of the clutter.

Optimizing the arrangement of appliances on the desktop

Moving kitchen items from one place to another is extremely easy, but for some reason most people continue to live with an uncomfortable desk like this in a way that they stop noticing it, but they do not stop complaining about the fact that there is too little space.

Take some time to look around all the work surfaces in the kitchen and answer these questions:

  1. Do you have kitchen appliances in your home, which you use every day? Can these items settle on the desktop?
  2. Are there household appliances on the table that are rarely used, such as a food processor or mixer? Why not put them away in your kitchen cupboards or pantry?
  3. Do you have an appliance that you love to use every day (like a juicer) but has no space on the work surface and is heavy enough to to get it out of the pantry every morning?
  4. Maybe you have all the necessary items on your table, but you still find it inconvenient to use them?

Spend just a little time to move all kitchen appliances to the places where you use them? For example, you can create a breakfast area on your desktop where a coffee maker or miniature oven will stand at all times. Put mugs and everything you need to make coffee in the cupboard that is located above these devices, and in the morning you will be great to save time, and you will not need to make a lot of unnecessary movements. How many other areas besides the breakfast area can you make?

Cleansing the flea market drawer

Minimalism in a junk-free kitchen is is probably a dream for every person. In fact, each person has a box for trash, so we take another deep breath and plunge into it with our heads.

To get started, follow the instructions below step by step:

  1. Everyone wants to have a hammer, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers at hand, but if you have such a box has a full set of tools, it is better to transfer all excess to a box that is specially designed for them.
  2. Try to keep only one pen, one marker, one pencil in the drawer, and put the excess in small plastic bags. Later, when you are busy watching TV or talking to your best friend on the phone, you will need to check the products - whether they are suitable or not, and if the second option, then we throw everything away.
  3. Save only one small notepad, and it is best to throw out many scraps of a wide variety of paper in the trash can.
  4. Inspect the many different objects that are mixed together - paper clips, pins, hairpins, screws, batteries, nails, rubber bands, change and buttons.

    Reduce the number of such items to a minimum, and what will be superfluous should be decomposed into its true storage locations or disposed of. Store this "junk" in a bag of the right size until you buy an organizer for things.

  5. Chewing gums and candies that fall into such a box often sit until completely tasteless. Throw away everything that has been lying for a very long time.Return supplies of candy and gum to the drawer if family members are used to taking it from there.

    If you have a lot of sweets, then it is worth considering finding a place for them in the pantry.

  6. Coupons are also often kept in a box with all the trash. Throw away all those that have expired, and cut out the rest, and if necessary, fold into a tight envelope. You can carry it in a bag or carry it in a car, and also use it on time.

It is extremely rare to find things in the "junk" box that can cause sentimentality, and therefore it will not be difficult to clean it.

Helpful hints

Yellowed magnets and old notes from the refrigerator

Unnecessary things in the kitchen - getting rid of trash + Video Examine your refrigerator - if it is hung with magnets and reminder notes of unknown age, you should deal with them. No, we are not suggesting to throw them away - after all, this is a memory of happy moments, travels, but do all magnets have real value? You can throw out those magnets that are made in the form of a symbol of the coming year, or with advertising. It is worth saving only what is dear to the heart, and then the wall will cease to be a dust collector and will become pleasing to the eye.

Bags from the supermarket

The most unnecessary things in the kitchen are bags from the supermarket. Each kitchen has its own "bag with bags".

No, it makes some sense, and you will probably need some of the packages. The only question is when it will be (and whether it will be at all). It is worth conducting an audit and throwing out at least half. You can leave only a few large copies (for trash) and a couple of medium ones, just in case, no more. Understand that they accumulate over the years, but how much do you reuse? Buying packages of pacts is nothing more than a stupid habit to get rid of.

Unnecessary household appliances

Juicer, toaster, blender ... remember how long ago you made juice or waffles? Was it the year before last? All equipment, which is used extremely rarely, will collect dust and litter the kitchen, so it makes sense to send it to the dacha, sell or donate. If you do not use objects for more than a year - out of sight of him! This is especially important if you have a small kitchen.

Chipped mugs and cracked plates

You probably have a couple of old mugs that are cracked or chipped. It seems like it's a pity to throw them away, but you definitely don't want to drink from them. Then why do you need them? The fact is that chips can injure lips, a cup with a crack may burst and pour boiling water over you, dirt accumulates in the chips, which cannot be removed, and in general, a bad omen. You shouldn't take superstitions seriously, but it's better to throw out all the old mugs. It's the same with the plates.

By the way, for coloring dishes, they are often used with substances that contain salts of harmful metals (for example, cadmium, cobalt, or even boron).As long as the icing is intact, everything is fine, but if a crack / chip appears, then the poisons will slowly begin to poison the food. Draw your own conclusions. By the way, I would like to highlight the dishes, which are leftovers from the sets. The ideal option would be to buy dishes of simple shapes and in one color - this will make it easier to maintain the completeness.

Washed cotton towels

There is another problem in the kitchen - washed and faded towels, which strongly resemble scraps from old sheets. In addition, they often have an unpleasant odor that cannot be removed by anything. Sound familiar? Let's fix the situation - buy a new set of well-groomed towels or even replace them with paper roll towels.

Sticks from rolls

And now we are talking not only about sticks, but also glasses, spoons, sushi containers. Such hoarding does not lead to anything good, and it is hardly useful - as a rule, with the next order, new disposable devices are brought to you and there is no need for your "warehouse".

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