Using primer AK-070 - features

Using primer AK-070 - features Primer AK-070: technical characteristics, application, properties, consumption

To extend the service life products made of metal, a special primer mixture is used, which will help to make the metal perfectly protected, and due to this, it will retain its operational characteristics for a long time.

One of the most popular and frequently used mixtures at the moment is the AK-070 primer, and it will not have a terrible humid environment, very high or even low temperatures.

In addition, such a primer mixture will create a high-strength layer on the treated surface.

Description of the primer composition

This product is chemically resistant, and therefore it can be used in a wide variety of climatic regions - in temperate and cold climates, tropics, and also in an environment where the level of humidity is constantly high, or in dry conditions. After the primer mixture has been applied to the metal object and dries completely, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Primer type AK-070 helps to create a thin layer that has the following characteristics:

The primer composition AK 070 can be applied on a variety of paints and varnishes, and the primer also has excellent compatibility with most types of paints.

In the best way, the composition will be applied to paints and varnishes that are made on the basis of pentaphthalic components, nitrocellulose,

and it can also be applied to other types of paints:

  • Alkyd-acrylic.
  • Perchlorovinyl.
  • Epoxy.
  • Oil.
  • Acrylic and others.

In addition, there is even a confirmed certificate of the primer that it was issued taking into account all the points in GOST 25718-83. It contains plasticizers, special additives in the form of polymers, acrylic-type resins and other pigments. The main part of the primer is inorganic varnishes, which consist of ethyl and butyl alcohol, as well as toluene. Vapors of the primer are harmful to human health, even toxic, and therefore, the composition must be applied outdoors and at the same time be wearing a respirator.



The scope of use of such a primer is quite large, and it is also used for application to various metal products, or rather, these types of surfaces:

  • Titanium.

  • Aluminum.
  • Copper.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Galvanized.
  • Carbon steel and others.

In addition, there are almost no restrictions on the use of such a primer composition, and it can also be applied to various metals (non-ferrous and ferrous), as well as to various metal alloys. Very often, such protective products are used for the processing of metal parts of cars, to extend their service life and protect them.


Almost all technical characteristics of the AK 070 primer are prescribed in a special GOST. When the layer of the primer composition dries, it will have a yellowish tint, and the resulting film will have a smooth structure, without craters and wrinkles, and there will be no craters and depressions on it. The primer from the AK series has high quality indicators, and this is confirmed by a specialized quality certificate.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the primer, which are prescribed in GOST:

  • Using primer AK-070 - features In such a primer composition, the non-volatile components are approximately 13 to 16%.
  • At a temperature level of +22 degrees, the primer will begin to dry and reach the third stage of drying in 1/2 hour.
  • The elasticity of the film coating at the bend will be 0. 1 cm.
  • The adhesion to a metal surface is equal to one point.

  • The hardness of the layer according to the instrument readings (hardness tester) will be 0. 4 units.
  • The acid number of the product will be 0.3 mg / KOH.
  • The layer thickness for a single application of the composition will be from 8 to 15 microns.

  • The temperature for using the primer will be from -45 to +60 degrees.

Apply the primer using a device such as a spray gun, or using a brush. Under normal conditions, the consumption of funds is from 115 to 155 grams per square meter. Depending on which method of applying the primer composition is used, and also how well the preparation of the metal surface is done, the consumption of AK-070 will vary. To reduce the viscosity of the material, you can use a solvent, for example, P-5 or P-648.

The shelf life of the primer solution will be 6 months from the date of its creation, and the solution should be stored in a dark room, where the temperature is no more than +30 degrees.

Preparatory stage for the processing surface

New products made of metal will be much easier to prepare than old ones. By the way, the older the metal, the more thoroughly it should be cleaned of old paints and varnishes, dirt, rust, chips and chips.The quickest and easiest way to remove any type of contamination with a metal hard spatula, but if you want to clean a large surface, then most often used shot blasting, as well as sandblasting. If you want to process a small area, and at the same time at home, you can use manual cleaning with sandpaper or even a metal attachment on an electric drill.

It is important to remove all dirt from the surface, even dust, dirt, an old layer of paint and varnish, moisture, grease and scale. It is important to use solvents to remove oily and grease stains.

Application of the primer

The composition of AK-070 is easy to mix and is immediately ready for use. It should be diluted with a solvent, and only if it has a higher viscosity level. It is worth applying the mixture no later than 6 hours after cleaning the base, so that dust does not have time to settle on the surface.

By the way, the primer AK-070, the technical characteristics of which are simply excellent, should be applied either from a spray gun or by means of a brush. You can apply the composition in one layer, but experts advise covering the product in two layers (ideally).

One layer dries out for about half an hour, but provided that the air temperature is +20 degrees. If the temperature is lower, then the primer will dry out longer. The service life of the coating in one layer will be from 2 to 5 years, since much depends on the conditions of use and the climatic zone.

All work on diluting and spraying the primer should be carried out, do not forget about safety measures. It is important to use personal protective equipment such as goggles, a respirator, tight clothing with long sleeves.

Please note that there should be no open source of fire nearby when applying the primer solution.

Upon evaporation, the solution will emit toxic fumes that adversely affect human health, and therefore the presence of a respirator or even a gas mask is mandatory. It is advisable to apply the primer not indoors, but outdoors.

If everything will be applied in the room, then the Sami should organize better ventilation.