Varieties of lawn mowers - TOP 5 models

Varieties of lawn mowers - TOP 5 models Rating of the best lawn mowers for summer cottages - TOP models

There are many electric type lawn mowers. Perhaps, for the right choice, you may need a detailed "introductory" in the issue of lawn mowers: what are the varieties, what are their differences, and what other advantages and disadvantages of certain types of structures need to be taken into account.

In comparison with electric, the varieties of gasoline lawn mowers have different subtleties and nuances.

General information

The advantages are as follows:

  • Do not depend on the absence / presence of electrical energy on the site.
  • Excellent maneuverability.

  • Extremely high power.
  • High productivity.
  • Can work in trashy and neglected areas.
  • Can be used even on wet days.

Disadvantages include the following:

  • Very high cost.

  • Lubricant and fuel costs.
  • Noisy.
  • Great weight.
  • Problem work in hilly terrain, on uneven terrain.
  • Gas exhaust.

  • Continuous maintenance.

Consider self-propelled types of devices.

Detailed review

SNAMRION LM4630 (20,000 rubles)

Not the most expensive model of self-propelled type with revolving engine of the fourfold type 173 cm 3 . The deck is made of steel and the handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the worker. This model has side and rear discharge of cut grass, and it is also equipped with a spacious grass catcher.

Moreover, the device perfectly mulches the grass. Thanks to the rear-type drive, a fairly spacious fuel tank, wheels with excellent stability, it is possible to process large areas. Specifications:

  • Type - rear-wheel drive petrol self-propelled lawnmower.
  • The cutting width is 0. 46 meters.

  • The diameter of the rear wheels is 0.25 meters.
  • The diameter of the front wheels is 0.178 meters.
  • Number of wheels - 4 pieces.

  • The deck material is steel.
  • Folding handle, height adjustable.
  • Oil volume 0. 6 liters.
  • Fuel tank - 1 liter.

  • Revolutions of the gasoline engine - 3600 per minute.
  • The working volume is 173 cm 3 .
  • Power is 4.1 hp. from.

  • Fourfold engine and gasoline.
  • Discharge of grass - to the side, into the grass catcher and back.
  • Levels of cutting height - 7 modes.
  • Adjustment of the cutting height - central.
  • The cutting height ranges from 2.

    5 to 7.5 cm.

  • There is a mulching function.
  • The noise level is 96 dB.
  • There is a soft collector with a volume of 60 liters.

  • Wheel disks are made of plastic.
  • Weight is 34.2 kg.

Advantages of a petrol self-propelled lawn mower for uneven terrain:

  • Low cost.
  • Excellent power.

  • Self-propelled.
  • Great start-up.
  • It has 7 mowing level.
  • Huge wheels.
  • Spacious collection for herbs.

  • Convenience of adjusting the cutting height.


  • Not perfect build quality.
  • Rear ejection plug does not fit well.
  • PU cracking on handle.
  • Vibrates on wet grass.

Consider the following device.

Huntеr GLM ST (17,000 rubles)

This is a lawn mower with high power, which fully justifies its cost. This self-propelled model has a 1.2-liter fuel tank, as well as a blade knife, which can process a patch of grass with a width of 0. 46 meters.

The cutting height control is synchronous (since there is only one regulator) and has 7 levels. The handle height is also adjustable, but there is no function for mulching the grass. The device is recommended for large processing areas.

Varieties of lawn mowers - TOP 5 models

Technical parameters:

  • Type - a gasoline self-propelled lawn mower with rear-wheel drive.
  • The cutting width is 0.

    46 meters.

  • Collection for grass - there is, and it is soft and has a volume of 60 liters.
  • Noise level 96 dB.
  • No mulching.
  • Device weight 35 kg.

  • The rims are made of plastic.
  • Number of wheels - 4 pieces.
  • Folding handle that is adjustable in height.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 1.5 liters.

  • Engine brake - yes.
  • Number of engine revolutions - 2800 per minute.
  • Power 5 HP from. , 3.7 kW.

  • Fourfold engine, gasoline.
  • Grass discharge - back and into the collection box.
  • The number of mowing levels - 7 pieces.
  • There is also a central cutting height control.
  • The cutting height is from 3.

    5 to 8.5 cm.

Pros :

  • Low cost.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Has a powerful engine.

  • There are 7 mowing levels.
  • Convenience of management.
  • Convenience regulation of cutting height.

Cons :

  • The grass does not get into the grass catcher well (the design is a little unfortunate).
  • Don't just fill the tank with gasoline.

  • Heavy.

Consider the following lawn mower.

Nuundai L 4310S (20,000 rubles)

The four-stroke propulsion of such a device is one of the main advantages of such a powerful lawn mower. The model has a steel body and a knife with 4 blades. With its bulky external type and huge weight, the device will perfectly cope with mowing grass on uneven terrain and very neglected areas, as it has excellent cross-country ability.

It is quite difficult to deploy the device, since the drive lever is not conveniently located, and therefore such a device is more suitable for men than for women.Moreover, on flat terrain, it begins to move quickly, and it is unrealistic to adjust the speed, due to the lack of a variator. A huge advantage of such a lawn mower is the automatic folding of the knives when hitting obstacles. Specifications:

  • Type - rear-wheel drive petrol self-propelled lawn mower.
  • The cutting width is 0.

    42 meters.

  • There is a grass catcher, it is soft and has a volume of 45 liters.
  • There is also mulching.
  • The cutting height ranges from 2.5 to 7.

    5 cm.

  • The cutting height adjustment is there, and it is central.
  • There is a discharge of grass back and into the grass catcher.
  • Unit weight 28 kg.
  • The material of the wheels is plastic.

  • The diameter of the rear wheels is 0. 18 meters.
  • The diameter of the front wheels is 0. 15 meters.
  • Number of wheels - 4 pieces.

  • Body material steel.
  • Folding handle with adjustable height.
  • There's even a catalytic converter.
  • The oil volume is 0.5 liters.

  • Fuel tank for 1 liter.
  • Motor brake present.
  • The working volume is 139 cm 3 .
  • Power is 3.5 liters.


  • The engine is four-stroke and gasoline.

Advantages :

  • The warranty is given for 1 year.
  • Mows the grass efficiently on hilly terrain.
  • Excellent work results.

  • Low petrol consumption.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Engine reliability.
  • Great start-up.
  • The knives can be folded automatically when hitting stones / hemp.

  • The unit is self-propelled.
  • Excellent value for money.

Disadvantages :

  • It is inconvenient to keep the drive from the wheels, and it is still difficult to deploy.
  • Strongly fast moves (for some it is a plus, but for some it is a minus).
  • Fresh and damp grass clogs the grass catcher inlet.

  • Incomprehensible operating instructions.
  • It is required to adapt to refueling to a certain extent.

Consider a few more types of lawn mowers for summer cottages.

Husqarna LC 356 AWD (64,000 rubles)

This model is self-propelled, runs on gasoline and starts up perfectly. It also has a high degree of power, because it has a proprietary Honda engine.

Due to the all-wheel drive, it is ideal for working on a slope, in hilly terrain on huge neglected areas. Large cutting width (0.56 meters), as well as the presence of 9 levels of adjustment of the cutting height is complemented by a spacious grass catcher. Mulching the grass, as well as the possibility of ejection through the side, are the strengths of such a device, because it will not clog, and it will not yet need to be constantly cleaned. The mower is easy to clean by connecting a hose to it and easy to transport because it folds nicely but weighs a lot.

This model is in second place only because of its high cost. The properties are as follows:

  • The cutting width is 0.56 meters.
  • The deck material is steel.
  • Folding handle with height adjustment.

  • Manufacturer Honda.
  • Motor brake present.
  • The engine speed is 2900 rpm.
  • The working volume is 160 cm 3 .
  • Device power 3.

    7 HP from.

  • The engine is four-stroke and gasoline.
  • Grass discharge is available to the side, rear and into the grass catcher.
  • Adjustment of the cutting height is.
  • The cutting height can be from 3.

    8 to 10. 8 cm.

  • There is mulching, and you can also supply a mulching attachment.
  • The noise level is 98 dB.
  • The grass catcher is soft and has a volume of 68 liters.

  • Knife rotation speeds up to 2950 per minute.
  • The diameter of the front and rear wheels is 0.2 meters.
  • The material of the wheel disks is plastic.
  • Weight 39.

    5 kg.

Advantages :

  • Self-propelled.
  • High power.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Excellent results on uneven terrain.

  • Efficient filling of the herb container.
  • Huge grass catcher.
  • Mulching.
  • There are 9 mowing levels.
  • Enormous cutting width.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Excellent start-up.

Cons :

  • Height adjustment (in fact) is individual for all wheels, not central.
  • Non-stepless speed control.
  • High cost.

And now it's time to consider the crown of the ranking of the best lawn mowers.

Daewo Роwеr Роduсts DLМ 5100SV (33,000 rubles)

Varieties of lawn mowers - TOP 5 models Such the model has an excellent ratio of price and quality, as well as high quality components and a very powerful branded engine. A distinctive feature of the device from competitors is the optimal price, in the presence of a speed variator.

There is also a side discharge of grass, the possibility of rinsing with a hose, mulching - pleasant additions to the efficiency of work, as well as a very spacious collection of grass. This lawn mower is suitable for all operators because it is focused on ease of use.

Technical parameters:

  • The weight of the device is 36 kg.
  • The material of the wheels is plastic.
  • The diameter of the front wheels is 0.2 meters.
  • Rear wheel diameter 0.

    28 meters.

  • Number of wheels 4 pieces.
  • Body material steel.
  • The deck is also made of steel.
  • Folding handle with adjustable height.

  • Oil volume 0. 6 liters.
  • Fuel tank 1.2 liters.
  • Engine speed 2800 rpm.

  • Displacement 175 cm 3 .
  • Power 6.5 HP from.
  • Fourfold engine and gasoline.
  • Grass discharge is available to the rear, sideways and into the grass catcher.

  • Number of levels cutting height 7.
  • Central cutting height control.
  • Bevel height 2.5 to 7.5 cm.

  • There is mulching, and you can put a nozzle.
  • There is a soft grass catcher with a volume of 70 liters.
  • Bevel width 0.5 meters.

Pros :

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Self-propelled.
  • There is a variator and 4 speeds.
  • Quite wide cutting width.
  • There are 7 levels of cutting height.
  • Excellent cross-country ability.

  • The handle is perfectly adjustable.
  • Ease of use.
  • Mulching available.
  • Excellent side discharge.
  • There is a connector for connecting a hose with water to flush the case.

  • Visual appearance.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • There is even a box for small items and a cup holder on the case.

Minus :

  • The device is heavy.
  • Slips with a grass catcher that is 100% full.

  • It is undesirable to use on a large slope.
  • No button start.

It will not be superfluous to consider the rules for the operation of such a device.

Safety precautions

So the precautions are:

  1. Stones and sticks in the mower's path in no case should there be, like other foreign objects.
  2. You can only push the device forward, and you cannot pull it towards you.

    When working on a slope, you do not need to walk from top to bottom - it is important to move across the slope.

  3. Pets and children should not go near the mower, much less a lawn mower.
  4. Shoes and clothing should be covered as much as possible when working with tools.
  5. You can only change the cutting height, and also change knives and perform maintenance by unplugging the device.
  6. Knives can only be brushed - not by hand.

  7. Only the lawnmower which has cooled down after operation can be filled with gasoline. Do not turn off the gasoline tool in closed rooms.
  8. Do not smoke near the petrol unit.
  9. The grass catcher should only be emptied by turning off the engine and finally making sure that the blades have stopped.
  10. Never leave the mower switched on unattended.

  11. It is required to take into account the cyclic operation of the device recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions for use. Do not overload the device.
  12. Regular lubrication of the engine and metal blades is imperative.

We hope that the presented rating of the best lawn mowers will help you in choosing a device for a summer residence.