Varieties of screwdrivers and facts about them

Varieties of screwdrivers and facts about them Little-known and unusual facts about ordinary screwdrivers + varieties of tools

Varieties screwdrivers have a wide variety, because it is a versatile tool that can be useful in a variety of situations.

Until recently, the choice of tools was limited, but now many different fasteners have appeared, and the market has received new types of screwdrivers that fit a particular section of screws and bolts.

Simple screwdrivers have been replaced by new, modernized models, all of them are quite in demand and serve for various purposes. A screwdriver is an indispensable assistant for every craftsman who works by hand.

General information

Characteristics and structure

A screwdriver structurally consists of a rod, a tip and a handle.

The working part of the instrument is the tip, or as it is called the spatula / sting, can have different shapes. For convenience, certain screwdrivers are made with a magnetized tip that will hold the hardware and prevent it from falling. The handles have different forms of modification, because certain types of work are difficult or almost impossible to perform with a conventional straight-handled screwdriver.

In addition to the classic shapes, there are three more types of handles:

  • T-shaped - needed to give more torque.
  • L-shaped - in the form of an unusual key with a slot in the form of a six-pointed star.

  • Turning points - the ability to screw in parts at different angles is different.

Screwdriver shafts can be of different shapes and lengths. Another important nuance will be the steel of the screwdriver, which must comply with GOST 47-52 НRС. Thanks to this indicator, you can set the optimal hardness of the rod, and there is still no risk of breakage when screwing in with force. Basically, chrome vanadium steel is used to create rods.

Additional protection of the metal against corrosion will be different types of spraying.


In order for the screwdriver to serve for a long time, and not to be erased, you must select the correct size with the right tip. For each type, special size standards will be developed, and they will also be assigned number designations. Slotted screwdrivers with flat tips can be from 0.2 to 1.

8 cm in width, and the cruciform types are numbered from 0 to 4. The size of the stem will depend on the number of the screwdriver. So, for example, a zero screwdriver will have a rod diameter of 0.4 cm with a length of up to 8 cm. As the number increases, the diameter and length of the rod will increase.


What you need to know about rod and handle

There is a wide selection now screwdrivers, and therefore can be easily lost in all the variety of such a tool. When choosing a screwdriver, you should pay attention to such an indicator as ergonomics - the handle should be neat, comfortable and non-slip.Also, rubber will be used as the material of the handle, then there should not be an excess influx or microscopic cracks. The quality of the rod will be determined by the presence of markings in it, which indicates that the product was made in the factory. Strength is determined by color, if the sting is darker than the rod, then special spraying was used to give additional strength.

Types of screwdrivers and their purpose

Varieties of screwdrivers and facts about them The universal plumbing screwdriver is a tool found in almost all homes. Using a screwdriver, you can perform repair work with varying degrees of complexity, and the main thing is to know what diameter and type is suitable for each specific case. A distinctive feature of all types is different core thickness. But technical progress does not stand still, and along with other types of fasteners, professional screwdrivers appear for screwing in screws, bolts and other elements. Everything is done to facilitate the work of consumers.

Now, in addition to conventional screwdrivers, there are modernized models for various jobs. For example, a reversible screwdriver is versatile because it is flat on one side and a Phillips on the other. Some models of the reversible type have different tips, which will increase the versatility of the instrument.

This slim screwdriver is perfect for mobile phone repairs and will be labeled with a zero. The product is made with a small slot size, no more than 0.

2 cm, which makes it possible to perform precise work with small details. The two-component type screwdriver has acquired special ergonomic properties, and a durable handle made of combined materials can also become its distinctive feature. A two-pack coating can help provide a secure grip so that the product cannot slip out of your hands. To carry out work with thin parts, watch-type screwdrivers are used, with their help you can repair the watch. The classification of professional mounting type screwdrivers does not end there, but there are still many varieties of models that are designed for specific purposes.

Special screwdrivers

In addition to the basic types of screwdrivers, there is even a whole set of special tools that are designed for highly specialized work. Often such tools are made by manufacturers of branded products, who want to protect their own products from counterfeiting and unauthorized opening in this way. Special types of tools include hexagonal models, screwdrivers with slots in the form of an asterisk, a spanner, a trefoil, and more. Such products are capable of having a non-standard shape of the slots, which makes it possible to screw in a fastener that has a special thread.

Types of special screwdrivers

  1. Star screwdriver (marked with TORX) - has a tip in the form of a six-pointed star.

    The tool is rarely used - screws for this type are installed if the manufacturer wants to restrict unauthorized free access to technically important parts. The product is mainly used for the repair of small household appliances, mobile phones and more.

  2. The hexagonal slot is marked with HEX. A distinctive feature of such a model will be a high level of torque force, which is several times higher than the indicators of all the options listed above. This type of tool is used for work in the furniture industry, as well as those places where a reliable connection is especially important.

  3. Another version of hex screwdrivers can be called hexagons and the difference from other types is the convex part of the tips.
  4. Three-beam type screwdriver with a non-standard slot in the form of a three-leaf, which is an advantage. A mount with such a shape is almost impossible to disassemble on your own, and this feature ensures the reliability and protection of the equipment from unauthorized entry into the system, for example, sound-type equipment.
  5. The Spaner screwdriver has a tip in the form of a pair of pins. Spanner is used to repair household appliances and elevators, thanks to the non-standard shape of the tool, it is often possible to avoid the consequences of the effects of vandals.

  6. Asymmetric cross. A similar slot of hardware is almost never found in everyday life. A feature of this slot shape is that the tool is used for the aerospace industry. Another advantage is the strong tightening torque, which is not found in any other model.
  7. The square-type screwdriver is also a rare type that has a narrow range of applications, because its tip is made in the form of a square.

    This is an unusual type of hex pattern.

The non-standard shape of the tips of special screwdrivers makes it possible to screw in and out screws with complex threads effortlessly and quickly.

Upgraded screwdrivers

There are different types of screwdrivers, and professional tools have an additional functional set. Naturally, a sonic screwdriver of the type of a universal model, as in the series "Doctor Who", has not yet been created, which is capable of influencing various mechanisms by means of a cybernetic wave. But progress does not stand still, and perhaps in the future humanity will have new devices.

Already there are models, against which the bench screwdriver looks like a model of a tool from the past. But a set of screwdrivers, which are reinforced with solid metal, remains a demanded case for craftsmen of a very different profile. What are the highlights of the improved screwdrivers?


Varieties of screwdrivers and facts about them These screwdrivers are used for electrical work. The special insulation of the screwdriver shaft will protect the master from electric shock, which will make it possible to use the tool in order to unscrew the parts that are under high voltage.This type of tool often has an indicator in order to recognize hidden wiring, and this will make it possible to "ring out" such areas for subsequent repair of power grids.


This tool is used to work with large parts, since the principle of action is aimed at creating pulse amplification. When screwing in, the impact energy will be directed to the screw, which will make it possible to drown the part without much effort. The impact screwdriver set has different bits, and they are all usually large in size. This type is often used when fasteners are damaged by corrosion, and when the fastener grows firmly into the surface. Due to the impact mechanism, such bolts can be unscrewed even without additional physical efforts.


A reversible screwdriver with a ratchet mechanism is intended for continuous work with fastening. This tool is supplied with replaceable bits of different diameters and cross sections. Thanks to this tool, you can easily screw in and twist various parts without lifting your hand. The product has a rotating tip, which will rotate due to reverse rotation, and the hand of the master at such a moment will be motionless. Very modern mechanical screwdrivers are most suitable for professionals who have a job that will involve frequent work with parts.


An improved type of screwdriver, which is equipped with a built-in battery, due to which the product can work like a screwdriver. If this does not work with a conventional screwdriver, but with a cordless tool, there will be no need to apply any efforts to screw in, and the tightening will be of better quality with a verified effort than when manually screwing in with another type of tool. Such models can be used for the assembly of various products and their repair work.

Screwdriver Facts

There is a screwdriver in every home, and despite the simplicity of the device, you will be interested to learn about the facts and details.

  1. Screwdrivers and keys.

    Few people know, but according to GOST 29308-92 (for mounting type tools for fixing nuts and screws), wrenches for round nuts with a slot or holes in the end, and socket wrenches can also be classified as screwdrivers. In this case, the circuit heads of the tool according to GOST can also be counted among the number of screwdrivers.

  2. Historical depths. The screwdriver is a very young tool, and if people knew a certain level and plumb line before our era, then the screwdriver appeared relatively recently. The first mentions of such a tool were in the 15th century.

    Interestingly, the tip of the first screwdrivers had the shape of a triangle or a cross. They were made by means of ordinary forging.

  3. An important element. This may sound like something obvious, but it's worth knowing that an important part for every screwdriver is the tip.It is for this reason that in our time, most manufacturers pay the greatest attention to its production and protection.

    Including industrialists will apply a special abrasive agent to the tip of the screwdriver.

  4. Shaped screwdrivers. This nickname came from cross-recessed instruments. It is noteworthy that it is the most unusual instrument in its class.
  5. Jack of all trades.

    It is also a tool that is most often misused. First of all, this will concern the tool with a straight slot. Many people use it as a chisel, chisel, chisel and nail puller.

It is for this reason that in the assortment of manufacturers you can find tools marked "impact straight screwdriver".