Varieties of wood splitting machines. DIY cone wood splitter

Varieties of wood splitting machines. DIY cone wood splitter Even in the old days, people heated their houses with wood, which was harvested and cut by hand. Previously, the main device for splitting firewood was an ax. Wood heating has not lost its relevance today.

Almost every cottage has a fireplace, which is fired with the same wood. To simplify the difficult harvesting process, a machine for splitting firewood has been invented today. Using this device, you can mechanize the chopping of firewood not only in a large enterprise, but also in everyday life.

There are many types of such devices, but the principle of operation of all is aimed at splitting the logs into pieces.

Varieties and device

Of course, not everyone can afford to purchase such a unit for their home.

But the simplest device can be done independently.

Wood splitting devices are divided into:

  • Household;
  • Professional for processing a whole log.

Households differ in device and power source.

A mechanical wood splitter is a machine with a device for fixing logs. In it, by means of levers, a large ax is launched.

The log is fixed on the machine, then the cleaver is raised by hand and lowered onto the workpiece. A log is cut with an ax, and under the action of a spring mechanism it returns to its original position. The effort required here is minimal, which contributes to increased productivity.

There are the following types of wood splitting machines:

Hydraulic petrol wood splitters. They are used for preparing firewood from logs up to six hundred millimeters in length and of unlimited diameter. The petrol-powered engine does not depend on the availability of electricity, which is naturally an advantage and allows its use at the work site.

The power unit has a capacity of thirteen horsepower and can produce up to 2 cubic meters of firewood per hour. It has a compact size and low weight, which is reflected in its convenient transportation.

Do-it-yourself wood splitter

The simplest electric wood splitter can be completely made by yourself. The most difficult point here will be to make a cone. The diagram can be taken from the Internet and turned using a lathe.

Important : A left-hand stop thread must be cut on the taper. If it is not possible to do this on the machine, then you can use a simple metal grinder, which will need to be put on the motor pulley.

After preparing the cone, you can start assembling the structure, for which you also need to first prepare an electric motor, iron sheets and angles and a drive shaft block.

Assembly is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The frame is welded using steel angles. An iron sheet is attached to it and a table is obtained.

  • An electric motor is installed at the bottom of the bed.
  • Next, a small pulley is placed on the shaft.
  • The bearings are fixed in the seat of a box welded to the bed.
  • The mobility of the structure is checked by rotating the handle.
  • On the other side of the shaft, a pulley with a larger diameter is installed.

  • Then the belts are put on and the structure is checked again for lightness.
  • The screw housing is attached to the gearbox shaft.
  • Connect the power cable to the motor.

Nuances to keep in mind during manufacturing:

  • The chain drive must be equipped with a protective cover;
  • nozzle must be connected directly to the motor, as it can be dangerous due to high speed;
  • electrical work is best done in the presence of a specialist.

The wood splitter will undoubtedly be an excellent assistant in the preparation of firewood, and if you make it yourself, it will also help to significantly save your family budget.

These machines allow you to carry out fairly difficult work with minimal effort.