VD-AK paint - technical characteristics, features

VD-AK paint - technical characteristics, features Water-dispersive acrylic paint VD-AK : properties, characteristics

There are many types of paints and varnishes on sale at the moment.

They will be designed for outdoor and indoor use, and also have unequal properties. A popular type of paint and varnish material is water-dispersion acrylic paint VD-AK, or rather, a large series of products.

Their application helps to obtain a protective and decorative coating on the processing surface.

Properties of acrylic water-dispersion paints

In the composition of acrylic water-dispersion agents there are many components that are the same for different types of material.

These are pigments, solvents, and also binders. The latter can be attributed to water emulsion, because they have a high water content (water emulsion, or dispersion - these are the smallest particles of a substance that are dispersed in water). The main difference from standard acrylate-type paints will be precisely the base - water, while the rest of the paints and varnishes contain an anhydrous base.

The scope of application of such paints is wide, and it is allowed to apply them to various surfaces:

  • Wooden.
  • Polymeric.

  • Concrete.
  • Paper.
  • Brick.

Such materials are used for different types of painting work - painting the surface of the ceiling and walls in rooms and structures. Some paints help to give texture, while others are used for artistic coloring and decoration.

Among the properties of the material, one can single out the durability of the coating, the absence of an unpleasant odor, the ability to dry quickly, fire safety, the preservation of color brightness for a long time, the absence of toxins.

Series of paintwork materials and characteristics

In construction markets, paints from different manufacturers are sold. All of them have certificates of conformity and are produced according to TU or GOST standards. The paint manufacturers are NPO Kraska Vo, VGT and many others.

BД-AK -1180

Facade paint is used to paint the facades of buildings and carry out other external work on the facade, and can also be used for indoor interiors - surfaces of ceilings and walls.

The material is frost-resistant, which perfectly retains its decorative properties under the influence of precipitation and other negative conditions. VD-AK-1180 is definitely not suitable for floor surface treatment.

The technical characteristics of this ink are as follows:

Please note that the funds are released in packaging of 1.5 kg. If you add too much dilution water, the material will turn gray. The product should be applied only after the walls have been cleaned of the old paint layer with a brush, roller, spray gun, and, as a rule, only one layer is enough.

BД-AK -2180

Acrylic paint VD-AK No. 2180 is produced in various modifications - the simplest interior paint and enamel for the ceiling from VGT (super white). The material is often used for application to the surface of walls, ceilings, wallpaper in a dry and ventilated room - in a living room, bedroom, children's room or even in public places. After application, a porous coating layer will be obtained, which will not reduce breathability. In this case, the density of the layer will be high, and it will also be resistant to mechanical damage.

Product properties and parameter descriptions are as follows:

  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Lack of streaks and streaks.
  • Can be used on all surfaces and materials.
  • Red snow-white color and complete absence of unpleasant odor.
  • Excellent concealment of uneven wall surfaces.

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Resistance to cold.
  • Consumption ranges from 0. 16 to 0. 18 kg per square meter.

  • Time for drying is 1 hour, and complete drying is achieved in a day.

When working with enamel, it is imperative to observe fire safety, wear gloves on your hands to protect the skin. You can apply materials using any convenient methods, but you will need to prime the surface in advance.

BД-AK -111

This brand of product is perfect for those who want to get a beautiful facade coating in a building that can withstand cold temperatures, as well as drops for a period of 3 to 5 years ..

. Textured paint is a high quality environmentally friendly material that is very economical and easy to use. The tool can be applied to surfaces made of metal, concrete, brick, and you should first plaster everything, and then prime it.

Specifications are as follows:

  • The drying time of the paint layer is 1 hour, if the air temperature is +20 degrees.
  • Consumption per layer is from 0.

    1 to 0. 15 kg per square meter.

  • The color should be white, if desired, it can even be tinted.
  • Has high indicators of resistance to water, hiding power, light stability.
  • Withstand temperature changes from -55 degrees to +60 degrees.

Consider another type of paint from the same series.

BД-AK -114

Facade material No. 114 is intended for interior and facade decoration, and is also able to serve for more than 10 years, and therefore it is used for application to prepared surfaces of external types of buildings. The product is also suitable for use in a damp room, for use in a building with high hygienic requirements - kindergarten, hospital, food and pharmaceutical industries. You can use this material to restore monuments.

The properties are as follows:

  • There is no unpleasant odor, the paint is not dangerous in terms of fire and explosion, and is not yet toxic.
  • Provides a matte, durable finish.
  • Adheres well to all types of materials.
  • Possesses whiteness, high hiding power, resistance to weathering, and is also able to withstand wet cleaning.
  • Dries up in 1 hour.

  • Repulses a layer of dirt.
  • Small consumption - from 0. 06 to 0. 1 kg per square meter.

Next, consider the enamel.

BД-AK -101

Water-dispersive VD-AK enamel is required for processing various porous surfaces - concrete, brick, wood, fiberboard (any, the only exception will be the floor). A type of product is also produced with the same marking, but the letter "Ш" is added at the end, which gives the coating a silky effect.

The properties of the material are as follows:

  • The degree of grinding is from 40 to 50 microns.
  • Excellent adhesion properties.
  • The drying time is 1 hour if the air temperature is +20 degrees.

  • Resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Shades - beige, white, blue and pistachio.
  • No unpleasant odor.
  • Nominal viscosity is 20 s (data from VZ-246 device).
  • Easy cleaning of the coating.

  • Getting a layer that breathes.

The material is excellent combination with a putty and primer of the same mark.

BД-AK -449

This agent is required for painting wood and concrete floors, which will be subject to a high degree of friction and wear out quickly. Usually such a tool is used in housing, as well as for basements with a moderate degree of humidity, for utility rooms.

Properties and characteristics are as follows:

  • The coating is semi-matte, homogeneous.

  • The paint can be thinned with water (no more than 10% of the total volume).
  • Shade of yellowish brown and red brown.
  • Drying time is 3 hours, and the floors can be washed with detergents after 2 weeks.
  • The service life of the coating is up to 5 years.
  • Consumption for each layer is large - from 0.

    2 to 0.25 kg per square meter.

The paint and varnish material can be applied with a brush, roller, and the temperature in the room should not be less than +5 degrees, and the humidity should not be more than 80%.

Other types of paints

There are a number of other means that are used for everyday life and industry to obtain decorative facades and coatings.

BД-AK -100

Technical characteristics of VD-AK paint are based on water-dispersion type of snow-white color without any solvents.

It can be used in temperate climates in order to paint buildings. They are perfectly applied to bricks, wood, concrete, plaster, drywall sheets, and the result is a silky, even coating with excellent adhesion.

Features of the product are as follows:

  • VD-AK paint - technical characteristics, features Perfectly tinted.
  • Protects against mold, moisture and mildew.
  • Dilutes with water up to 10%.

  • Pre-applied primer required.
  • Consumption of 1 liter of paint for every 8 square meters.
  • Number of coats from 1 to 2, apply by brush or roller.
  • Drying time 1 day.

Consider another facade paint.

BД-AK -102

The difference between the reinforced facade-type paint from the previous version will be the receipt of a super-white coating, which is very resistant to atmospheric precipitation, sun rays and temperature changes. The resulting layer will allow air to pass through, and at the same time it is frost-resistant and non-toxic. Preservation of excellent appearance - from 5 to 8 years. The material is suitable for any type of surface and can even be applied to wallpaper. The characteristics are such that the consumption is very high - from 0.

35 to 0.4 kg per square meter, the drying time is 1 hour, and the degree of grinding is 40 microns.

BД-AK -103

Rubber-type paint No. 103 is required for repair work and initial painting of coatings made of brick, wood, slate, concrete, asphalt, steel, tiles and others. Can be applied to floors, walls, curbs, as well as products that require enhanced resistance to washing and abrasion.

The product is available in 16 main colors and can be diluted with water. The coating is easy to wash, and it is also resistant to alkalis and SMS. You can replace such a paint with the help of # 104 - latex rubber paint.

BД-AK -216

Snow-white interior washable enamel is used for finishing work inside rooms with a high degree of humidity. These include kitchen bathrooms with brick, wood and plaster surfaces.

The funds will be consumed at approximately 0. 1-0. 15 kg per square, apply in a couple of layers with a brush or roller.Intermediate drying of the layers is an hour, and work should be carried out at temperatures above +9 degrees, and the humidity should be less than 80%. It is important that the walls or ceiling are completely dry before applying the material, and it is important to remove the old coating or even rinse well.

Before starting work, the walls should be primed, and the defects should be repaired with acrylic-type putty.

BД-AK -266

The scope of the product is the treatment of the internal surfaces of buildings with walls from every known material. You can use enamel to paint over old coatings, as well as in a room with a high degree of humidity.

Parameters and properties of the material:

  • Resistance to frost.
  • Environmental friendliness.

  • Viscosity 40 to 80 s.
  • Getting an even and perfectly matte finish
  • The service life is 5 years.
  • Fast drying.
  • The color is pure white.

The agent should be applied with a roller, pneumatic spray, brush in a couple of layers, and for each layer the consumption is from 0.

1 to 0. 15 kg per square. The material can even be frozen, and it will not lose its properties.