VEAK 1180 water-based paint

VEAK 1180 water-based paint Paint VEAK 1180 and its technical characteristics, consumption

Water-based paints are considered one of the safest and best for indoor applications. The thing is that the solvent in them is water, which will characterize the excellent properties of paints and varnishes. A thin layer appears on the surface, which is able to pass air.

Steam permeability has a beneficial effect on the indoor microclimate. An excellent representative of materials of this type is VEAK 1180 water-based paint.

It is a universal and unique material.

Ceilings, walls and facades can be finished with this material. The paint is completely safe, and a beginner in painting can handle the application. What are the technical characteristics of the paint and varnish material? What are the advantages, and how much do these or those types of paint cost?

General information

Advantages of paint and varnish material

Since the paint is of the water-based type, it has many advantages, and we offer a list of them:

  • Ecological cleanliness, and there are no harmful and toxic substances in the composition.
  • Excellent paint adhesion to the surface.

  • The paintwork material can withstand up to 5000 wash cycles.
  • Dries quickly after application.
  • Does not have an unpleasant odor.
  • Capable of long adhesion to wall surfaces.
  • Economical consumption.

  • Water based paint is fire safe.
  • Will perfectly rinse off work tools.

The advantages of paint are excellent, which will determine the cost of paint and varnish material. It is slightly more expensive than standard water-based paints and varnishes.

The composition of the water emulsion

What exactly do the letters VEAK mean? They are able to partially indicate the composition of the material, and VE means water-based, and acryl-containing AK.

This will mean that an acrylic water-based paint, and the composition includes:

  • VEAK 1180 water-based paint Acrylic dispersion that takes up to 50% of the total paint volume.
  • 37% of the total volume will be occupied by a snow-white pigment. It can be obtained by adding fillers (chalk, calcite, mica and talc), as well as chemical substances.
  • To increase the elasticity of the paint, plasticizers should be added to it, which should be 7%, and here we are talking about lignosulfonate and dibutyl phthalate.
  • The remaining 6% are additives that can improve the final product.

    This will include defoamers, preservatives, and anti-corrosion agents.

CMF glue or, in quite rare cases, latex is used as a thickener. Due to such additives, the paint, when applied, will be able to hide small cracks, as well as defects on the surface. It does not need to be putty, and another feature will be its application to all types of wall surfaces.And how will the water-based paint be spent? GOST will state that the indicator should be 0.

15 liters per square meter.

Good advice! to reduce the consumption of materials, the walls should be cleaned of debris and dust, as well as their priming.

Paint and its technical characteristics

According to GOST, VEAK 1180 paint is made for processing brick, concrete and even metal surfaces. You can also plaster a brick and concrete wall, or you can not do it. As for the metal surface, it must be primed without fail.

The base paint color is white. If necessary, you can tint it in any shades, and as mentioned above, the consumption is regulated by GOST and is 0.15 kg per square meter. The paint should be applied in several layers, and further layers can be applied after drying. This will take 1 hour.

Water-based paint coating has many excellent technical characteristics:

  • The paint's resistance to frost is 4 to 5 cycles.
  • Adhesion (i.e. adhesion) to the surface is 2 points.
  • Abrasion resistance is 3.

    5 µm per kilogram.

  • Resistance to moisture is 12 conventional units.
  • The spreading rate is 0. 12 kg per square meter.
  • Viscosity at a temperature of +20 degrees will be from 30 square meters per second.

  • The acidity index (pH) will be from 6. 8 to 8. 2 points.
  • The proportion of non-volatile compounds is from 53% to 59%.

Please note that freezing the paint will not affect its properties in any way.

Before the coloring process, it will begin to defrost to room temperature, and when it thickens, it should be diluted with clean and cold water to the required consistency.

The service life of paints and varnishes is 6 years, while painting is very simple. It's all about the plasticity of the paint, the layer is applied carefully, so bubbles and smudges will not form. In addition, the transitions on the coating are not at all visible, which is convenient, because you can start painting, stop at some place, and after a while continue - the transition at the junction of the old and new layers will not be noticeable.

Paint price

The final cost of the helmet will be influenced by several factors - composition, manufacturer, technical characteristics and purpose.

If we talk about the average, then in Russia paint can be bought at a cost of 50 to 200 rubles per 1 liter.

Other prices:

  1. For metal, fire-retardant water-dispersion paint is 170 rubles per 1 liter, and they will also serve to protect the structure from the fire.
  2. Organosoluble fire retardant paint costs 210 rubles per liter.
  3. Interior paint is completely inexpensive - 50 rubles per 1 liter, while it is used for the internal type of work, and it is also resistant to moisture.
  4. Universal paint costs 60 rubles per 1 liter, and it is also used for work from the inside and outside.

  5. Front-type paint costs 75 rubles per 1 liter, and is required for outdoor work in accordance with GOST 28196-89.

As for the manufacturers, there are a lot of them. In Russia, we are talking about Superplast, Eurolux, Admiral. There are also German manufacturers - these are Dufa, JOBI, Sararol and Remmers. Johnstones and Dulux are UK representatives.

There is also a popular Finnish company Tikkurilla, Polish Snezhka and Slovak Helios.


Tinting of paintwork materials

Since the color of the paint is white, dyes are required to give the required shade. It is very important to choose a paint and not only her, but also a color scheme for her. It will depend on the manufacturer what the quality of the composition is.

Below is a list of recommended tinting:

  • VEAK 1180 water-based paint German Dufa D230.

  • Dulux English tinting.
  • Firms of domestic type - Parade, Ralizh, Dali and Uniсolоr.

Please note that you should not use too much pigment. This can adversely affect the performance of the train. For work on the facade, inorganic colors are used, and they have pale shades, however, they will not fade in the sun.

To give a juicy shade to the interior, you should use organic products. Their UV resistance is much worse. Please note that the composition is applied using different methods. The slowest way is to apply with a paint brush. The advantage of this method is that it will allow you to handle hard-to-reach places, and it will be more convenient and faster to work with a roller.

This is effective for large, flat surfaces, and a spray gun is ideal. In this case, the paint and varnish composition will be applied evenly, without smudges and quickly.

Criteria for selecting paintwork materials

VEAK 1180 water-based paint is popular, and there are many manufacturers of such material. And hardware stores are also filled with options. Some of them are much cheaper and unpopular, while others are much more expensive and famous.

It is clear that for such a case it is not worth saving. It is better to stop on material of a proven type, which has a lot of positive reviews and has proven itself very well. The main sign of high quality material is the availability of a certificate of conformity. If the store can provide it, then this is a great sign. And what should be described in the certificate for water-based paint?

Similar data:

  • Marking according to GOST.

  • Address of the factory where the product was manufactured (actual and legal).
  • List of surfaces for which water-based paint is suitable.
  • Checks that the paint composition has passed.
  • The certificate must be certified by the signature and seal from the higher-level authorities.

Even when buying, you should pay attention to the packaging itself, because in no case should it be damaged - neither the can nor the label.

Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the expiration date, and it is worth remembering that the most expensive is not always the best.

Reviews of consumers

It is impossible to judge the products of the water-based type only by the characteristics of the technical type and the written merits. It is important to know what users who have already used it say about water-based paint.

Nikolay, foreman: "Working with water-based paint is always much easier and more convenient than with lime. And it will also be much easier to tint paint and varnish materials.

Once they brought to us a water-based emulsion VEAK 1180, and then I was the first to use it. After opening the package, the composition was prepared, tinting and water were added. The result was a light coffee shade, and in one shift 6 apartments were sprayed with a spray gun. Such a paintwork lays down evenly, does not leak and does not splash. The paint also has excellent hiding power, but then during the work you will constantly have to stir the paint.

But this did not prevent you from quickly doing all the work. "

Victor, responsible for the development: "I could not decide what type of interior decoration should be chosen for the cottage. I read a bunch of information, and then I will stop at painting. It turned out cheap and cheerful. The ceiling and walls are painted with emulsion on based on acrylic paint VEAK 1180.

The result was satisfactory. With the help of a clever designer, we created blue, pearl and pistachio colors, and they were also perfectly combined with each other. Moreover, repainting the walls will not be a problem, and by the way the surface turned out to be smooth, without smudges and sagging . The color is beautiful, matte, has been excellent for 3 years. I highly recommend using this paint.



Products from different manufacturers may slightly differ in technical characteristics, for example, AQUA paint can slightly reduce the viscosity. At the same time, the product has the best adhesion, and 5 hours are enough for perfect drying. The paint from EROXU takes up to 24 hours to dry perfectly, but the products from Fontsoat dry out in just 15 hours. By the way, AQUA has the lowest consumption - only 0.14 kg per square meter.

The cost will directly depend on the technical characteristics and composition. So, interior-type paint has an average cost of 50 rubles per 1 kg, and front paint and varnish material costs from 60 rubles per liter, universal materials cost 55 rubles per liter, and products for exterior-type finishing have an average cost of 70 rubles per liter. There are also inexpensive analogues in the construction market, and this is paint from the companies Lakra, Kristallin and Vaks.


So, water-based paint of this type will be an excellent solution for decorating walls from the inside of a house / apartment.Thanks to the merits, she was able to take a leading position in the construction market, and the users also had a great impression.

If you have children, then this paint is perfect even for treating children's or playrooms.