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Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction The owners of country cottages or cottages are used to fencing the surrounding area with fences around the whole house. The fence serves not only as protection from strangers or animals, but also has a decorative value.

Fences in front of apartment buildings have also become popular with city dwellers. This gives the courtyards comfort and safety from random unfriendly passers-by or violent companies, it is safer for children to play in fenced yards and parents can worry less about them.

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Before installing the fence

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction Around a country house or apartment building, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the laws governing the construction of fences.

After all, the fence should not interfere with your neighbors, but its appearance should correspond to the street and not scare away others.

Here are optional, but recommended norms laid down in SNiP:

  1. The distance between the house and the fence must be at least 3 m
  2. The distance between non-residential buildings and a fence of at least 4 m
  3. Trees from the fence should be planted at a distance of 2 m, and low-growing vegetation can be 1 m from the fence. Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction

As for the height and transparency of the fence, here the law is stricter to the implementation of the norms laid down in it. The height of the fence depends on the height of the house and is 1.5-2.

5 m.

If the cottage has two or three floors, then the fence can be increased up to 3 meters, if the neighbors and the local administration agree to such construction.

The fence with neighbors should be translucent and no more than 1.5 in height, and if the house is located next to a forest belt, road, river, then the fence can be solid.

If you are the owner of a private house, you can easily build a fence on your own.

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction Here are a few basic materials that the owners often use when building country fences:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • mesh-netting;
  • corrugated board;
  • brick or natural stone;
  • wrought iron;
  • concrete and concrete blocks.

If desired, materials can be combined and interesting, decorative fences can be constructed

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction For example, stone is often combined with wood, pillars at the corners can be made of concrete, and the fence itself is made of brick or stone. Beautiful fences around the house emphasize the style of buildings, the landscape of the site and decorate the area around the fence of a private house. The modern design allows you to install a wide variety of fencing styles: romantic, Victorian, rustic, baroque, chateau, classical, etc.

The price of a house surrounded by a fence can be very diverse, depending on what materials you use and what is the length of the perimeter of the territory.

Often, in order to save money, the owners can grow a hedge, or plant climbing plant species near the fence from the net, which will cover the entire fence in one summer.Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction

The choice is yours. Erecting a fence near a house is a fairly easy and low-cost process, and if you do not violate the norms of the laws, you can easily build a fence on your own.

For what reasons do residents decide to install a fence around apartment buildings

  1. Restrict access to parking for unauthorized cars in the yard (especially if they stand on the lawn or interfere with pedestrians)
  2. Protect the yard from stray animals and people
  3. Restrict the passage of other cars in the yard

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction To ensure the legality of installing a fence around an apartment building, it is necessary to coordinate the project with the residents of the building, as well as with some city services:

  • State Inspection architecture-building supervision;
  • Main Department of the Ministry of Emergencies in the region;
  • Gor. police department;
  • Gor.

    emergency room.

Do not forget that when installing a fence around an apartment building, the fence should not interfere with the passage of an ambulance or a fire engine in case of trouble. If the design of the fence is not agreed, the fence can be demolished in whole or in part.

Fences can either completely restrict access to the courtyard of the house, or partially block the passage to lawns, entrances, playgrounds, etc.

There are several types of fences around an apartment building

Each of them determines how much access to the yard will be blocked.

  1. Lawn. Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction Shrubs of small height are planted around the house. Such a fence requires constant care and provides little protection from uninvited passers-by or stray animals.
  2. Decorative fences are made of stone, metal, corrugated board. Height can vary from 0.

    2 to 2 m

  3. For houses where residents with a good income live, they install barriers and hire a concierge. Such areas can be viewed by a video camera or guarded by a watchman.
  4. Fences , which are designed to partially protect part of the territory, for example, a playground or a flower garden, may not be coordinated with government agencies.

Each type of fence has its pros and cons, but which one is better?

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction If we compare fences in terms of strength, then there is no doubt that the palm goes to monolithic stone fences, or brick and reinforced concrete.

Average strength of fences made of iron bars and sheets.

But when choosing them, you should always remember that precipitation and humidity can damage structures. The lowest strength indicators are for wooden fences and metal mesh. Remember, structures that can be assembled and disassembled are always more vulnerable in strength than those fixed once and for all.

Also, when deciding on the type of fence, it is necessary to take into account its service life. And here again we would recommend brick, stone or concrete - their service life reaches 40 years.

The service life of the metal mesh is no more than 20 years. An iron lattice will last 15 years, and a wooden fence up to 10 years. As you can see, brick and stone structures are still in the lead.

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction However, stone and brick fence will cost more than all other options. And the price, whatever one may say, is the most important condition.

If you start from it, then you should pay attention to the fences made of iron lattice and polymer materials. The cheapest will be, of course, a wooden fence.

In addition, of course, you cannot bypass the appearance of the future fence, because everyone wants the fence not only to separate the territory from the street, but also to please the eye. Here you can advise various combinations - if the support pillars are made of one material, and the spans between them are made of another, this will already look very original and aesthetically pleasing.

Views + Photos and Videos and Step by Step Instruction

Especially if the spans are any corrugated , wicker, decorated with some decorative elements and so on.

Steel mesh is unlikely to create a sense of aesthetics, the best looks are spans from various gratings and a forged fence, which can combine any patterns for which your imagination and money are enough.

As with any other stage of construction, building a fence will require great care and a serious approach from you.

The most important is to correctly determine the type of fence and correctly design it. When deciding on the type of fence, remember that it must correspond not only to your taste and financial condition, but also to the current legislation.

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