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Views- Pros and Cons + Videos If you need a good sauna stove, you don't have to look for it on foreign sites or in foreign companies, you can find it from domestic manufacturers. The "Tunguska" oven production now has a good position on the market. There is also an improved Vitrina stove, it has a wider door, thanks to which firewood can be stacked across the stove.

The Tunguska sauna stove is often used in Finnish sauna. Perfectly heated steam comes out from behind the stones.

The convector casing is designed to cool the walls of the oven itself and at the same time distribute steam throughout the entire area of ​​the room.

Most often the door is made of cast iron or steel.

Tunguska is the most popular and purchased stove for bath rooms

This is due to two factors:

  1. Firewood in this oven burns at a very high temperature. The stove is compact, easy to fit in any room, and at the same time very powerful.
  2. The furnace is made of heat resistant steel parts.

    That is why deformation does not occur, even at high temperatures.

Logs in tunguska burn very intensely, and the stove itself, despite its small area, transfers several times more heat into the room than stoves made of steel or other black metal. The niche in which the stones lie is heated a couple of times faster than in other stoves.

IMPORTANT: it is allowed to put not only ordinary logs in the stove, but also coal briquettes, as well as fuel for the fireplace. The oven of this brand is provided with protection against the ingress of carbon monoxide into the room.

Therefore, it is safe.

Furnace design

Views- Pros and Cons + Videos Tunguska is popular in throughout Russia and even abroad. It is often presented at exhibitions and a sample from Russia is not left without attention.

It was invented for the purpose of rapid heating, so that the room could be easily heated. For half an hour, the bath heats up to 100 C.

This figure is considered a reference.

Furnace filling is the most important thing. The chimney and the heater are made of chrome steel, which can withstand high temperatures. Thanks to this, manufacturers have increased the scale formation, as well as the maintenance service. Tunguska are also made of wood, usually they weigh up to 60 kg.

In order for the walls of the furnace to heat up well and quickly, metal is used for their manufacture up to 2 mm thick. A cover that is installed on top creates a gap. Thus, the air enters the trap, heats up, goes into the room, and cold streams fill its place. This is the fastest heating method. Infrared radiation (generated from the flame) passes through the enclosure and the thermal efficiency is increased.

FOR INFORMATION: the stove has a pyramidal shape, flames surround it from all sides. The stones that are inside the case itself are a kind of battery. Their job is to absorb heat and turn the water into steam.

The channels for the gas outlet are located according to a special design, this allows the wood to burn completely. To enhance combustion, a channel is also supplied through which air passes.

Firewood is stacked on a cast iron grate that can withstand very high temperatures. The ash collection box is also designed to control the intensity of the flame.

This oven is distinguished not only by its functionality, but also by its ease of use. Steel doors have a unique design aimed at rapid cooling of the side located in the bath itself, and in a short time and without additional steps. Those interested can order a glass-ceramic door, it will look very impressive.

The manufacturers of the stove also provided heating of water. The drive itself feels good in the steam room, and this will provide the bath attendants with hot water.

There are two types of water tanks

  1. Samovar - it stands on the chimney pipe, where it will be provided with heat. With a decrease in the water level, the heating temperature also decreases, the liquid itself is a "safety net" against boiling.
  2. Built-in tank - the tank is located on the left or right side of the oven itself.

    In this case, the water is heated due to the construction: hot walls give off heat to the wall cut to the water. The walls are very close to each other.

The casing can be made at will in any color, and in order to withstand high temperatures, it is covered with enamel. Thus, individual models are obtained.

Features of operation

The inverted pyramid allows you to heat up a large number of stones.

It heats up to a temperature of 500 C. To clean the soot and soot from the oven itself, you can use a specially designed powder. They can also be sprinkled on hot coals. Before applying the powder, clean the tunguska well of all foreign matter.

The range of models is very wide.

The classic model weighs 50 kg. , but in terms of power it is not inferior to analogs. The stove can heat a bath in an hour, even with the door open. Furnace 62 kg. , more powerful and warms up the room over 20 cubic meters.

Before starting to use, make sure everything is in place. When firing up the stove for the first time, leave the door open, fill in a full tank of water, heat for an hour, but remember that the stove must be empty. After the fire goes out, empty the water from the tank and ventilate the bath. Wait for everything to cool down well. Now you can lay stones, first wash them well.

For the Tunguska stove, there are special stones, the usual ones may not fit.

The main advantages are

  1. Views- Pros and Cons + Videos Long term service.
  2. Nice view.
  3. When using firewood, it does not harm nature.
  4. Furnace design provides soft steam.

  5. Do-it-yourself installation.
  6. Convenient shape and small size allow you to put the stoves anywhere.
  7. If the firebox is not located in the steam room, it will reduce the level of carbon monoxide.
  8. There is no need to purchase additional heat shields, as the oven already has a special coating.
  9. Good heat dissipation.

  10. Any materials for the furnace can be used: from firewood to coal briquettes.
  11. Stable and reliable design.
  12. High level of security.

The main disadvantage is the pricing policy. The best materials from which the stove is made cost accordingly, so be prepared to pay a tidy sum for the stove.

Safety rules

The basic rules are:

  1. Do not put anything near with a stove.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to dry things, even when the oven is almost cold.
  3. Do not store flammable substances nearby.
  4. Be sure to clean the chimney several times a month.

Do-it-yourself installation of a tunguska stove in a bath

Before starting work, learn a few rules:

  1. The locking fittings must be 3/4 in size.

  2. Place the water tank 0.3 m higher from the heat exchanger.
  3. Install the piping at an angle of 30 ° C and remember not to sag.
  4. Place a tap on the heat exchanger through which the remaining water can be drained. This is necessary so that freezing does not occur during the winter period and your oven does not deteriorate.

  5. Do not use flexible rubber or plastic hoses. They will just melt.
  6. A distance of 125 cm is required between the door and the wall.
  7. Leave at least 120 cm between the ceiling and the stove.
  8. The flue pipe must be 50 cm from the wall.

Features of selection

When you want to purchase an oven, pay attention to:

  1. The capacity of the water tank, on average 10 liters per person, and about the same amount for brooms. If there are more of you, then the volume should be more.
  2. What color oven do you want? There are many different options on sale now, and you can even make an individual one.
  3. Since the baths can be wooden, brick, etc., then the power of the equipment must be different.

    Look at thermal insulation. For a brick bath, you need a more powerful oven.

Tunguska stove - consumer reviews

  • Tunguska 2011 is an improved model, it looks spectacular due to the changed design.
  • Oven Tunguska xxl 2013 - has an updated design, which makes it more attractive to consumers. In the manufacture of external parts, manufacturers began to pay much attention to the decorative component.

    Consumers note the reliability of the oven. All parts have increased heat resistance. Strengthen the walls on the sides and bottom of the stove with stringers. Such a stove is capable of heating a room in a short time. This effect is achieved thanks to the mesh located around the entire perimeter, as well as ventilation holes.

  • Tunguska stove 2013 xxl inox - made for rooms with a volume of 12 m3 to 24 m3. You can use regular firewood. Thanks to heat-resistant steel, the service life is increased. Usually the factory warranty is given for 3 years. Consumers note a fairly large volume of water (61 liters).

    The weight of the stones is about 92 kg. Before purchasing, find out the dimensions to find a place for the oven. Buyers also note the low cost of this device, approximately 18-19,000 rubles.

  • Tunguska stove 2011 inox - you can purchase it for 14-15,000 rubles. It has decorative details, the firebox is 1.

    5 times thicker than that of the standard model. Equipped with stringers, and buyers also note its good fire safety. Has a quality certificate according to European standards.

  • Tunguska stove 16 - you can buy for 13-14,000 rubles. Buyers choose this model if the volume of the room is about 18 m3.

    High alloy steel with chrome for long service life. Thanks to the cast iron grate, air easily enters the furnace and the temperature rises quickly. The casing allows the room to be heated evenly and makes the steam softer. The stove is deep and not ventilated.

  • Tunguska wood-burning stove thermophor is the most compact (795x415x830 mm.

    ). Buyers like that they can stock up not only with firewood, but also with ready-made fuel in briquettes, as well as with ordinary wood waste.

  • Tunguska vitra stove - has a transparent screen. Buyers say it is easy to watch the flames, even from afar. Sometimes such a stove can easily replace a fireplace in the country.

Tunguska can easily become an indispensable assistant in a mobile bath, in a tent by the lake or in a fisherman's house. Consumers note that it can be easily assembled and disassembled by hand.

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