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Views, Sizes & Tips + Videos Among the large number of typical structures that are perfect for construction on a suburban area, they increasingly prefer houses with an attic: on the Internet, photos, plans and projects of such a dwelling are increasingly found.

The reason for this sudden popularity is the possibility of expanding the area almost twice at low cost.

Today we will consider the best plans for one-story houses with an attic, you can choose a ready-made frame house, or build your own.

Plan of a house with an attic: organization options, photo

An attic is an attic space that is equipped in the form of one large or several small rooms. This tradition comes from the 17th century, when poor families lived in attics.

But in today's world, everything is different, and now, with the proper design of this room, the attic is in no way inferior to an ordinary one-story house.

So, you can organize a home gym in the attic or a beautiful room with panoramic windows. Such a bright and spacious room is perfect for equipping a personal office and a children's room. Sometimes designers advise placing a bathroom in the attic to save space on the lower floor, but it all depends on the desire of the owner of the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of country houses with an attic

Due to a number of advantages, the plan of a house with an attic has gained unprecedented popularity:

  • Views, Sizes & Tips + Videos This is the most economically advantageous solution for construction and installation work related to the construction of such a house.

  • In fact, the area of ​​the house is doubled with the proper use of additional space.
  • This does not entail any difficulties during construction, as well as when laying communications. Usually they are already on the first floor and it will not be difficult to stretch them to the second.
  • The reduction in heat lost through the attic is practically zero, which is a big savings.
  • You can live comfortably on the first floor, and gradually finish the premises on the second.

  • You can use the attic space as you like - workshop, dressing room, billiard room or any other room - all at your discretion.

But it will still be unfair if we do not note the shortcomings:

  • When building a house with an attic floor, which will be residential, you should strictly adhere to all norms and requirements. If you do not follow all the construction rules, this can lead to freezing of the room, and as a result there will be a significant loss of heat and condensation will form inside the house.
  • Dormers will be an expensive pleasure. Since such structures have a specific profile, as well as some features during installation, they will cost 2 times more than conventional ones.

  • In winter, natural light in the attic floor can be impaired due to heavy rainfall.

Design features

In order for the plan of a one-story house with an attic to be realized the way you want it, and it will become for you a favorite place, and not an ordinary house with a cold attic, you should take into account the following points:

  • High-level thermal insulation is a prerequisite for construction, otherwise, with temperature extremes, you will not be able to constantly use the upper part of the house.
  • High level waterproofing - you don't want rainwater or melted snow to get inside.
  • When building and decorating the attic, give preference to materials with low weight and light furniture, since under excessive load, cracks in the foundation and walls can be provoked.
  • Ideally, the attic space should remain solid, but if you decide to divide this area into several rooms, use drywall.

    This durable and at the same time lightweight material will not carry additional load on the base, and at the same time will be a good partition.

Finished projects, photo

Today, many companies offer ready-made houses with an attic in their catalogs, where construction is offered and turnkey finishing. When hiring contractors, you just choose the project you like and accept the job at the end.

To design and build such a house on your own, you will need certain skills and abilities, but even here you do not need to do everything at random. There are norms and recommendations that must be followed.

Before starting the construction of an additional floor, calculate the additional load that will surely arise. If you want to start arranging an attic space in an existing home, make sure that the builders strengthen the walls.

When calculating, it should be noted that the recommended minimum ceiling height is from 2.5 m. The roof and its structure are also a serious link in construction.

Depending on the area of ​​the second floor, there are 3 options for arrangement:

  1. Choose a gable roof, which will make it possible to use only 68 % of available area.
  2. Select a polygonal roof, and then you can use about 90% of the space.
  3. To increase the living area by exactly 2 times, raise the roof by at least 1.5 m.

The process of connecting communications is not so complicated, and it can be done before finishing, when you will already have time to draw up a construction plan.

It is equally important to plan the location of the stairs, windows and partitions inside. Think all this beforehand and make a plan with all sizes.

Plan of a house with an attic measuring 6 * 6

When planning a house of 6 m by 6 m, it is usually implied the construction of a small garden house, the total area of ​​which will be approximately 50 m 2 and can accommodate a small family inside.

When looking at the plan of such a house, it is difficult not to notice how many advantages it gives. This is speed, convenience of construction, and savings in utility bills.

Simply put, when creating a project for such a house, you can quickly and inexpensively solve a housing problem for many years to come.

At the same time, with the correct organization of the space using the attic, you can organize a comfortable space with a wide range of functionality. I would like to give some tips for creating a project plan for a house with an attic 6 * 6:

  1. Views, Sizes & Tips + Videos With the right organization of the space, you you can solve the problem of a large number of things and do "unloading" at home This will help mezzanines and built-in wardrobes. Advice! Do not forget about the space under the stairs to equip the pantry. Even a space of 2 m 2 will be more than enough to store seasonal items, household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner and conservation.

  2. By combining the kitchen and living room, you can save space, and in the same place will install a staircase to the second floor.
  3. In this case, it is better to make a bathroom and install not a bathroom, but a shower.
  4. The lack of space can be easily compensated by creating a terrace near the house.

If you take into account all these nuances, you can create a cozy home that will be affordable for you and your family. You should also pay attention to frame houses with an attic.

Their projects can be easily found on the Internet, and the plus is that you can quickly and independently build such housing.

Please note that with a small size, you can accommodate everything, and even, if you wish, build a bathhouse with an attic. This option is worth considering before you decide on the layout.

House plan with attic 9 * 9

Views, Sizes & Tips + Videos Building a house of this size - a common phenomenon. This is due to the optimal area and the ideal option both in terms of cost and ease of use.

According to the classics, the lower floor has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and one bedroom. In this case, bedrooms are placed on the second floor, as well as non-residential rooms at the discretion of the owner (winter garden, workshop, study, dressing room). In such a house, you can easily accommodate a family of four, and at the same time not spend much money on maintaining the house.

In fact, this project is a hike on the plan of a house 8 * 10 with an attic. The photo shows that the difference lies only in the shape, which is rectangular or square.

House plan 10 * 10

And another popular house option is a house plan with an attic 10 * 10. If you have more than two children, you cannot do without a large living space. Despite the fact that visually the house is more than compact, it has an impressive interior space for a large family. The size of the house makes it possible to make large bedrooms for each family member, which are usually located on the second floor.There is also a bathroom for the owners of the house.

But on the first floor, you can safely equip a large hall, a living room with a kitchen, a spacious dining room, a shared bathroom or a guest room. In this case, it will be appropriate to place the staircase in the hallway, as well as make drawers for things in it.

When considering proposals on the Internet for houses of 10 * 10 from the foam block, you can make sure that this is also an inexpensive option when solving the housing issue.

But there are some peculiarities when building a house of this size:

  • At least 2 bathrooms are required - one on each floor.
  • Ideally, it is necessary to allocate premises near the kitchen for the boiler room - this will simplify the maintenance and creation of the heating system.

  • Since the house will be square, try to think about the location of the walls in order to use the space wisely.
  • Take care of soundproofing in advance, otherwise you will not have a moment's peace in the future.

We insulate the attic room

Obviously, for the most convenient use of the attic room for living, you cannot do without additional internal thermal insulation.

When installing insulation materials for the roof, there are peculiarities and difficulties that cannot be ignored:

  1. In addition to the roof surface on the attic floor, two more valleys and gables are required. If you do not insulate them too, then consider that everything was useless.

  2. Materials used for thermal insulation must be designed specifically for residential premises, in order to protect against moisture, and meet all norms and standards.
  3. The materials that will be used for thermal insulation must be correctly selected, since the roof will almost not allow the moisture in their premises to evaporate.

It is important that if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust this matter to specialists, otherwise the mistakes made can cost you very dearly.

Interior of a house with an attic

Even with a simple plan or project, your house can become unique thanks to original architectural solutions, so we advise you to take care of not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

When it comes to fashion, styles such as chalet, country and eclectic are popular for decorating such houses.

In this case, the floor beams will be in sight. Furniture is made of wood, carved details will not be superfluous. There are no textiles on the windows, blankets and pillows are placed on the sofas, and the skins of wild animals will look great on the floor.

Often, when choosing an interior for a plan for a house project with an attic, you can also find the romantic Provence style: soft and light furniture, pink tints, many little things. In this case, niches, architectural ledges are sheathed with plasterboard, and the walls and ceilings are finished using wallpaper or paint.

Here you can use a canopy over the bed, textiles on the windows, shelves with souvenirs, bouquets, figurines.

Furniture and its location depends only on your choice, preferences and requirements, but do not forget that when choosing a plan for a small house, the layout of the space is even more important.

  • If you are the owner of a gable roof, then you will not be able to place the cabinet next to any two inclined walls - this should be taken into account when planning.
  • An important element is the staircase that will lead to the second floor. Its location must be well thought out so that it occupies the useful area to a minimum, and at the same time is safe and convenient.

  • Consider artificial and natural lighting on the second floor. As already mentioned, roof windows are much more expensive than simple ones, but it's worth it. One of the key points is good lighting.

Plan of a one-story house with a foam block attic

Foam block houses are incredibly popular. This is not surprising, as the cost of the house is much lower thanks to the cheap material.

So, a large foam block house will be much cheaper than a house made of 6 * 6 beams.

Please note that for car enthusiasts there are many projects of one-story houses with an attic and a garage. Perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.


Summing up, I would like to say that the popularity of such houses is more than deserved. A large selection of planning types, the availability of an economic plan, ease of construction and cost-effectiveness of maintenance make such housing affordable for many.

In addition, you can always double the area if you equip an attic. Therefore, if you are looking for inexpensive and comfortable housing, this is what you need!

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