Wall and roof sandwich panels Teplant

Wall and roof sandwich panels Teplant Teplant sandwich panels - description of the material

Nowadays, the production of structures that can be build in a short time from sandwich panels. Roofing elements from the Teplant manufacturing plant have a three-layer structure, which ensures high operational and technical parameters. The core of such materials is made of mineral wool, which is based on basalt fiber.

The cladding layers of Teplan roof sandwich panels are made of thin sheet steel, on which there is a special protective coating. The quality of such building materials is worthy of real respect and is confirmed by 227 quality control operations that it undergoes in the production process.

Additional confirmation of the high quality of building materials of such a manufacturer is excluded, because there are a lot of positive customer reviews.

Production process of sandwich panels

Roof type sandwich panels from the manufacturer Teplant are made at the Kuibyshev plant of mineral wool products, which was founded back in 1957. In 1994, a decision was made to restructure the name of the enterprise, and it will be renamed as OJSC "Termosteps-MTL". But already in 2012, the plant began to be called OJSC "Teplant". For all the years that the enterprise has existed, its products have received the best reviews, and the well-established rules of steel and roof-type sandwich panels were no exception.

To date, the production of Teplant roofing elements is carried out on the most modern equipment using the latest progressive technologies using the latest developments in the field of creating building materials.

Wall and roof sandwich panels Teplant In fact, the production of sandwich panels will not be particularly difficult, but at the same time the manufacturer requires the use of the highest quality raw materials. This will be due to the fact that only in this case sandwich-type roof panels will be able to fully cope with the task set for them, and will also have high technical parameters.

The production of quick-release structures using panels from such a manufacturer makes it possible to build objects in a short time and with minimal financial and time costs. This is due to the fact that the whole process of building consists in assembling a metal frame, and also installing panels using facade decorative elements from the same manufacturer.

Sometimes it will be more expedient to use sandwich panels in order to clad structures that are made using traditional building materials, for example, brick or concrete. Reviews about this reconstruction method can be found only positive, then that such sandwich panels greatly increase the technical, thermal insulation and operational parameters of any structure. Such slabs for roofing from Teplant are irreplaceable and when building the roof of various structures.

Convenient dimensions and shape, as well as low weight make this building material optimal for roof erection. Roofs made using Teplant slabs are distinguished by high performance, beautiful visual appearance, and, among other things, they will not require the arrangement of the lathing and laying of insulation layers.

Roofing panels of the sandwich type from the manufacturer Teplant are currently widely used for building the roof of shopping malls, swimming pools, various agricultural buildings, as well as administrative buildings.

How to make the right choice

The advantages of sandwich panels

Fire resistance - due to the fact that board production is carried out only from materials that are resistant to fire, they have excellent resistance to fire. When creating such a material, panel manufacturers, in order to increase the fire safety of objects, set themselves the following goal - to create fire resistance of the structure. Especially relevant with the use of this building material will be the installation of objects that are intended for the active movement of people, because the slabs of this manufacturer can withstand the direct effect of fire for more than 3 hours.

And this, you see, is enough time to save the lives of hundreds of people in the event of an emergency.

The use of Teplant roof / wall sandwich panels in private construction will be no less necessary. Due to the fact that the production of boards is based on the use of high quality raw materials, they will increase the energy-saving parameters of the house, reduce the fire load and increase the fire resistance of the building.

Wall and roof sandwich panels Teplant Thermal insulation - due to the fact that the production of the core of the sandwich-type panels is made of mineral wool, which has a low thermal modulus , and they also have high thermal performance. In essence, buildings based on Teplant slabs work like down warm blankets. The performance of mineral wool to store warm energy is based on the low thermal conductivity of the reference type of air, which is present in the pores of the fiber-type insulation.

Environmental friendliness - products from the manufacturer Teplant are made according to all standards and norms that apply to this category of goods. It is not flammable, does not emit any harmful substances into the external environment and is the best option for creating premises to which high sanitary and hygienic claims are presented - objects that relate to the food, as well as processing industry and cold-type workshops.

Noise absorption - the ability of sound insulation of structures of the enclosing type (the susceptibility of the material to make it difficult for sound to enter the structure).Sandwich panels have a high insulation capacity and reliably protect the room from other external noise pollution, and this can have a very positive effect on the human psyche, which is inside them.

Hydrophobicity - basalt fiber, which is used to create the core of the panels, has low water-absorbing properties due to the fact that in the production process it is treated with water-repellent components, and this will contribute to the extension of its service life.

Durability is another criterion that testifies in favor of the selection of sandwich panels from such a manufacturer. long service life combined with high technical parameters make them the number 1 building materials in the modern building market.

Roofing sandwich panels from this manufacturer are an excellent opportunity to build in a building with high soundproof and thermal insulation characteristics, with minimal costs in terms of finance and loss of time, especially since reviews about such material can only be found positive - he is so good.

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