Wall-mounted paper towel holders

Wall-mounted paper towel holders Storing paper towels - the best holders and their design features

The storage of paper towels is very important because they can easily get wet and ruin. Whoever says anything, but the holders for them are stylish and very functional accessories. They are designed to hold rolls and make wipes easier to grip.

Products help to improve the organization of space in the kitchen or bathroom, and also organically fit into the interior of the room.


A device such as a holder helps to keep paper-type towels, foil, cling film neat and at the same time adds a touch of modernity to the bathroom or kitchen .

.. Holders differ in different characteristics and even functions that help to make the accessory popular and useful. As a rule, it is often used due to the fact that it is compact and easy to use.

The product should be placed on any surface and fixed with suction cups, screws or magnets.

Operation will be clear for any user. Holders can be divided into two types - mechanical and simple. For the second type, installation in houses is characteristic, and the second model is best suited for installation in public places. Mechanical models have a large number of advantages, and such products are distinguished by compliance with all sanitary standards, as well as large capacity.

Automatic products are called dispensers .

It is convenient and hygienic to use them, because it is better not to touch rolled towels with your hands to take napkins. You just need to pull the canvas, and then tear it off. For home use, such a device will be an indispensable assistant, which will immediately give out towels to absorb liquid and remove dirt.



The paper towel holder is a very important element for the washroom, kitchen space or office. There are many different options on sale, which differ in color and design.

The specificity of the mounts and the type of holder will affect the storage of the towels. If there is little space in the room, then it is better to use devices with an arrangement in a niche or on a surface.

Mounting it on the floor near the sink saves space and provides easy access to paper towels. The smooth surface of the built-in models is ideal for small bathrooms and kitchens, because smooth material is easy to care for. In such places, the bulkiness of products intended for storage should be avoided.

Tabletop models for countertops should be chosen if the room is spacious.

Please note that the free space of the room makes it possible to place objects on the floor, and the holders themselves will differ in the type of fastening. The assortment is large, and includes varieties with suction cups, screw and magnetic supports. With the right choice of a paper-type towel holder, there can be difficulties, but in fact, everything is not so difficult - you should immediately decide on the type, fastening method and functionality.


When choosing the right holder for paper towels in the kitchen, you should decide what kind of device you plan to use.

The point is that each representative has certain strengths and weaknesses. For example, some types of paper towels will work with any dispenser, and there are also folded sheet towels or regular rolls.

Classic on casters

Wall-mounted paper towel holders This is the most convenient way to of distributing paper towels. But it is not as hygienic as an automatic dispenser, because the previous part of the product will be torn off by another user. Such a holder makes it possible to adjust the desired length of the web.

There are models in different colors, which makes it possible to choose a device for any kitchen interior. Both dolls and flowers can be depicted on the surface.

Automatic universal

This option allows the user to take the desired length without touching the outside of the dispenser. Motion sensors help eliminate the need to pull on levers. This will ensure that only one person is touching each paper towel and germs are not transferred from the person to the dispenser.

These devices are available in a variety of colors to match the decor of the room.

On rails

Such a device is a suspended structure. Its beauty is that it will take up little space, and therefore it is often used in the kitchen. You can even make such a model with your own hands so as not to buy. In order not to have to drill holes on the surface, you can buy a holder with suction cups.

Models on rails are considered to be multipurpose, because in addition to storing fabric and rolled towels, it is used to store cling film, foil, and even baking paper.

For folding paper towels

This product will work on any type of surface, and the item itself strongly resembles a basket or box, where the paper towels will lie on top of each other. The capacity of the models will allow you to place more towels in the dispenser. Such models can be made of wrought iron, wood, stainless steel and plastic. In addition, such holders can be with or without a lid.

The product can be placed near the sink in the bathroom, or in the kitchen.Such accessories are often mobile, and due to their decorative appearance they help to add comfort and coziness to the atmosphere.


The dispenser will dispense napkins to users, while maintaining their integrity, and it also acts as a stylish accessory. Only durable materials are used for the manufacture of the device.


The wood paper towel holder is most often designed to be used on a table top.

It is a durable material that is perfect for holding paper towels. It is durable, reliable and environmentally friendly. Such products can be conveniently placed near the sink, and the structure of wood must be varnished so that moisture cannot disturb the material.


Metal holders are the most popular products, because they are distinguished by their strength, smoothness, reliability, and beauty of the surface. Such items are made from bronze, nickel, stainless steel and brass.

Wrought iron paper towel holders will add a decorative accent to any room. Wicker stainless steel items resemble a basket, and they will look good on the surface of the countertop.


Plastic is a very modern material that has a glossy and matte structure. It is easy to paint, lightweight, but afraid of mechanical damage. Plastic products are resistant to wear and tear and have a long service life.

They come in a variety of colors, styles and d├ęcor.

Color variations

The shade for the holders may vary depending on the type of material you are using. For example, metal structures have a cold silver color, and this range will always be relevant and modern. Glossy details strongly resemble a mirror, due to which they attract attention. Silver can be compatible with any color and style of room, and also imparts freshness.

Classic in light shades, minimalism in black and white, loft in dark paint - the silver holder is ideal for any interior.

For those who love eco style and muted tones, products with a matte surface are perfect. If the kitchen is decorated in white and green colors, then you need to choose holders with elements of black and brown colors, which have a velvety texture to the touch. Holders in a rustic style look beautiful, and imitation of wood will give the kitchen warmth and comfort. If the room has dim light and colors, then a bright orange, blue, green and red holder helps to dilute the situation.

How to do it yourself

In every house you can find an old paint roller or hanger. Skillful households are capable of anything, and have come up with the use of such things for roll towels in the kitchen. But such options are very simple and we even have creative types of products.

From a leather belt

To create such a model, you will need the following:

  • Belts.
  • Shiloh.

  • Adhesive composition.
  • Wood rod.
  • Accessories (leather threads).

On each belt along the edge, make holes with an awl, and the belt should be folded in half and grooves should be marked on the edge. Similar actions should be done with the second strap, and insert the fittings into the finished products.

Use screws or suction cups to mount the holder to the wall. If you use the second option, then it is better to glue everything with super glue, and you can immediately make additional holes in the belt. It is important to attach everything evenly so that there is no tilt, and then put the rod in the loops of the belts, and to decorate the joints and the rod should be tied with a strong rope or woolen thread.

From newspaper tubes

To make such a wall holder for paper towels, you need to prepare:

  • Wall-mounted paper towel holders Adhesive composition.
  • Newspaper tubes.

  • Rod for a cardboard barrel.

First, make a plug of newspaper (paper), and it should be inserted inside the core made of cardboard, and also pre-greased with glue. Prepared tubes from newspapers need to be wound one by one on a pipe along the pipe and all PVA glue should be fixed. After that, when the rod is designed, the base of the holder should be prepared, and for this you need to cut out circles from cardboard and glue everything over with newspaper. The diameter of the stand should match nicely with the shaft.

If the structure will be made of one type of newspaper in black and white, then to preserve the material, you should glue the core with tape. Use self-adhesive paper to keep the holder from blooming.


To make a model from wood you need:

  • Circle for a stand.
  • Rod for support.
  • Drill and adhesive.

It is better to choose a material for the holder smooth, so that you do not hurt yourself on the surface in the future. A hole should be drilled in the center of the stand, and the diameter of the support must necessarily correspond to the recess inside the circle. The final step will be to fix the parts with an adhesive, and then leave the product to dry. If you wish, you can also paint it, cover it with varnish and decorate the holder.

From pipes

You will need a metal pipe, and also screws.

A metal rod should be attached to the wall surface parallel to the floor, large hooks or strong rope should be attached to the pipe, and a rod of any type of material should be inserted between the parts. Then fix everything with an adhesive.

Examples of placement in the kitchen

Consider where you can place the holder in the kitchen:

  • For small apartments, or rather kitchens, a holder on the rail is suitable, which will be attached to the cabinet above the sink.The stainless construction is not afraid of moisture, and therefore rust will not appear on the product.
  • You can attach the product to a cabinet or the outer part of the door, and the complete model can be fixed with screws or suction cups.

  • Table holders can be installed near a refrigerator or stove.
  • Mechanical dispensaries in a small room are best mounted on a wall near a stove or above a table surface in a safe manner.
  • Owners of a large kitchen have more options, and two types of holders are allowed here - simple and automatic. The classic model can be above the surface between the sink and the stove, which provides instant access to towels in an emergency. Mechanical products emphasize the status of the owner and create convenience for use in compliance with all sanitary standards.

To learn how to create a paper towel holder out of wood, watch the video.

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