Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video

Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video Wallpaper for kindergarten: which can be used, which is better. Every parent who sends a child to a kindergarten wants the rooms in the room to be functional and comfortable, and the design to be original and thoughtful. In order for the kindergarten rooms to meet all the specified requirements, when arranging, attention should be paid not only to the selection of decor and furniture, but also the material for decoration.

The most popular materials for decorating walls in a nursery are wallpapers, and how harmonious the interior will turn out will depend on their quality and pattern. Psychologists believe that when choosing wallpaper for kindergarten, the age and psychology of children should be taken into account, since in these rooms the child will play, study, improve and grow.

It is in this place that your child will begin to form as a person, and for the processes to be as effective as possible, the environment around must correspond.

General information

In addition to the age and characteristics of the child, you should make sure that the selected wallpaper meets all hygiene standards according to SanPiN. Because of this condition, parents often associate such decoration with great difficulties. Manufacturers, on the other hand, know what parents need and try to simplify the task as much as possible, offering a huge number of color, plot and texture solutions to choose from. Let's consider in this article how to choose wallpaper for a kindergarten according to SanPiN, as well as how to separate the gender of children.

Types of wallpaper and what to look for when choosing

Wallpaper is the most popular material for wall decoration, and the main condition is to use a material made from natural ingredients. In order to avoid mistakes in choosing and not to make a mistake with quality, it would be reasonable to ask the seller for certificates that confirm the quality of the material, and it should indicate which coloring components are used, as well as paper, and that they meet all quality standards.

Types of wallpaper that are used to decorate children's rooms:

  • Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video Vinyl. They have many advantages, with one side being vinyl and the other side being paper or non-woven. This type of wallpaper is easy to stick, it will make it possible to hide the unevenness of the walls, and will not change its color due to exposure to sunlight.

  • Paper wallpapers are no less popular than the previous version. Moreover, their price is the most affordable, which is very beneficial for large kindergarten premises. If paper wallpaper is used for younger groups, this will help to minimize material losses. In the manufacture of such a coating, synthetic components are not used.
  • Non-woven.

    At times other paper canvases. They are characterized by plasticity, which makes them easy to stick.There are no harmful components in the composition, they can be easily washed and they are excellent air conductors.

  • Photo wallpaper. An interesting option for those parents who want to create variety for their children.

    The most popular are wallpapers with the image of cartoon characters, fairy tales, and so the child can feel like in a magical land.

  • Liquid wallpaper. This option is one of the most expensive, which is why they are less in demand, but the main advantage of such a coating is that in case of dirt or the arts of children, everything can be simply painted over.
  • Cork. The material is environmentally friendly and helps provide effective insulation from noise and also protects from noisy neighbors.

Now let's talk a little about what are the general requirements for wallpaper in kindergarten.

Rules for the selection of wallpaper for kindergarten - general requirements

Wallpaper for children's rooms must be made of hypoallergenic materials, which are also ecological pure and natural. Non-woven, paper and textile wallpapers meet this list of requirements. Liquid wallpaper can also be used, but vinyl, despite their practicality, must be discarded. If you are planning on choosing wallpaper with patterns, then consult and make sure the pattern of the applications is water based paint.

As for the choice of adhesive, experts advise buying special glue for use in children's rooms, and such compositions can be bought from manufacturers like Nekel, Rufas and others. If there are children in the group who have allergies or asthma, you should refuse wallpaper with a large embossed structure, as they accumulate dust in themselves.

Please note, that expensive but high-quality liquid wallpaper that will not form joints will be an excellent option for a children's room. They have not only high aesthetic qualities, but also excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation. When buying liquid wallpaper, pay attention to the quality of the raw materials used.

Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video The selection of pictures should be according to the age of the children. According to psychologists, it is better to use a single-color neutral coating for decorating children aged 1.5 years, and different patterns are ideal for children aged 1.5 to 3 years. After 3 years, the psyche of children is ready for the perception of educational plots and drawings, and you can safely choose wallpaper with your favorite characters.

Carefully choose plots, as it is better not to buy wallpapers with fairy-tale characters, because the children grow up, and the heroes on the wallpaper a year ago will have time to get fed up. In addition, such images can have a stimulating effect on the still not fully strengthened psyche of the child, and for this reason it is better to choose a neutral coating.

Zoning of premises is one of the main factors that should be taken into account.Carefully thought-out design should be designed with the child in the garden half of the time. Because of this, the play area should be highlighted with wallpaper, as well as a room for sports activities, a sleeping area, and a plain and patterned finish will help in this.

For this reason, the best solution would be to combine single-color canvases with those that have a variety of patterns, as well as panels and photo wallpapers.

If you plan to use photo wallpaper, it is important to remember that you will have to deal with fit. In this case, part of the budget will go to the wind in order to cut it around the edges or stick the canvases in different places and fill the empty areas with plain wallpaper. To make everything perfect, you can make custom wallpaper. It is also worth considering how the furniture will be located in the room.

If the wall, on which there will be a large plot, is half covered with furniture, the idea will be devoid of any sense, and the wall will lose its beauty.

Another interesting option for choosing wallpaper for kindergarten is wallpaper-applications, which are separate pieces of a three-dimensional type of mosaic, and which comes complete with a diagram, glue and brushes. Then the children will be able to participate in the gluing process.

Selection of wallpaper taking into account the age of children

Yes, you should select wallpaper based on the age of the child. Do not assume that it will be enough to glue the wallpaper once and for all, as it will have to be changed as the baby grows up.

In addition, one should take into account the fact that children often paint on the wallpaper or start to tear them off piece by piece.

Let's consider the features of the choice by age:

  • For newborns, it will be wise to use soft pastel colors, because bright flashy shades can have a negative effect on the child's psyche. At the same time, we do not recommend choosing wallpapers with cartoon characters, as this may even scare children.
  • In a group where there will be children from 1 to 2 years old who begin to actively learn about mi Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video p and want to see everything bright , psychologists suggest using canvases with colorful drawings. But still, you should not overload the room with bright shades and in some places stick canvases of calm shades, especially in the sleeping area.

  • For children aged 2 to 4 years, a wallpaper with children's taste preferences is perfect. Usually this is material with cartoon characters, but most of the space should be decorated in a single shade, and preferably pastel, and this will make it possible to easily place the child's drawings on them in frames. Kindergarten wallpapers can be almost anything, but it is important that the size of the characters is not larger than the children themselves.
  • Age from 4 to 6 years old, when children are even more active, it is better not to suppress the creative abilities of children, but on the contrary, to promote development. This will become available if you decorate the top of the rooms with decorative materials, and the lower part with plain and inexpensive paper wallpaper, so that children are allowed to paint with impunity.

    As for the shade, psychologists recommend choosing rainbow tones, and abandoning dark and bright shades, which will be suppressed.

When everything is clear with age preferences, it is worth considering how to decorate rooms for boys and girls separately, since in some gardens children sleep in separate rooms (boys with boys, girls with girls).

Kindergarten room decoration

Wallpaper for boys room

Main criterion is the temperament of children. If children are calm, slow and phlegmatic, it is better to choose gentle and calm warm shades. In order to stir up passive children, it is permissible to use canvases of bright colors.

For hyperactive children, it is better to use everything in cold (but not gloomy) colors. To keep the room warm, cozy, use apricot or peach shades.

So, the optimal list of colors for decorating a boys' bedroom:

  • Green.
  • Purple.
  • Blue.

  • Light blue.
  • Brown.
  • Yellow.

By the way, the use of blue wallpaper will help in creating a nautical theme, and the combination of beige and green is relevant for those parents who want to create a jungle atmosphere.

What should be the drawings for a boy's room

Most manufacturers create canvases depicting cartoon birds, characters and animals.

Almost all parents try to buy something that kind of colorful, and often forget to ask the children themselves what they want. It should be remembered that if one boy is delighted with the colorful paintings with cartoon characters, then the other will want a monochromatic calm color.

In this case, when there are children of different types in the group, it will be optimal to use single drawings or a plot image, and it's easy to beat it all, it is enough to emphasize the animals that are on the wallpaper, add the room with appropriate furniture. The same should be done with the image of heroes of fairy tales or animals.

Avoid the following:

  • Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video Abstractions that are unacceptable for child, since they are created for the strengthened psyche of already adults.

  • Clear patterns that are repeated on the walls, because they will simply tire. The best option in this case would be to decorate one wall with wallpaper with a pattern on it, and the rest of the walls are decorated in a monochromatic palette.

Also, wallpapers for kindergarten are often selected even with a plot.

Thematic plots for decoration

There are several options:

  • Nature really like boys, and wallpapers with the image of the sun, sea, lake or beach are perfect for a boys room.
  • Pirates and the nautical theme, as well as a boat, a submarine, a parrot, and other things will please all little adventurers.

  • Historical characters ( cowboys, knights, tribe of Indians) will appeal to little historians who dream of winning the hearts of charming ladies with their valiant deeds.
  • Technique - the nature of boys is such that they will always turn around after beautiful cars, planes, trains and will dream of spaceships.
  • Sports - an additional direction that will appeal to mischievous and lively fidgets, as well as those boys who want to become athletes.

When everything became clear with the boys, it is worth talking about the design of the girls' room.

Wallpaper for girls' room

With the rooms where young ladies will spend their time, things are a little different.

From the moment a little woman is born, the room should be special. This is due to the fact that from early childhood girls are brought up as housewives in the future, so the shade for the girls' bedroom in the kindergarten should emphasize the cozy atmosphere.

Wallpaper color

The choice of a type of design for a girls' children's room will be of great importance and affect the child, as well as his well-being, so the color is put on one level of importance along with environmental friendliness. This is explained by the fact that when looking at the monotonous walls, the child simply has nothing to focus on. The opposite situation occurs if the room is decorated and completely with different drawings, because then the child will learn to distinguish colors and shapes, will begin to train attentiveness and memory.

But this does not mean at all that wallpaper for the kindergarten is required in the girls' room with catchy drawings. As with decorating a boys' room, it is important to adhere to the basic rules that are relevant for a little princess room. In this regard, professionals advise using beige, pink, apricot and peach wallpaper for the girls' room. Several other shades can be used, such as turquoise, orange, and muted green.

Wallpaper for kindergarten: Which one to choose? Review + Video It is also allowed to give preference to combinations of several shades and colors, but on condition that they are similar to each other.

In addition, they should be slightly subdued in order to obtain an improved stylistic perception of the room. You should also give up dark shades that will depress the child's psyche.

Please note, that if you are planning to decorate the walls with such accessories as watches, photos of pupils or other cute things, you should select plain wallpaper (or color combinations) that will become a great backdrop for accessories hanging on the wall.

Design depending on age

So, you should decorate a room by age, adhering to the following rules:

  • For very tiny babies, pastel colors are perfect, you can also plain wallpaper, which in the future can be decorated with vinyl stickers and pictures.
  • For girls between the ages of 3 and 7, use bright colors and wallpaper with your favorite animals or characters.

    Dense with educational drawings, namely numbers, alphabet, country names and other things, are perfect.

Finally, we propose to consider thematic plots.

Thematic plots for decoration

Naturally, among girls there are very active natures who cannot live without planes, sports, cars, technology, but usually this manifests itself already at a more conscious age, moreover, many are romantic natures.

In kindergarten, they will like the following solutions:

  • Princess room, which will be made in light pink color and with beautiful castles, hearts and images of characters from fairy tales.
  • Fairy room, and for it you can use a photo wallpaper with a picture of fairies on one wall, and green, light green wallpaper, as well as with butterflies and animals on the rest.

Please note, that if the bedroom for the children in the group is common for both boys and girls, it will be appropriate to adhere to other rules, namely to bet on a combination of wallpapers different topics and at the same time do not dwell on any one direction. When choosing neutral shades, you should divide the room into zones, and allocate to each floor its own part of the room.

We hope this article helped you decide on the choice of wallpaper for kindergarten.