Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen - which ones to choose

Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen - which ones to choose Wallpaper for painting in the interior of the kitchen + photo

Is it possible to use wallpaper for painting in the kitchen? It is wallpaper that is a classic material that is suitable for all types of living quarters. The kitchen space is no exception to the general rules; wallpaper canvases for paintwork will also be very appropriate in it.

The increased level of demand for such finishing materials can be easily explained by their long service life, affordability in terms of cost, and the possibility of multiple painting.

General information

Good advice! Wallpaper for the kitchen for reusable coloring is the best option for those who love to do cosmetic repairs in their own apartment from time to time.

Paintable wallpaper options.

What kind of wallpaper canvases would be appropriate in the kitchen? How to make the right choice? We suggest you try to find all the answers to such questions. Interior professionals strongly advise beginners to familiarize themselves with the types of paintable wallpaper that manufacturers offer in the modern construction market. You can buy paper, non-woven wallpaper, which are great for coloring.

Please note that wallpaper for applying paint and varnish material must have increased resistance to moisture, as well as have excellent relief. To paint such materials, you only need to buy a special paint and varnish material, which is recommended by wallpaper manufacturers.


Features of finishing materials

Wallpaper for the kitchen room for painting is mainly offered manufacturer of finishing materials in their original, unpainted form. If desired, buyers can choose the color scheme so that the kitchen walls match the overall style of the house or city apartment.

Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen - which ones to choose Paper materials for coloring have become the best option for decorating walls in the kitchen. Through them, you can cope with small flaws that are on the wall surfaces. Interesting recommendations, options for using wallpaper for coloring can be found in the video clip.

Wallpaper based on paper, which are intended for painting, have a two-layer structure. Their manufacturing technology involves the use of specialized impregnation, due to which they will receive excellent moisture resistance.

Good advice! Professionals recommend using moisture-resistant paper wallpaper not only for decorating wall surfaces, but also for decorating the ceiling surface.

Non-woven wallpaper is also used for wall decoration in the kitchen. They are suitable for dining rooms where there are large cracks or flaws on the wall surfaces.

Due to the dense structure of non-woven materials, they can hide all flaws from prying eyes.

Such materials are not resistant to mechanical deformation. Bumps, scuffs and scratches will remain on them. Interior specialists consider a characteristic feature of such materials to be a beautiful relief-type surface, and even a long service life. In order to protect wall surfaces that are pasted over with non-woven materials from mechanical deformations, it is important to cover them with a specialized paint and varnish material.

Modern types of finishes

Glass fiber can be considered the third type of finishing material used to decorate kitchen walls. They have a rather complex structure, since quartz sand, dolomite, lime, soda are used in their manufacture, which is applied to a paper base. By means of glass wallpaper, you can mask various flaws that are found on the walls of the kitchen.

Among the main advantages of modern fiberglass wallpaper should be noted their long service life, while the walls will retain their original beautiful appearance, will not fade under the influence of direct sunlight. Structural wallpapers, which are specially designed for further coloring, help to create an individual style in the kitchen.

Professionals strongly recommend such materials for decorating not just dining areas, but also for decorating living rooms and hallways.

Useful tips

For kitchen design, paintable wallpaper is the best option. The fact is that the kitchen area is exactly the place that has some peculiarities.

There will always be an increased humidity and temperature when cooking. It is for this reason that it is so important to carefully approach the choice of decorative types of materials that are used for wall decoration.

The specificity of such rooms involves constant cleaning (wet), which involve the use of abrasive cleaning agents. Not all types of modern wallpaper can withstand such care, and therefore interior experts recommend that owners of city apartments opt for fiberglass.

Wallpaper for painting in the kitchen - which ones to choose Wallpaper for painting can be considered the best option for decorating the ceiling surface and walls in the kitchen. They help the owners of square meters to bring a riot of colors into the kitchen space, refresh the image, and also give the room sophistication and individuality.

Ceramic tiles, natural stone and plastic are of interest as the main finishing materials used for pasting walls in the kitchen.

They do not lose their original aesthetic parameters when interacting with soot, soot, steam, they are easy to clean with all detergents.

Obviously, both are an excellent ecological material that has been used to decorate wall surfaces for many years. Among the main advantages of wallpaper is economy.Paper materials are quite affordable and help transform the kitchen space and give it individuality.

Among the more expensive materials that are used for pasting wall surfaces, we can single out textile, vinyl and even non-woven materials.

The speed of work, small physical costs for finishing work, long service life of finished coatings helped make this type of wallpaper the most popular among ordinary owners of suburban and urban real estate.

Combination of materials. One of the fashionable trends in interior design is the combination of several types of materials for decoration in one room. For example, the work area, as well as the wall near the sink, is mainly finished with ceramic tiles.

This decorative material can be easily cleaned by withstanding the use of abrasive detergents.

They try to decorate the area that is allocated for eating with vinyl or non-woven washable materials. In addition, among the unusual interiors and techniques, it is worth highlighting the patchwork technique. It makes it possible to highlight one of the walls in the dining room, to create an original and colorful panel on it from fragments of several types of wallpaper.


The main rule that must be observed when starting painting the walls in the kitchen is associated with a competent choice of paint and varnish material. In the role of such paints, you can consider water-dispersion, latex, water-based.

Do not forget that after the paint material dries, everything will darken by several tones. Painting wallpaper in the kitchen is a great idea for decorating a room. The walls in the kitchen, which are intended for painting, do not need additional primer, putty, after the wallpaper dries, you can immediately apply the selected paint color to the surface.