Warm Finnish Entrance Doors Fenestra and Jeld Wen: Reviews + Video

Warm Finnish Entrance Doors Fenestra and Jeld Wen: Reviews + Video Finnish entrance doors Fenestra and Jeld Wen - choosing the best. Finnish-made entrance doors are quite popular on the European door constructions market.

Such models are popular due to the fact that they have excellent performance, long service life and incredibly beautiful appearance.

General information


Warm Finnish entrance doors are recognizable and quite in demand due to the following factors:

  • Durability and reliability of products. This is due to the use of high quality materials, as well as some design features.

    The frame of the door leaf consists of an aluminum sheet and a multi-layer bar, which makes the structure quite rigid and does not undergo deformation. All structures weigh from 25 to 30 kg, which helps to reduce the load on the door frame, load-bearing walls, hinges, and also significantly extends the service life.

  • Warm Finnish Entrance Doors Fenestra and Jeld Wen: Reviews + Video Excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation properties have become a distinctive feature of Finnish doors. This is due to the fact that the door has several layers of CFC-free polystyrene foam, and sealing contours are also used, which have increased resistance to temperature extremes and high levels of humidity. It is noteworthy that the sealing gum does not dry out and does not begin to crack due to aggressive environmental influences, which helps to maintain the insulating properties of the product throughout the entire service life.

  • Complete environmental safety and hygienic products, which can be achieved by using only natural materials, namely pine, oak and walnut. When painting surfaces, only formulations that are harmless to the human body are used, which also have high chemical resistance to moisture and household chemicals. When caring for the products, we do not recommend using alkaline or abrasive cleaning agents. All dents and chips can be easily removed with alkyd enamel.
  • High quality of the door (resistance to burglary) is achieved through the use of anti-removable hinges and locks, which have a high level of security.

  • Fire resistance of each door model corresponds to the safety class EI60, and this guarantees the preservation of the insulation of the product and the integrity of the door leaf even in case of open contact with fire for an hour.
  • A large assortment of doors with various textures, designs and shades makes it possible to choose the ideal door in all respects for any interior. There are no hallways in the layouts of houses and apartments in Northern Europe, so the inner surface of the door leaf must necessarily ideally match the color of the apartment's finish, as well as the color of the walls, furniture and even interior doors.Along with painted aluminum surfaces, the design of the canvases is also presented with milled and bas-relief overlays with drawings of any complexity and even depth.

Technical features of door structures

Finnish warm wooden entrance doors, unlike their iron counterparts, have a structure similar to a sandwich.

They consist of a sheet of aluminum, which is covered with paint, and a frame, which is weather-resistant and made of laminated plywood. In addition, for the manufacture of doors, an extruded filler is used, which has a high density, 200 kg per 1 m 3 . Layers of LVL timber are always directed in different directions. This helps to give the frame additional rigidity and strength. The inner side of the door leaf is made of MDF sheet, which can be milled or veneered.

Only moisture resistant paint is used to cover the door.

The external aluminum sheet has a special anti-corrosion coating, and this in turn allows the use of Finnish doors in country houses and cottages. The thresholds for the door are made only of hardwood and have a cross section of 11.5 * 4.2 cm, and on top everything is covered with an aluminum plate.

There are two locks in the products:

  • Multihela-4565, which has high protective properties, excellent resistance to burglary and adjustable locking density.
  • Аblou LC-100, which makes it possible to open the door with only one hand, which is very convenient if you decide to buy groceries before returning home.

Additional protection against burglary was also thought out, namely anti-removable crossbars, which help to securely fix the door leaves in the box, even if someone thinks of cutting down the hinges. Anti-squeeze pins, which are installed on all models of entrance doors, do not allow bending the corner or even squeezing the door. When creating Finnish doors, thermal break technology is used, and the principle of operation is to use several layers of insulation at once.

Due to this, several air layers are obtained, and the temperature gradually decreases in each of them.

Please note, that this particular technology helps to exclude fogging of doors from the side of an apartment / house with a large temperature difference inside and outside, and also does not give a chance of condensation formation.

The use of this technology also helps to prevent heat losses throughout the entire area of ​​the door leaf, and blowing and drafts around the perimeter are reliably prevented by installing sealing rubber bands. The wooden threshold helps ensure the lower thermal break - this is also a slight difference between Finnish doors and all-metal structures.

Interestingly, that along with the deaf version, partially glazing of the surface has become quite popular.

The insulating glass unit consists of two chambers, which are filled with argon, which provides a reliable level of protection from the cold.

Warm Finnish Entrance Doors Fenestra and Jeld Wen: Reviews + Video For example, the Finnish warm entrance doors "Arctic" are made taking into account all the requirements that are used for models doors of northern design and they represent a fairly strong, durable and durable structural door leaf. When used in the south, such a product will help to reliably protect housing from heat, and create a comfortable indoor microclimate. Finnish entrance doors are slightly thicker than standard models, as they have an additional layer of insulation. This is another individual design feature.

All models of Finnish-made doors are produced in sizes that are multiples of 10 cm in width and 1 cm in height. Typical dimensions are 0.9 * 2.1 meters or 1 * 2.1 meters.

According to the number of canvases, the doors are divided into two-leaf, one-and-a-half and single-leaf. Interestingly, one and a half are made with a width of 1.2 meters, and the working sash is only 0.9 meters. Such doors are often decorated with forging and are even installed together with driveways.

Important! In our harsh climate conditions, such non-freezing structures will help keep the heat inside the room and will not allow outsiders to enter it.

Double-leaf models are ideal for installation in wide openings, or that have non-standard dimensions, which are typical for public institutions, namely, concert halls, schools, theaters and libraries. Double doors are an additional type of Finnish door design. They are made using hardwoods, which come in a double or one and a half section and have doubled protective and thermal insulation qualities. In many models, the outer part is decorated with beautiful forged loops and patterns, which helps to make the products not only reliable and durable, but also gives chic.

In addition to glass, wood and aluminum, warm Finnish entrance doors are also made of metal-plastic. Despite the fact that the canvas seems light and lightweight, such graceful designs have high protective qualities. They produce many types of models and at different prices. Products made of metal-plastic do not require special care and have a long service life. Models made entirely of metal, for example, Fenestra, are also in great demand and are used for installation in garages and technical rooms.

Characteristics of wooden interior doors

Wooden models are used most often as interior structures in public and residential premises. They are also made from high quality materials that have all the necessary certificates of conformity. Each canvas must have a brand name and a stamp from the manufacturer, which is a guarantee of high quality and protection against counterfeiting.On top of the door leaf, a varnish composition is necessarily applied, which helps to protect the surface from moisture, temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet rays. The structures are lightweight, easy to install and much less expensive than Italian-made doors.

In wooden doors, fittings are presented as carved ornate handles, or classic strict handles and hinges. The design of the canvases is simple and laconic, the colors are mostly cold. There are also white models, and they can be installed both in the apartment and in the office. Doors are made of wood with fire-fighting properties. So, they will be able to provide reliable protection from fire and smoke, and outwardly such doors will not differ in any way from standard designs.

This makes it possible to choose a beautiful door for any interior. According to the design of the leaf, the doors can be glazed, blind and paneled. The latter type of models is the most expensive and is made exclusively from walnut and oak. The service life of such products can last up to 100 years.

The best models of entrance doors

Among the Finnish entrance doors, the Fenestra brand is well known, which is on the market in such collections:

  1. Classic - all models of this line are restrained, strict and classic, and they will look harmonious not only in old houses, but also in newfangled buildings.

    Products with a thermal break are made using the "warm doors" technology and meet all the requirements for this category of goods.

  2. Modern - special, frost-resistant doors with a modern design, which are quite practical and have an impeccable style. They look unusual and help to add variety to the interior. When creating these door models, a thermal break technique is used, which helps to make the products of this series of high qualities in thermal insulation and an increased level of safety.
  3. Unique - this series is represented by extremely unique, exclusive and charismatic options, which are made in a wide range of colors and various designs.

    Door leaves from this series will help to reliably protect your home from freezing, show you what delicate taste and great wealth you have, and also decorate the interior. The models have high heat-saving properties and can withstand temperatures down to -60 degrees.

Among the doors for installation between rooms, the most popular are Jeld wen. Products from this company have all the necessary certificates of the international level, which confirm the environmental safety of raw materials, high quality indicators and guarantee a long service life. Along with the traditional patterns for placement between rooms, the release of unique design options has been established, which has a large number of styles and colors.

Interestingly, the most requested doors are smooth and white.Doors from the Jeld wen company are often used in offices, hotels, homes, as well as in educational and medical institutions.

Reviews of Finnish warm doors

Outdoor and interior Finnish doors are in great demand in Russia and the CIS countries on the door structures market. Given that most of the country is in a cold climate zone, such models are in demand. Users note high thermal insulation properties and aesthetic appearance.

Also, many pay attention to a long service life and a high level of protection. Among the shortcomings, they note the high cost for certain models and the lack of sales of spare accessories, which is why you only have to order it from the manufacturer.