Warm plinth-budget heating system with your own hands, suitable for every home: Instruction + Video

Warm plinth-budget heating system with your own hands, suitable for every home: Instruction + Video Warm baseboard-budget heating system with your own hands. One of the main factors for a comfortable stay in the house is the indoor temperature. There are many types of heating systems. One of them is a warm skirting board, a relatively new type of heating.

It's good because you can make it yourself.

With a wide range offered by manufacturers, the prices for the structure itself, its installation, can bite.

Therefore, the budget option - "warm plinth with your own hands" is more preferable.

General information

Compactness design does not reduce its efficiency.The design and installation time is the same as when installing standard radiators. Masking the heating parts with an aluminum profile, such a plinth does not spoil the interior of the apartment.

It has low sides and evenly distributes the heat that goes along the floor and walls of the room .

There are two types of skirting boards, which differ in the type of heat carrier ( water, electricity) and, accordingly, structural elements and connection.

Overview of warm skirting boards

Electric warm skirting board

An insulating tape is glued from the beginning along the level of the lower strip, then metal brackets, on which a heating module made of copper pipes connected with brass fins in a heat exchanger. The front panel can be of any color.The factory heat exchanger consists of plates.

are the most expensive construction material. If you replace the plates with pipes, you can save a lot.

Warm plinth-budget heating system with your own hands, suitable for every home: Instruction + Video The construction of the factory skirting board consists of a large number of elements. This is a heat exchanger, elbow, plugs, profiles and much more. To make a warm skirting board with your own hands, you need a set of self-regulating heating cable EHL30-2CR RST.

It can change resistance depending on temperature changes. Working temperature from -40 to +65, maximum +85 degrees. Power is 35 W per linear meter at zero degrees.

The footage must be taken with a margin. A set of heat shrinkable tubes for connecting a cable and a plug.

Corrugated stainless steel pipe. Its thermal conductivity is less than that of copper, but better than plastic. Guiding ceiling profiles plus self-tapping screws, mounting tape and brackets.

Help! Insulation can be used NPE-LF type C with a surface thermal reflection coefficient of 97% with water absorption in 24 hours 0.94% moisture.

5 mm thick.

Preparing the heating cable. We weld the end with special heat-shrink tubes. We connect to the mains and check. Disconnect and carefully put on the corrugated tube.

After half an hour, we look at the heat transfer. If everything is in order, we start installing the skirting board indoors.

We lay a pre-prepared cable in the corrugation around the entire perimeter of the room, once again we look at the dimensions, if necessary, we modify it.On the wall where we install the structure, we glue the insulating tape. Insulation pre-cut into strips 6-8 cm wide.

We mount the ceiling aluminum profile from the corner, securing it with self-tapping screws.

Next, we lay a corrugated tube with a cable into it and fix it with brackets. This version of a warm plinth is suitable for heating a garage, veranda. For premises in a residential building, a top panel must be provided. It can be of any color you like without spoiling the design.

Help! When using a self-regulating cable, you can not use sensors and heat regulators.

The entire project will cost within 500-600 rubles per one running meter. If you buy a heating cable of lower power, then the price will be significantly reduced. You can also use a metal sleeve.

Hot water skirting board

The technology of operation and manufacturing of a warm water or liquid skirting board is simple in execution.

The heating element here is water or a special liquid. And the boiler is the heater. The system is cyclical, that is, water is supplied to the radiators and returned back for reheating. The boiler is supplied with a thermostat.

Help! Any type of boiler is suitable for this type of heating.

Gas, electric and even coal / wood fired.

The simplest and cheapest solution for a hot water baseboard is to take a galvanized plumbing pipe 15mm in diameter. With a weld seam using the "point" method, grab a sheet of iron, bending it in advance along the required radius and weld the perimeter with a continuous seam.

Warm plinth-budget heating system with your own hands, suitable for every home: Instruction + Video Top Or, along the plinth, put 4-6 pieces of half-inch stainless corrugated pipes using the same technology. This will help to remove excess moisture.

It will prevent mold and mildew from forming in the corners and on the walls. is the purchase of a copper roof strip and pipes of a suitable diameter. The strip is cut into pieces of the required size. We connect with a gas burner. We form a continuous line and mount with clips on the insulation to the wall.

We fill the entire system with liquid material, having previously connected to the collectors and the boiler.

Copper plinth, if desired, can be painted, but it will look noble with a natural color. This method can be used in residential premises.

Attention! For any construction, electrical, gas electric welding full-time character, it is advisable to contact specialists.


Heating system Warm skirting board is very suitable for buildings with poorly insulated walls, in log houses, for example.

The heat from the skirting board will warm up the vertical surfaces well, going up. The comfortable temperature also extends to the floor. There is no feeling of draft on the legs.

Efficient and cost effective use of the system allows you to pay less on energy bills. The care is simple.

It is easy to repair and replace elements, so this type of heating is durable. You can adjust the room temperature level by simply pressing the toggle switch.

In general, a large number of components for the manufacture of a structure can be calculated on our own. It is necessary to take into account the size of the rooms, the cost of collectors, pipes made of the desired material, cable, and calculate the heat loss. Consider all elements at the design stage.

If you want to study professional literature, you can do everything with your own hands efficiently and cheaply.


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