Water-based acrylic parquet varnish - application features

Water-based acrylic parquet varnish - application features Acrylic parquet varnish - varieties and characteristics of the means

At the moment it is impossible to imagine the implementation of finishing and construction work without the use of varnish. It is it that improves the appearance of the materials to be coated, and also performs protective functions.

Manufacturing companies are constantly working to create new and high quality products, and their range is constantly expanding.

Among products of various composition and characteristics, acrylic parquet varnish (it is also called polyacrylic), because it has many excellent qualities, and is also easy to use, was perfectly able to recommend itself.

General information


Such a varnish composition appeared and also became widespread in the second half of the 20th century .

.. The growth in popularity was able to contribute to performance, as well as safety. The varnish is a liquid with a uniform consistency, which is fully ready for use. It can be colorless or whitish-milky.

The base for the varnish composition can also be acrylic resins, which are dissolved in water. In such a dispersion solution, substances are added that help to impart special properties to the product. These are stabilizers in order to maintain structure, plasticizers that are required for an excellent level of elasticity and plasticity, and they also help to obtain a smooth and even surface.

The composition of the varnish, depending on the field of application and direct purpose, may vary slightly:

Please note that since the varnish is water-based, dilute it with plain water.

After application, it can evaporate quickly, and as this process occurs, the varnish hardens. The resulting film completely loses its ability to be dissolved in water, and it is almost impossible to wash it off.


The list of excellent properties of the varnish composition is quite wide:

  1. It can be applied to almost all degreased surfaces ...

  2. It dries extremely quickly, but it will take about a week to form a fully cured film with great strength.
  3. Perfectly tolerates ultraviolet radiation, does not change colors and does not receive yellowness, preserving the color palette of the treated surface.Even exposure to direct rays of the sun will not cause its destruction.
  4. The use of colorless varnish will make it possible to preserve the original color of the product, its brightness and saturation for a long time.
  5. Resistant to temperature changes.

  6. Provides matt or gloss as required.
  7. There is a large assortment, and any specialty stores provide a wide selection.
  8. Thanks to the water-based base, the varnish will penetrate into wooden surfaces, protecting them from decay, mold, pests and mildew, giving an additional degree of strength.
  9. Provides water-repellent properties.
  10. Does not ignite.

  11. Protects against damage and mechanical stress.
  12. To obtain the desired tone on the product, any water-soluble paints can be added to the colorless composition.
  13. Has a high level of adhesion to surfaces, due to which the surface film will become especially durable.
  14. Chemically inactive and unaffected by negative media.
  15. There is no strong aroma.

  16. Environmentally friendly, because it is made from harmless elements - it does not yet release into the environment substances that poison the human body, and therefore can be used to decorate rooms where children often visit.
  17. Easy to use.
  18. Behind the surface, which is covered with acrylic lacquer, and also ease of maintenance - it perfectly tolerates household detergents.
  19. Suitable for various types of work.
  20. Will not abrade.

  21. Possesses high qualities of the decorative type, which help to show the woody texture.
  22. Economically applicable.

Please note that despite the many positive characteristics, you should still take into account certain nuances. Since the base of the varnish is water-based, and during storage it is impossible to allow negative temperatures, the water will begin to freeze and the varnish will lose its excellent properties.

Water-based acrylic parquet lacquer helps to create a durable finish, the following conditions should be adhered to during application:

  • Ambient temperature should be above +5 degrees and should not be more than +30 degrees.

  • The temperature of the varnish composition itself should not be less than +15 degrees.
  • Before use, the composition should be well stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained, because during storage there is a possibility of sediment formation from the varnish components.
  • There must be no drafts during the procedure.
  • The surface of the treatment must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Very low ambient temperatures will increase the drying time of the varnish.

  • In very dry air, drying will occur very quickly to result in surface imperfections and will cause the wood fibers to swell, requiring additional sanding and surface treatment.

Interestingly, acrylic varnishes last long enough.



Depending on the composition, it helps to distinguish between one-component and two-component lacquer products:

  1. In one-component versions, the binder type will only be acrylic, to which plasticizers, stabilizers, and antiseptics are added. One-component products are quite simple, durable, and form a transparent layer that effectively protects wood from burnout, deterioration and mechanical damage. But a constant humid environment greatly reduces the service life, and also makes the varnish composition less durable.

    For this reason, one-component compounds are more often used in arts and crafts than for flooring and other surfaces that are exposed to heavy loads.

  2. Two-component formulations have an additional binder called polyurethane. Its addition to acrylic parquet lacquer increases the strength and elasticity of the coating, as well as resistance to mechanical stress, which makes it suitable for flooring in public places with a large number of visitors.

Depending on the decorative effect obtained, the varnish is glossy, matte and semi-matte?

  • Semi-matte will give the surface smoothness without shine. After hardening, it will have a silky texture, defects and irregularities on the surface will become less noticeable.

  • A product that has been treated with a glossy varnish gets a bright shine. The use of glossy type compositions requires an almost ideal surface, because all its disadvantages will appear. Parquet is often treated with glossy varnish to obtain a "mirror effect". Parquet lacquer is inferior to matt in terms of durability.
  • A semi-matt varnish will combine the advantages and disadvantages of a glossy and matte look.

    It emphasizes the texture of the product, and also gives it shimmer and subtle shine, and can also show surface imperfections.

Now a little about the use.

Where used

Water-based acrylic parquet varnish - application features Due to these characteristics, water-based varnishes are widely used in construction and finishing works. They can be designed for different conditions, and therefore you should carefully read the instructions for use. Acrylic products are used for repair work, decoration and construction of residential apartments, houses, garages, outbuildings, as well as hotel complexes, catering establishments, any public institutions and educational institutions.

Most often, water-based formulations are used for wood surfaces in interior decoration. They can be used to cover pieces of furniture, window frames, railings and stairs. A common area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is arts and crafts.Parquet types of varnishes are no less often used, and manufacturers offer a very wide selection of them.

Please note that there are compounds that are intended for outdoor use.

They can be used to process wood facades. For application, use an aerosol or brush.

Since lacquer products for interior work begin to harden quickly, professionals do not advise using brushes - they can leave streaks. In larger rooms, you can use a spray. With its use, the composition will be applied simply, evenly and quickly.

In small rooms, it is better to use rollers - the spray can stain the rest of the surfaces, and it will be difficult to clean them afterwards. Small rollers are available for hard-to-reach places. Professionals also advise priming before coating with varnish. The primer will level the surface, the consumption of varnish will decrease, and the durability of the coating will increase. The primer, as well as the varnish, must be water-based.

Applying a primer on other substrates will lead to bubbles, cloudiness and other troubles. It is also important to remember that carelessness in preparing surfaces for varnishing is not allowed, because under it they will become very noticeable, and all the work will need to be redone.

For a high-quality coating, it is important that further subsequent layers are applied to the previous layer, which is perfectly dry. Acrylic varnish can be used not only for woodworking, and it is often used on tiles, for treating walls made of stones or concrete. By means of it, the resistance to wear of paper wallpaper is sometimes increased, and even applied to painted wall surfaces.

some compounds are suitable for metal surfaces, and they will play the role of anti-corrosion protection.

Manufacturing companies

Matt acrylic parquet varnish in the modern market is in large quantities, because it is produced by many companies:

  1. The products from the Finnish trademark "Tikkurila" could perfectly recommend themselves. The company produces several product lines that are designed for various types of work. They are characterized by high protective, decorative, leveling and antiseptic properties. "Tikkurila" make both glossy and matte varnish compositions for indoor and outdoor use, and they are also resistant to various types of damage.

    "Tikkurila" makes both glossy and matt varnish products for indoor and outdoor use, as well as resistant to various types of damage. The tool is famous for the excellent quality of its goods, but such products are not cheap.

  2. Acrylic products from the Lakra company are popular in the domestic market. They are the largest distributor of paints and varnishes in Russia. The group has connections with a large number of European manufacturers and offers a line of products with high consumer properties.

All products that are offered here are suitable for different types of work. All of them have a quality certificate, compare favorably in terms of ecological type indicators and therefore are ideal for finishing premises where the requirements for the final coating are extremely high. Products are known not only for their simplicity and ease of use, but they also provide a beautiful appearance to products, increase wear resistance, do not allow moisture to pass through, and thus perfectly protect + increase strength. The products meet the requirements of even very discerning buyers and at the same time have a very affordable cost.

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