Water Leakage Protection Systems: Overview and Tips + Video

Water Leakage Protection Systems: Overview and Tips + Video Protection against water leaks in the apartment - overview, proposals of manufacturers. Few of the apartment owners did not have time to know what misfortunes can be caused by flooding an apartment due to the fact that they forgot to turn off the tap in the bathroom or kitchen, as well as water leaks in the water and heat supply system. Floods in an apartment can lead to colossal financial losses and unpleasant proceedings with neighbors who live on the floor below. The walls of the apartment, flooded with water, can cause damage to hidden electrical wiring, as well as electric shock.

Fortunately, there are water leakage protection systems developed and marketed to help avoid these problems.

Next, we will consider how such protection works, and you will also find a useful overview and comparison of systems with each other, but only those that are the most popular.

Principle of operation and applied elements

The complete set of the protective system consists of the following elements:

  1. Block management.
  2. Taps for automatic shut-off of the water supply in the water supply system and the heating circuit.
  3. Leakage sensors.

In fact, it is not so difficult to understand the principle of the defense.

The sensors are placed in places where leaks are more likely to occur, usually under sinks and bathtubs, washing machines and water-type heating appliances. The location is shown in the diagram below. Upon contact with water, they remove the signal and send it to the control module (i.e. controller), which acts as a dispatcher.

The controller, after receiving a signal about the presence of water in the area under control, gives a command to the electric drive of the ball valve or to the solenoid valve of the quick lock, which in a matter of seconds shut off the water in the water supply or heating system.

Overview of modern systems against flooding

The possibility of equipping an apartment with a protective system against flooding is not a future perspective, but a real step that can be taken now towards the introduction of high technologies from the "smart home" system into your house / apartment. At the moment, there are 5 leading positions of the complexes that do an excellent job of protecting the apartment from leaks. Such systems as Aquastop, Aquastorozh, Neptune, Gidrolak and Stop-Flood "Raduga" are in deserved demand.

Most often, ordinary people find themselves in a difficult situation when choosing a system and simply do not know which one is best suited to ensure the safety of an apartment from leaks and prevent a flood.

We performed a performance and technical analysis to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the systems, on the basis of which we can select the required protection device.


Water Leakage Protection Systems: Overview and Tips + Video This product is developed in Russia, and appeared first on the Russian market back in 2000. This brand, according to one of the Moscow publications, is the most popular water leakage control system. The assortment includes solutions for every taste, color and wallet - and affordable kits, which cost less than 10,000 rubles, and ultramodern ones, which are equipped with a remote control from a smartphone. Protection against water leaks in a Neptune apartment can be installed not only on water supply pipes, but even on heating and a water towel dryer, which also pose a risk of water leaks.

The product line also includes ready-made kits for installation in a house or apartment, and you can also purchase individual components, which will give you the opportunity to assemble a complete set specifically for your requirements. Moreover, leakage sensors work not only on wires, but even over a radio channel, and this makes it possible to install protection at facilities where repairs have been completed and there is nowhere to hide the wires. The warranty period for the Neptune leakage control system is up to 6 years for all elements in the system.

In addition, I will note the fact that the protection against water leaks Neptune has for many years been equipped with ball valves, known all over the world (Bugatti), which are made in Italy. The peculiarity of such taps lies in the fact that, in addition to a strong brand in the world of plumbing, the power of the electric motor, sealing materials, it is also concluded that the electric drive has an emergency manual control (lever), which means that the crane can be closed and opened even then, when there is no electricity in the house.

Among the company's product range, the popular models are Aquacontrol, Bugatti Vase, Bugatti ProW +, Bugatti ProW and Bugatti ProW + WiFi.

In order to choose a suitable set for your home, you should take into account three main points at once:

  1. Is the repair completed at the facility? If you are just starting a repair, you can choose any system, because all control modules can support wired sensors. When renovating premises, they are usually used, because they are much cheaper than wireless sensors and you do not need to replace the batteries from time to time. If the repair is over and there is nowhere to hide the wires, then only those systems that are equipped with radio sensors - Bugatti ProW and Bugatti ProW + WiFi are suitable.
  2. Diameter of heating water pipes or towel dryer.

    Complete systems are completed with ball valves with the required diameter. For example, the most popular size of faucets in an apartment is 0.5 inches. This point should definitely be clarified at the facility or with the master.

  3. The budget allocated for the purchase of a water control system.

    The final set of options that the consumer will receive will depend on what your budget is.

Neptune Aquacontrol is the most affordable leakage protection system, because its cost is less than 10,000 rubles for a complete set for an apartment (two taps, two sensors and one control module). Such a kit also has a Base module, which is very reliable and simple, blocks the water in case of a leak and makes an automatic turn of the taps once a month so that they do not oxidize.

Neptune Bugatti Ваse is an excellent ratio of quality and value. In it, as in the previous set, a simple Vasse module is used, but the ball valves are already from an Italian manufacturer with a large margin of strength.

This module does not have a backup power supply, and if such a function is extremely important to you, then you should pay attention to the following model.

Neptune Bugatti ProW is a set with advanced functionality that can work on wired sensors.

There are additional options of the module:

  • Protection of the crane from acidification (automatic crane rotation once every 15 days).
  • The supply voltage at the tap is 12 V DC.
  • Built-in backup power supply.

  • Addressing - indication can be carried out on four lines.
  • It is possible to connect a notification system, a security module and integrate with the "smart home" system (a low-current relay must be present).
  • Indication of the state of the ball valve (closed or open).
  • You can close and open the tap manually (there must be a button on the module).

Neptune Bugatti ProW + is a similar protection system against water leaks in the apartment, but there is the possibility of working not only with wired, but even with radio sensors - this is an excellent choice for those who have already finished renovating the house.

Neptune Bugatti ProW + WiFi is the best and most interesting control module.

Its options will impress everyone:

  1. Controlling the security system via the smartphone screen - all you need to do is download a free app and sync with device.
  2. Timely notifications about an emergency - besides the fact that the module itself emits light and sound alerts on the main panel, additional information will be displayed on the screen of your phone. An extremely important function, especially if no one is at home often.
  3. Monitoring the consumption of cold and hot water - now it is not at all necessary to take meter readings manually every month, it will be enough to open the mobile application and see all the readings in it.

    This is extremely convenient for those who are engaged in rental housing.

  4. Backup power supply of the protection system - even if the electrical supply is cut off before 36 hours, the module will still work. The developers have tried and brought in the batteries, which play the role of a reserve.By the way, in this case, the application will notify you in advance that the batteries need to be replaced.
  5. Indication of the position of ball-type valves - you can not only remotely observe the valves, but even control them if you wish (open and close).

    If you went on vacation, forgot to close the water for reinsurance, then the application will do it for you.

  6. Function of automatic cranking of valves - is a mode of self-cleaning of ball valves, which prevent "souring" of valves. Automatic rotation is carried out every 15 days.
  7. The control module with the wifi function can be connected to a "smart home", as well as with a residential building burglar alarm. For this, a special exit was issued.

How the leakage protection works is shown with an example in the video. We suggest considering the rest of the water leakage protection systems.


Water Leakage Protection Systems: Overview and Tips + Video This products from the Russian company Hydroruers. If we compare with Neptune, then we note that the principle of operation is the same, the kit includes water sensors, ball valves and an electrically driven controller. The company has developed and implemented several systems, where the basic version of the "Gidrolosk Standard" is built in.

There are also additional options.

Hydrolock is equipped with three sensors, and the technical capabilities provide for the connection of about twenty wired and up to a hundred wireless sensors. The time of emergency shutdown of water is up to 30 seconds, and the manufacturer also gives a guarantee for 10,000 operating cycles and a general guarantee for 3 years.

Model Options
Standard Basic
Energy There is an uninterruptible power supply
Radio There is radio control and radio monitoring
Universаl Can be used in complex automated engineering complexes using a device whose current load is up to 10 A
CONTROL Used to protect an apartment building
Premium The latest development that provides a qualitatively new level of protection


This is a development from the Russian company "Supersystem". The complete set and principle of operation are the same as those of the two analogs presented earlier.

Due to the introduction of innovative materials into cranes, efforts to overcome friction are reduced, emergency shutdown of cranes occurs in 3 seconds and a minimum of electricity is consumed. Compared to other systems, Aquastoro operates at a voltage of only 5 Volts, and the degree of automation does not require physical human intervention. The set includes 4 sensors, you can choose both wired and wireless. The manufacturer's warranty is given for 4 years.

Stop-flood "Rainbow"

A characteristic feature of the system is that all sensors are wireless and can operate in the signaling mode, and the operating power is maintained up to 20 meters from the controller.

The set includes 1 solenoid valve and 4 sensors. The control unit is designed to connect up to 9 sensors.


But Aquastop is only a mechanical device, which was developed jointly by Italian and Russian specialists. It helps prevent flooding if the washing machine fill hose bursts. It is installed in front of the hose on a threaded connection.

In the event of a leakage or pressure drop, Aquastop immediately shuts off the water to stop the leak.

This concludes the review, and we hope that now you understand how the system works and what complexes are popular today.