Ways to avoid the effect of sterility + Video

Ways to avoid the effect of sterility + Video Light monochrome interior for many causes a feeling of emptiness and is associated with a hospital ward. But if you put the right materials, shades and decor on white walls, then this can be avoided. In this article, we will tell you how to diversify a white interior expensive and budget.

Expensive finishing is, as a rule, natural materials for flooring - parquet or parquet board. High quality paint or tiles on the walls.

Transformation with decoration, furniture, lighting

Ways to avoid the effect of sterility + Video Budget option - old floor can be painted or varnished. You can also use inexpensive white laminate over the old flooring. The paint can be used not so expensive, but at a democratic price.

Cold shades of the kitchen interior will be transformed by natural wooden furniture in warm colors. In the dining area, set up a fold-out table with comfortable chairs.

Note: A sofa with legs and a transparent coffee table will add lightness to the living room interior. A more inexpensive option is furniture of democratic brands, but no less stylish. The sofa can have the most basic cotton upholstery or matting. The coffee table can be replaced with a wooden stool.

Lighting can also add variety.

It all depends on the budget - either these are expensive pendant chandeliers or suspensions with ball-shaped shades. Or they are more economical designer fixtures.

White decor with natural colors, such as green, looks very expensive. It could be olive vases or a design poster.

In an inexpensive option, you can use drawings or toasters printed on a color printer.

Ways to avoid the effect of sterility

  • Geometric patterns can instantly revive any monotonous interior. They set the dynamics of space, notes of playfulness, thanks to which it transforms.
  • Note: Using various diamonds, trapezoidal and triangular patterns, you can distract the eye from the error of finishing (wall unevenness, low ceilings, etc.) Using textured materials ..

    . If the white interior is surrounded by objects made of the same material, then it looks terribly boring. To visually improve this picture, you can use items from a variety of materials.

  • By focusing on one wall, the white interior will immediately take on a new look. Wallpaper with an interesting print or bright paint will undoubtedly help to add flavor to the interior.

  • Ways to avoid the effect of sterility + Video Wall decor is economical and, at the same time, a quick reanimator of the white interior. This is not necessarily a picture or a poster, the shift can be decorated with ceramic plates, baskets, etc. The main thing here is your imagination.
  • Living houseplants are probably the cheapest and easiest way to drive boredom out of your home. They are very relevant against a white background.

  • Curtains can add style to an interior. The main thing here is the right choice.They should not be very light, otherwise everything will merge. Choose luscious greens or deep blues. If you like pastel shades, then pale pink, peach or green will also be in place.

  • White interiors can be transformed with bright furniture and decorative pillows. The purple trim of the sofa will fit very well with the white trim. Pillows are the simplest piece of furniture that instantly sets the right mood for the entire room.
  • White and black is a classic combination. Such interiors look very stylish, harmonious and comfortable.

    And they certainly don't look like a medical ward.

Possible errors when choosing the color solution

Either the walls are white or light accents. Bright accents can dilute the emptiness in a white room.

The misconception that beige walls are a compromise. Beige makes the room look like an office.

This is a difficult task. Here you need to choose the right bright accents for this particular shade of beige.

We cannot assume that white is only one color. There are more than ten white shades. Ivory, creamy, baked milk, snow - all these are shades of white, differing in the admixture of some other shades.

The main thing is not to overdo it with bright areas. For larger pieces of furniture and walls, it is better to choose muted tones with the addition of accessories. For rooms such as a bathroom, corridor, hallway, you can use color therapy without fear.

Don't be afraid of dark shades. In fact, dark colors can make the interior feel cozy.

A small room will not seem cramped if you do not create contrast and go over the decor.

Lighting should not be neglected. For each area with different weather conditions, color schemes will be different. A soft bed shade is so delicate with bright daytime rays, without them they will look inconspicuous.

Tip: For cloudy regions, it is better to choose warm saturated colors.

Another common mistake is using only one contrasting item. If you decide to add a bright red sofa to the light blue walls, then add more bright red accessories to other parts of the interior. This technique is called color support. The main color spot should be diluted with several accessories of a different color to better fit into the environment.

Indeed, many are frightened by the white monochrome interior.

However, you shouldn't take it as something colorless and uninteresting. It is worth considering it from the other side - as a starting point for further application of various materials, decor and elements to it.