Ways to make a cramped kitchen - don't do this

What makes the kitchen cramped and narrow + how to get rid of it

Ways to make a cramped kitchen - don't do this On the Internet there is an opportunity to find many interior solutions in order to ennoble the kitchen space. But at the same time, not every idea can be called successful.

Often, the owners of a house or apartment make trivial mistakes, which is why rather spacious kitchens have become cramped, and small cooking rooms do not allow to turn around at all due to the wrong interior design.

In order not to be mistaken, you should learn from the mistakes of others, and then you will not break wood when creating an ideal kitchen interior, which should give space, coziness, warmth and comfort of the home.

Useful tips

A large number of blank hanging cabinets

Naturally, blank wooden fronts of the kitchen set look elegant and beautiful, but some of they are able to overload the interior and make the kitchen narrow.

Quite often, such hanging cabinets began to occupy all free walls, which would ruin the picture even more.

Ways to make a cramped kitchen - don't do this In order to give the space width, and the room received an additional portion of light, it is worth using hanging open shelves.

If you still like cabinets more, then you should order models with stained-glass or glass facades, which will visually expand the space, lighten the interior, create, albeit illusory, but spacious, as well as leave enough space for dishes, little things, spices that should be at hand at any moment.

Thick dark curtains

What is suitable for living rooms will not always be relevant for the kitchen. Here you have to cook a lot, eat, wash the dishes, which means that the atmosphere around should be conducive to this.

Lack of light will make the kitchen climate dark, heavy and dry.

It is worth abandoning the use of dense dark curtains in favor of transparent tulle or snow-white curtains, which are made of a different material. And to hide from prying eyes, use aluminum or roller blinds.

Lack of lighting (artificial and natural)

The more lamps there are in the kitchen, the better. This will make it possible to visually make the room more spacious, as well as provide effective illumination of work areas and places for eating (dining area).

But keep in mind that only one chandelier will not be enough, so a very good option for illuminating a room will be a multi-level illumination, which will be presented in the form of a soffit system on hanging cabinets and the ceiling. In addition, it is also worth installing the main chandelier, and it will be more appropriate to use a sconce in the dining area or near the bar counter.

Matte facades of a kitchen set

If you need to visually expand the space, it is imperative to pay attention to a kitchen set with glossy facades.Naturally, the process of caring for surfaces, doors and other elements will become a little more difficult, but the room itself will immediately receive more space. Matte facades are more sophisticated, easy to maintain, but they greatly burden the interior and make the kitchen visually smaller.

Large table

An incredibly huge dining table that can accommodate the whole family and almost all relatives - this is practical and convenient, but only in the case of a spacious kitchen. In other cases, you should refrain from buying huge tables that interfere with the cooking process and movement. An alternative option could be a compact folding table, especially if you like to receive guests or have a huge family. But if you do not like gatherings in the kitchen, and you have a small family, then such a model will definitely be superfluous, and will only burden the space. It is important to remember that there is enough distance between the working and dining areas, which should be more than 1 meter.

The use of pieces of furniture with hinged doors

Look at the photo of a narrow kitchen, analyze. Do you know what unites them? Swing lockers, which sometimes look quite stylish, practical to use, but forget everything when it comes to opening.

In order for a ladle or a saucepan to be enough, you need to open a whole cabinet, so that it not only interferes with moving around the kitchen, but also eats up several squares of usable space. modern models of headsets in the kitchen provide for a huge number of drawers of different sizes, horizontal and vertical, and this makes it possible to easily place bottles, sauce bowls, forks, spoons, large-sized dishes and other utensils. When pulled out, these drawers are almost invisible.

Disorderly placement of kitchen utensils

Ways to make a cramped kitchen - don't do this Quite often on the countertops of kitchen tables in in the cooking area, we have a lot of unnecessary things that, as it may seem to us, must necessarily be at hand, but in fact they would look more appropriate on a cabinet shelf or inside a drawer. All items, despite their irreplaceability, will make the interior heavier and make the space cramped.

If there is not enough space on the shelves and in the drawers to arrange spice jars, knives, potholders, etc., use roof rails that save a lot of space. Any niches or space between furniture and tables can be filled with drawers and shelves.

The use of furniture, the decoration of which is in cold tones

Here it is immediately worth noting the fact that the fashion for cold shades in the interior of the kitchen has long passed. Sewing is replaced by a relaxed and light style in milky and white colors with bright accents in the form of inserts or accessories.

This even applies to furniture sets. The fact is that such shades are not ways to induce appetite, they evoke a melancholic mood and visually make the kitchen space smaller.Light colors, on the contrary, give comfort, positive, and at the same time expand the space.

The dream of a perfectionist

Sometimes in the kitchen of some people you can see a lot of useless trinkets, because people buy everything in hardware stores - strainers, posters, magnets, cookbooks, cans for bulk , seasonings and more. Such things greatly overload the space, and make it as cramped and loaded as possible with unnecessary things.

This also applies to equipment that is rarely used, but at the same time is installed on the countertop - food processors, coffee makers, juicers, multicooker, etc. Here we also include capes for chairs and a soft corner. It is worth getting rid of everything unnecessary or hide it away.

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