We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos

We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos The dacha is not just a place for growing greenery with potatoes, it is also a wonderful place to relax in nature, in the distance from the bustle of the city. In addition to arranging a house and a plot of a vegetable garden, take care of a small but cozy recreation area, and you will want to come back here again and again.

Everything, in any case, depends on your imagination and preferences, but, nevertheless, there are several standard ways of arranging a recreation area in a country house or a suburban area.

Types of areas for recreation at the dacha

Open recreation area at the dacha for active games and events. Here you can arrange everything so that there is enough room for movement.

Play active fun games with children, badminton with friends or dance until you drop in the open air.

Closed area for relaxation and cozy pastime . You can create a kind of open room by installing decorative partitions or hanging textile curtains. Also, the lattice walls look very nice along which live plants or bamboo screens curl.

Install a polycarbonate canopy as a roof covering you from the sun and precipitation.

It is lightweight, shelters from ultraviolet radiation, while at the same time letting in mute light.

Mobile platform. For arranging a beautiful recreation area in the country, collapsible structures made of wood or metal are often used. This is a good solution that allows you to change the place of deployment at your discretion. The frames of such structures can also be portable; they do not need to be disassembled.

The main thing is that the design is light.

We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos Patio style court - a wonderful solution, borrowed from the Spaniards, is a courtyard on the the courtyard of the house, which is hidden from passers-by and prying eyes. This type of arrangement of a summer cottage will allow you to retire from everyone, hide your sheds and other economic buildings, equipping a wonderful area for relaxation.

On the territory of the patio recreation area at the dacha, you can set up a luxurious flower garden, build a fountain, pave gravel paths, put rattan furniture, hiding under a canopy of any plan, and enjoy your rest. In appearance, the patio is a closed area, protected and fenced with supports that adjoin the walls of the pulp.

Making a recreation area in the country with your own hands

Choosing a place

The best place for decorating a recreation area in the country with your own hands, there will be an area behind the house with good illumination, away from the road with its dust, odors and prying eyes.

To choose the best option for placing a recreation area in front of the house in the country, take into account the parameters of the site and its capabilities. If there is a garden on the site, you can equip a free space in it for a recreation area.This can be done anywhere you think it would be most comfortable, in the back of the garden or at the very beginning. The shade of the trees will hide from the scorching sun, and flowering trees in early spring will drive you crazy with their aromas.

This place will be appreciated by elderly people, and those who like to take a nap after dinner or read their favorite book.

For equipping a recreation area for children in the country, it is best suited glades with good lighting, but not under the scorching sultry sun, it is better to choose partial shade whenever possible.

When choosing a place for the improvement of the recreation area in the country, consider the following nuances:

  • We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos Convenience of approach to the site and its placement near the house.
  • A secluded place that allows you to hide from strangers.
  • Placement of the site on a hill with a slope, which guarantees the outflow of water during rain.

  • Correspondence of the size of the recreation area to the area on which it will be located.

The presence of a large area near the country house makes it possible to divide it into several sections, combining them with a common style. Thus, you can set up a recreation area in the country with a barbecue or barbecue, build a gazebo or put up a shed, and there will also be places for a table with benches or chairs.

Those who like to have an active rest in the country can think in advance about the location of the volleyball net or football goal. Also, you can put outdoor exercise equipment for sports.


When you have decided on the type of recreation area and its location, you can start zoning. Any generally accepted standards are suitable for this. You can divide the zones with a hedge of low-growing shrubs. Conifers are good for this purpose because they give off such a fresh and pleasant scent and also purify the air thanks to the presence of essential oils. Bamboo, stones and wood are also suitable for this purpose.


We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos Then it's the turn to organize foundations and paving paths. One of the best options is the so-called soft grass lawns. They can be used to walk and run barefoot, as well as, having spread a blanket, have a picnic with family or friends. In the place where you plan to place a table with chairs, you need to build a base of wood, stones, tiles, brick for sidewalks or plastic modules with a ribbed surface. Try to make the platform and paths in the same stylistic direction, this will add harmony to the recreation area in the country.


The location of the barbecue, barbecue and gazebo is selected so as not to interfere with the rest, as well as that there are no dry trees and branches nearby. A recreation area in the country with a covered gazebo will hide you from the scorching sun and rain, allowing you to spend time in a calm serene atmosphere.

The most picturesque place is suitable for its placement, far from the noisy street, best of all in the garden or near it.Let ivy or climbing grapes along the walls, which will beautifully frame the structure, and in the fall will delight you with ripe bunches. Weaving roses, honeysuckle, clematis are very popular.

These plants have breathtaking aromas and are not very whimsical to care for.

The zone in the country house with your own hands and the placement of a barbecue or barbecue can be equipped like a field or stationary kitchen, where everything you need will be at hand. Here you can cook and warm by the fire in cool weather. Outdoor fireplaces have the safest design, no open fire, which is very good when there are small children in the family.

Caring for attractiveness

To choose furniture for an outdoor recreation area, several points should be taken into account, namely functionality, practicality and lightness along with an attractive appearance.

So, a good option for a summer residence would be wicker rattan furniture, forged from metal, wooden or the most common and inexpensive plastic. These materials are relatively easy to care for, and are not exposed to the external environment. Use textiles, blankets, small pillows and more to decorate it.


Decor in the form of ceramic figurines, metal jewelry, fountains, street lamps will add coziness and wonderful appearance to the recreation area at the dacha.


We beautifully decorate a recreation area in the country with our own hands from scrap materials? Tips + Videos At the summer cottage not far from the relaxation zone you can break flower beds, put clay pots, hang pots, build arches and let the loaches go over them. It all depends on your financial capabilities and imagination. The main rule is a harmonious combination of objects.

A terrace at a summer cottage is one of the good ways to equip a recreation area. This is an area that is connected to the house, located on a small hill.

The floors are often covered with planks. The terrace can be open or closed under the roof. Choose a comfortable sofa or rattan table with chairs as furniture for your closed terrace.

The most popular plants for decorating a flower garden in the country are: grapes, ivy, roses, hops, hydrangea, liana Campsis, clematis, honeysuckle, morning glory, wisteria, sweet peas, nasturtium, cobea.

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