We built houses and made mistakes - how not to repeat them

We built houses and made mistakes - how not to repeat them How to avoid mistakes when renovating a house

Before starting a large-scale construction or It is worth reading about major mistakes in home renovations so that you are satisfied with the result and do not redo all the work. We propose to consider the TOP-5 mistakes when renovating a house: "redevelopment of space. Combining several rooms into one. Wiring and electrical. Bathroom and plumbing.

Correct organization of space."

Next, consider what difficulties may arise and how to cope with them.

TOP-5 errors

Redevelopment of the house

If you decide to demolish the walls, then even if you carry out repairs yourself, a project plan is required, where all the little things will be registered - the volume of the walls to be demolished and erected, as well as the indicated dimensions and bindings.

Please note that the saying "measure seven times - cut once" applies to many cases, and especially to repairs, so you cannot start demolition without a project.

Before the start of redevelopment, the project should be approved in the design and inventory district office, and the collection of documents can take from 1 to 12 weeks.

Only after the project is approved, you can begin to redevelop. Ideally, you should entrust the work to a professional so that you manage to avoid mistakes during repairs, and if you touch important structures, you can get a fine (and this is only a small part of the grief), because sometimes the owners of houses and apartments can be forced to return all the walls to their place.

Combining rooms

We built houses and made mistakes - how not to repeat them After the rework, more than half of the people speak that this was probably the biggest mistake in renovating an apartment or house, because there is no duplicate sanitary unit. Combining a bathroom and a toilet will be impractical if more than 1 person lives in the apartment. Even the combination of the living room and the kitchen must be justified, and in order to preserve the family hearth, it is required to allocate some free space for household members, therefore it is recommended to combine the living room and kitchen only if you have other rooms where the door closes tightly.

Wiring and Electrical

To prevent the electrical issue from becoming your main mistake in carrying out repairs, it may require an electrical project that will include a plan for placing outlets, placement of additional lighting and switches. Before starting repair work, you should think in advance about the final arrangement of furniture items and the required electrical connections.

Sockets in the middle of the walls will not look aesthetically pleasing, and extension cords just constantly dangle underfoot and get in the way. On the other hand, without calculating, for example, the same height of the sofa, you can install a socket for the sconce lamp behind its back, and this will be unjustified, irrational and useless.To correctly calculate the number of outlets, install several light switches in one room and clarify many little things, you can use an electrician project.

Plumbing and bathroom

Surely it was such that they built a house, and mistakes did not take long to appear and immediately began to appear? In order not to reposition the tiles in the bathroom several times, you should first replace all old communications, clarify the location of the bath, toilet, sink, washing machine, towel dryer and water heater. You should think about underfloor heating in advance, and it is also recommended to buy a little more tile material for the bathroom than necessary - perhaps after a while it will be discontinued, and therefore, in order not to have to redo the entire bathroom, it is better to buy material in reserve. High-quality materials and new communications can greatly increase the value of a house, so saving on them will be a mistake in repairs and a threat of alterations in the near future.

Organization of space

So that later you do not need to regret the time and effort spent, you should think over a dressing room or even a wardrobe in advance. Practice has shown that a separate dressing room is much more practical than a wardrobe.

More items of clothing, household appliances, shoes and bags will fit in it. In addition, filling the dressing room is much easier to organize, and tightly closing doors will help keep the interior cozy. One of the important advantages of a dressing room is that dust begins to accumulate in it much more slowly than in living rooms. And of course, for more comfort, you should think about the correct lighting in the dressing room.

Good advice when renovating an apartment


  1. We built houses and made mistakes - how not to repeat them Think over the floor covering and its type in advance - the floor under the tiled covering should be 4 cm lower than the general level.

  2. Parquet and laminate in the kitchen will survive until the first leak.
  3. Light-colored grout gets dirty quickly, so it is better not to use it on the floor.
  4. Install waterproof outlets in the bathroom for shavers, hair dryers and other small household appliances. This is quite practical in a house with a lot of people.
  5. Install dimmers in the bedroom and children's room - this smooth switching of light helps to make rooms more comfortable and cozy.

  6. In the toilet and bathroom, the stretch ceiling will serve much longer than other materials.
  7. When planning a kitchen, consider a closed range for the hood.
  8. The kitchen has a lot of sockets, at least over three work surfaces and several hidden outlets for built-in appliances.
  9. It will be practical to think over the output for the Internet and TV for each room, even if you do not use a TV.
  10. Distribute the electrics to different toggle switches - so if, for example, the microwave oven knocks out the plugs, electricity will remain in the rest of the apartment.

We have considered the most basic do-it-yourself repair mistakes, but keep in mind that there are much more nuances. Experienced designers will help you organize your work faster, save money and take into account all the little things.

Learning from the mistakes of others

Anna: "I do not advise putting doors from the array, which literally live their own lives, stop closing, but in winter they dry up and fly off their hinges. I would not finish the window slopes with plastic - as it turned out, this is ugly. I would not make deaf kitchen cabinets without glass, because they "press" and overhang.


Ilona: "If I had the opportunity, I would still buy a bathtub without a hydromassage - after the baby was born, everything had to be changed. Also, a complete failure of parquet, ONLY laminate, because on a natural surface spoon, heels, fall, the child drove the car, and there are already dents. I also strongly advise you to make warm floors wherever possible. It is better to turn them off if they are not needed than to spank on the cold floor. "

Arseniy: "There were mistakes in the house - the dining area was not tiled, in the place where the table is against the wall.

The wife and son are fond of eating pomegranates, and they constantly manage how - then to splatter everything around, and the stains from the wallpaper are not washed off. At the first repair, they immediately corrected the situation. "

Vitaliy: "I repaired the whole house and what can I say. It is better to choose wallpaper for painting that is smooth or impossible to scratch. The house has monochromatic walls of different colors and in some places , for example, in the nursery or the hallway, the wallpaper has ruined everything, because they have a relief in the form of small droplets that can be easily torn off.

In addition, you need to carefully consider the layout of the tile covering in the bathroom.It would also be wise to sew batteries and pipes into drywall, and not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because neighbors can be heard through them. The correct solution would be to order a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, because freestanding furniture only spoils the appearance. And also carefully check the screed, because it is often because of low quality screed parquet creaks ".