We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video

We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video First, some facts about the history of the rack ceiling. Such ceilings made of aluminum slats appeared in our country in the 90s. It was then that the previously unknown word "renovation in the bathroom" appeared in our everyday life.

The very first components of the structures began to be supplied from Germany, and the price was corresponding to the imported novelty. However, this did not greatly affect their popularity.

Experts immediately appreciated the obvious advantages of the equipment, and, along with other types of ceilings , they increasingly used rack and pinion when arranging high-quality modern kitchens and bathrooms.

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We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video Manufacturers did not waste their time either. The standard rack and pinion structures in white were equipped with original decorative inserts, which provided the product not only with functionality and practicality, but also perfectly fit into an interesting design idea.

Characteristics of a slatted ceiling

What can be said about a slatted ceiling made of an aluminum profile?

  • Such a design is not terrible changes in temperature and humidity indicators, which are not uncommon in bathrooms and kitchens, where they can be installed without fear.
  • This is a suspended structure, thanks to which it can visually level the surface of the existing ceiling.

  • Installation is not difficult, moreover, does not require special surface preparation.
  • This product can be safely classified as harmless and environmentally friendly, so it is suitable for children's and playrooms.
  • In addition to all the functional benefits, the aluminum strip ceiling has a very attractive appearance.

Instructions for the device

A steel or aluminum traverse is such a profile equipped with special teeth. For them, the prepared ceiling slats cling to them.

Moreover, each type of rails has its own type of traverse.

In order for the assembled product to have an integral look, without cracks and flaws, you should buy components for it from one manufacturer (firm).

Do-it-yourself installation of a rack ceiling

We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video This process is not so laborious and complicated. It is enough for the master to have basic construction skills in order to assemble this structure on his own. The main thing is to follow the detailed instructions.

When can I start finishing the ceiling?

After the plaster is completely dry on the walls, the room will acquire We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video windows, the floor will be finished.

If electrical cables run along the ceiling, they must be securely fixed.

Otherwise, they will complicate the process.

Required tools:

  • drill;
  • metal scissors;
  • laser and normal level ;
  • tape measure;
  • screwdriver.

In a large room, it is better to use a special laser level.


  • We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video carrier rails , or traverses;
  • ceiling panels (rack ceiling);
  • hangers;
  • dowels and screws;
  • guide profile.

Start of work

What is the right way to start installation of a rack ceiling?

Initial step - installation of special guides around the perimeter of the room.

  1. To do this, mark the location of the planned ceiling, which should be approximately 20 cm lower than the existing one. All basic measurements are taken.
  2. A horizontal, straight line is required for the guides to lock.

    A standard profile with a length of 3 meters is on sale. If this is a lot, then it can be trimmed with special scissors.

  3. The guide profile is applied to the wall along the marked line, a hole is made with a drill. A screw is screwed in there.
  4. Using the same algorithm, the entire profile is fixed, where the distance between the fasteners is approximately 6 cm.

  5. The evenness of the resulting surfaces is controlled by means of the building level.
  6. In the corner, the profile is butt-connected and screwed on.

We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video As a result of passing all four sides, you get a perimeter trimmed with a profile. After that, you can proceed directly to the installation of the suspensions.

Strictly observing a distance of one meter, the places of their subsequent fastenings are marked.

Holes are drilled into which the hangers are fixed with dowels with screws. The entire course of work is carried out under level control.

Next, the support rails (unique traverses) are attached to the already prepared hangers at a distance of approximately one meter.

They are installed strictly perpendicular to the rails: are screwed to the suspensions at the same level with the main profile with a screwdriver .

This is an extremely demanding operation, it is important to mount an absolutely flat structure, without distortions and other errors.

The final appearance of the finished ceiling will depend on this.

It happens that the dimensions of the traverse are less than required. There is nothing wrong with that, it can be increased without problems. For this, two traverses are fixed end-to-end.

When the carriers are ready, begin to assemble the ceiling itself.

  1. Unpacked strips are freed from a special film and cut to size.
  2. Then they are inserted into the guides, after which the traverse is snapped into place along its entire length.

If you do everything according to the instructions, you get an even and smooth ceiling.

Lighting for aluminum slatted ceiling

We carry out the installation of a rack ceiling in the bathroom with our own hands: Review + Video Before starting the installation of the structure, you should think in advance where it is better to place lamps, lamps and other lighting fixtures , depending on the desired lighting level of the room.

For such a suspended structure, the following are most suitable:

  • LED lamps , which effectively highlight individual decor elements, create a cozy and modern atmosphere;
  • fluorescent luminaires, capable of creating stylish classic lighting;
  • small point light sources that are convenient for creating a soft and warm home atmosphere.

Wiring is carried out during the installation of the bearing profile and fixing the parts. Lamps and lighting fixtures are installed during assembly.

It is important to ensure that the wiring is not damaged by fasteners or bolts during installation of the ceiling structure. All work must be carried out carefully and accurately.

Dismantling the suspended ceiling rack

Sometimes it is necessary to dismantle the ceiling structure.

What is this for?

For example, for repairing electrical wiring. It may be necessary to replace individual structural elements, and in some cases, repair the ceiling. The device of a suspended ceiling makes it quite easy to dismantle it without violating the integrity of individual components.

Where to start dismantling?

One edge is taken apart first. To do this, pry off the corner wall profile with a screwdriver or other suitable object, carefully pull out the extreme rail by its end.

The outermost module is released from all retaining locks, and carefully removed.

Other ceiling slats are subjected to the opposite operation. All locks are released, the freed panel moves to the very edge. Now it can be easily pulled out of the entire structure.

It is important to note that you can start work if you know the ceiling mounting scheme.

Operating tips

Due to the nature of the use of premises, where suspended ceiling ceilings are most often installed, they quickly become covered with dust and other dirt. Caring for them is pretty simple. Such structures, made of metal or plastic, are not at all afraid of water. They can be easily washed with a soft sponge soaked in soapy water.

The aluminum slatted ceiling easily withstands changes in humidity and temperature, so this choice is optimal for the kitchen.

In addition, the installation of such a ceiling is quite simple: surface preparation is not required, the design hides all existing flaws and looks very modern and attractive.

When choosing a building material for a kitchen, it is worth giving preference to quality products covered with a protective film. It is an excellent protection against high and low temperatures, moisture and various contaminants. A properly installed structure will allow you to maintain aesthetic appearance for a long time.