We create a panel of corks with our own hands: Overview and features of working with corks from plastic bottles or wine corks: Step by step + Video

We create a panel of corks with our own hands: Overview and features of working with corks from plastic bottles or wine corks: Step by step + Video Masters never cease to amaze. Now they can create masterpieces from household waste. We will consider options for creating masterpieces from cork.

Now they do: handicrafts, paths, panels made of traffic jams, they decorate fences and walls.

Corks from plastic bottles

This is the best material for the job.

Corks now decorate the walls of houses, the garden.

Why is it best to take corks from plastic bottles:

  1. We create a panel of corks with our own hands: Overview and features of working with corks from plastic bottles or wine corks: Step by step + Video Low cost is one of the cheapest materials and can be found quickly and easily. People are constantly buying plain water or other bottled liquids. Then we send them to the trash, not thinking that traffic jams can be given a second chance. If you decide to create a panel or craft, then collect all the bottles, you can also walk through neighbors and friends.

  2. The material is easy to work with - anyone can make from the covers, and the tools for work are easy to purchase, and they also do not cost much. You will need ordinary bat, an awl, wire, glue, etc.
  3. Versatility - there are a lot of options where to apply corks. Walls both outside and inside can be decorated with a painting. A garden path made of corks will brighten the view.

    And these are just the most common options.

  4. Do not deteriorate under the influence of external conditions - plastic corks are not afraid of water, do not fade in the sun, and are resistant to mechanical damage.
  5. Lightweight - handling corks is easy, as they are lightweight. If you decide to cover the whole house with corks, then the pressure on it will not be great.
  6. Various colors - unlike always gray concrete, plastic comes in different colors.

    That is why you can create a variety of images.

Due to its advantages, corks began to gain popularity. To create masterpieces, you need schemes, a lot of traffic jams and a great desire.


The process of collecting traffic jams is quite long and laborious, so it is best to involve family and friends.

IMPORTANT: if you decide to create a panel from bottle corks, first select the desired color, make a scheme, count how many corks you need.

If you are new to this business, it is better to choose simple drawings. Then you will master different technologies, learn how to combine drawings of different sizes.

There are several options for making a mosaic: from the location, how the drawing will be formed, etc. A lot of effort will have to be spent if you decide to create a mosaic that is not attached to any surface.

Basic Steps for Mosaic Caps

  1. Make a sample painting on cardboard.

    You can use cross stitch patterns.

  2. Sort corks by color.
  3. Using glue, connect the plugs to each other, do not forget to focus on the diagram.

It is easier to attach plugs to the surface. The easiest way is to make a mosaic on a tree, or make a picture on plywood, and then attach it to a fence.

The picture can be simply positioned on the site.

Often people living in apartment buildings make mosaics on the balcony. It is very original and such a balcony will definitely stand out from the rest.

A cork panel on a wall or a fence

A house made of wood or a fence is an excellent basis for a picture of covers. The most popular places where panels are used are summer cottages.

Pictures can be classified into two options:

  • We create a panel of corks with our own hands: Overview and features of working with corks from plastic bottles or wine corks: Step by step + Video - repeating at the same distance,
  • is a complete drawing.

For the panel on the fence, the scheme of work

  1. Initially, you can make the scheme on cardboard, or immediately attach it to the fence. For brightness, you can paint the covers along the contour.
  2. Sorted covers are nailed to the fence. The thickness depends on the cork, if you are nailing onto plywood, then its thickness must also be taken into account, plus take into account the thickness of the fence.

  3. Can be nailed on both sides. It already depends on you which side you want to see.

FOR INFORMATION: When attaching the bottom to the fence, remember that all holes can clog over time. In order for your picture to always look beautiful, do not forget to clean it from dirt, you can do this with the pressure of water from a hose. If you do not want to waste time on this, fasten everything upside down.

There are several reasons why the plugs are fastened with the bottom up:

  • - To work with the bottom down, you need a special hammer that can fit into the lid, otherwise the nails will stick out.
  • - All cracks can be covered with a special solution. Your mural will look even better.

You can make a panel not only on a wooden wall, but also on a brick one, but only modern materials are used for fixing, not nails. You can take tile adhesive.

If you want a cheaper option, then take cement. We cover the surface with a solution, then we put the corks. Observe the proportions so that the solution is strong and the lids do not fall off.

If there is no time to assemble the lids, they can be ordered from the warehouse

Cork rugs

Rugs can be very beautiful and practical. They will massage the back, relieve muscle tension.

And if you follow it with your feet, it will also benefit you.

Nerve endings located on the soles of the feet lead to all organs. You need:

  • - drawing scheme,
  • - plugs of the desired color,
  • - awl and line.

We perform the work in the following order:

  1. - we make holes in 4 points,
  2. - we lay out the pattern,
  3. - put on the line,
  4. - pull the rows together, cut off all unnecessary.

Do-it-yourself paths made of corks from plastic bottles

Remember that such paths will be quite slippery in winter.

If even in winter you want to go over this site. It is better to take other material.

To make a track you need:

  • - corks of different colors,
  • - cement mortar or glue for tiles,
  • - beams to make the formwork.

Let's get to work:

  1. We create a panel of corks with our own hands: Overview and features of working with corks from plastic bottles or wine corks: Step by step + Video Doing marking a panel or picture.
  2. Remove the top layer of soil and grass.

    We go 10 cm deep.

  3. Making the formwork, do not forget to fix everything with stakes.
  4. Making a drainage cushion from gravel and sand.
  5. For cement to hold the lids more firmly, we recommend adding glue. The solution should not be very thick and easily pour out of the container in which it is prepared.

  6. Pour the solution, press the covers according to the picture. The plugs must be of the same height, you can check everything with a level.
  7. We are waiting for everything to dry. Remove all cement residues with a stiff brush.

When everything is dry, remove the formwork.

How to make a panel from champagne corks, step-by-step instructions

We make a substrate for circles. We need: a sheet of plywood or cardboard in order to create a sketch; traffic jams; paint (preferably acrylic); wood glue.

Prepare: scotch tape, glue gun, knife with a thin blade, stationery knife, foam brush, jar.

  1. Making a sketch from plywood (cardboard). Cut the corks into circles.

  2. Using a pistol, we glue the plugs together, as well as to the template.
  3. With a knife, you can cut the plugs well in half or into more pieces.
  4. Paint the plugs with a foam rubber brush. Move from the bottom to the top of the painting.
  5. To make the paint fit better, you can dilute it with water.

  6. We connect the wine corks using a pistol, press them tightly to each other.
  7. To fill small voids, you can cut pieces with a clerical knife.
  8. You can paint the panel by applying the Ombre effect.

We dry everything and your panel is ready!

Products for children

Children's fantasy allows them to come up with the most incredible things from the simple materials. Educators use this material quite often.

Corks can be glued to cardboard, make various figures and rugs, and which we wrote a little higher.

Three options for working with children:

  1. Figures.
  2. Toys.
  3. Applications.

The easiest task for children is the "caterpillar" craft.

It can be made in different lengths. We finish drawing the eyes, fasten the antennae and eyes. And our caterpillar is ready.

To make a bird out of corks, take two caps (one on the head, the other on the body). We make wings from cardboard.

Again, draw or glue the eyes and other details.

Thus, any animal can be made.

You can also make three-dimensional figures. They are more fun for children. Let's see how to make a turtle.

We take a couple of cotton swabs, fasten them to each other cross-to-cross and glue them on an ice cream stick. We paint in our favorite color. We attach a large cover over the resulting structure. We make spots on it.Draw or glue eyes and other details.

You can also make a spider, butterfly or other insect.

This is not only a fun activity, but also a useful one, as such work develops fine motor skills.

Making magnets with our own hands

For work we need: multi-colored plugs, alcohol solution, glue, multi-colored paper, paints, pencils.

  1. Wipe the plugs with alcohol.
  2. Glue a small magnet inside.

  3. Place the cork on the paper, trace and cut out the desired circle. On the circles, you can write various letters and glue to the corks. You can also decorate everything with ribbons, bows or other materials. You have a beautiful alphabet ready.

You can also make a picture.

Country curtains

An interesting enough idea that will decorate your summer cottage. You don't need a lot of money, and the result will please you. We prepare covers of different colors, a hammer, fishing line, awl and needle.

Let's start :

  • - we make holes on both sides with an awl,
  • - we make a layout according to the picture,
  • - put plugs on a long line in two rows,
  • - tie knots and singe them to fix,
  • - attach plugs to the box, make sure that there is the same distance,
  • - thus, we fasten all the strips, until the curtain is ready.

You can also make curtains for an outdoor shower, just make them as tight as possible.

DIY champagne cork note board

Making a board is easy, but practical. Take a cardboard box or can of candy or cookies. Make the plugs the same length, make sure that they do not look beyond the borders. We smear the bottom of the box well with glue, glue all the corks. We hang the board in the place you need.

Notes, photos, or some kind of jewelry will be well attached to it. In this case, you will not need to make holes in the wall.

FOR INFORMATION: since wine and champagne corks absorb paint well, you can make panels of different colors.

Bath rugs

Since corks are not afraid of water, they can replace rubber rugs in your bathroom.

For manufacturing, you need to cut the plugs into two parts along the entire length.

All irregularities can be sanded. Next, we glue all the plugs to the base. It is pleasant to step on such a rug barefoot, and it will be useful for health.

IMPORTANT: wine and champagne corks will not only add zest to your interior as a decor, but can also serve as a lining for furniture legs, or as door stops.

If you have a lot of traffic jams, you can even make a beautiful cork floor.

From above it will need to be covered with a special varnish in order to protect it from dirt and excess moisture.

TIP: corks can also be tinted with impregnation of different colors or stain.

Cork is a versatile material that will add brightness to your plot in the country or the interior of your house.There are a lot of options: from panels and rugs for feet, to beautiful paintings for the whole house. Moreover, this material is easy to work with and does not require special skills.


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