We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video

We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video A cozy and spacious veranda will be a great place for a cozy rest, for a friendly tea party or fun gatherings with friends. And if you competently design it, think over the original design, then it can become a real decoration of a private house.

It is more convenient, of course, when the device of the terrace is already included in the main project of the house. But it’s okay that you don’t think about it in advance.

You can think over the type and kind of extension and build it at any time, as you want.

Is it possible to attach a veranda or terrace to the house with your own hands? Let's discuss this.

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Veranda-extension to the house

As with any construction site, a veranda will require a project. Photos of the verandas, which can be found on the Internet, convince us that the project should take into account the characteristic features of the building's architecture, configuration and relief of the site.

The attached veranda will contribute to significant insulation of the dwelling, therefore, if possible, it is better to place it on the north side.

Remember that:

  • If you plan to use the terrace as a summer kitchen, lounge or sports room, it is desirable that windows went out into your own territory, not a neighbor's.

  • If a room is attached near the entrance to the house, then it will hardly be possible to make a recreation room out of it - rather, it will be a comfortable summer hall.
  • If you dream of an almost completely glazed veranda, it is important to provide a reliable ventilation system. Otherwise, in hot weather, you will not be able to avoid the greenhouse effect. You can use windows with removable frames: this design will allow you to easily and quickly turn a closed room into an open one.
  • If you want the air temperature in the veranda room to be comfortable enough both in case of bad weather and in the cold season, choose a dense material for building walls.

    The enclosing structures should not have cracks and gaps. To better keep the room warm, double glazing is desirable.

Having started the development of the terrace project, you need to answer the following important questions:

  • What will the veranda be like - closed or open?
  • Which side of the dwelling will it border on?
  • Where will the entrance be?
  • What material will be required for construction, and its amount?

Those wishing to get a single architectural complex from a house with a veranda use the same or externally similar materials for enclosing structures. The walls of the veranda must remain independent from the main building. Usually they are erected on a separate columnar or shallow strip foundation.

The roof often has a single slope, not too steep. The floor is equipped with a slight external (towards the site) slope - about 2 cm per one meter of width.

Design of a veranda for a brick house

We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video Although experts recommend using for veranda extensions are similar materials; it is not at all necessary to make it out of brick to a brick house. Often, other materials are used for this, very different.

The main thing is that stylistically the veranda should be related to the main building.

Not the least role here is played by the compatibility of the materials used and their skillful combination. The veranda made of wood looks great with the brick walls of the house. If the brick walls of the main building are finished with siding, it is quite possible to combine the structure of the extension made of glass and plastic. In this case, sliding glass doors are perfect for entering.

However, the most common are considered to be extensions made of brick, timber, natural stone or boards.

Terraces, which are based on a rigid metal frame, are also topical.

Red brick is a reliable, time-tested material that is perfect for a closed extension. Such a veranda involves the arrangement of a strip foundation. Usually the extension is adjacent to the front wall, and has dimensions from 3 meters. Its width can reach 5-6 meters, and largely depends on the characteristics and dimensions of the site.

It is important to know that any building erected on the territory of your site additionally must be registered with the architectural department and inventory bureau. Otherwise, your building will not be considered legal, but will be considered an unauthorized building.

For the summer extension of a brick terrace to the house, it will be enough to masonry half of one brick, the walls of the winter building should be much thicker. It is imperative that a high-quality waterproofing of the foundation and walls be provided.

The new building should not be "rigidly" connected to the main one, therefore all existing connecting lines are sealed with polyurethane foam.

Thorough sealing of joints should be carried out only after complete shrinkage of the newly built veranda. To equip the roof of a closed veranda, heat-insulating material must be placed under the roofing sheets.

Materials for the veranda extension


We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video An extension made of the same material is quite suitable for a wooden structure. The use of other materials is not always appropriate, and in some cases it looks completely tasteless.

Natural material is harmless, environmentally friendly, looks great, is well processed and exploited.

From different types of wood, you can build a terrace structure of any, even the most intricate shape.

You can make it in the mountain style - it will look like a massive frame of rough wood, fenced with stylized logs. Attached from the side of a picturesque garden, such a veranda will look extremely impressive.Also, green bushes or original wrought-iron fences can be used as a wooden veranda fence.


We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video It is possible to use metal to add a terrace to a wooden dwelling frame or made of wooden beams.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows are well suited to such a structure.

If the summer version of the veranda is chosen, then for the floor you can choose the same wear-resistant modern materials that are used for the local area. This can be, for example, tiles, cedar decking or one of the types of stone.

At closed terraces, the floor is decorated with traditional indoor materials - linoleum, board, laminate.


We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video Due to the remarkable ability of wood to combine perfectly with all kinds of natural materials , for a veranda made of wood, a fireplace trimmed with natural stone will be very natural.

But its function will be not only to decorate the room: on cool evenings it is so cozy near the crackling hearth.

Closed verandas

Such extensions are preferred to be placed on the side of the house, hidden from prying eyes.

It is advisable to equip it in such a way that as much light as possible gets inside.

Such a terrace made of transparent polycarbonate seems to float in the air, creating a feeling of lightness and weightlessness, even if it is adjacent to a solid capital structure. If you plan to use it in the cold season, then you will definitely have to use heat-insulating polycarbonate.

Different projects of closed annexes suggest different glazing methods

  • We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video It can be a monolithic construction from the same polycarbonate, plastic or wooden frames. The premises of such a closed terrace can be used as a dining room, an entrance hall, a cozy office.
  • Buildings made of modern polycarbonate material are becoming more and more popular. It has high strength, ductility, low thermal conductivity. The huge color palette of the material allows you to create a building of the most unusual design, using combinations of different colors.

  • When equipping an extension made of polycarbonate sheets, you need to remember about a certain gap between the sheets of material and the frame profile: this way the material will have a place for free expansion.
  • Often, a polycarbonate veranda is equipped with an elegant porch to give it a more cozy and homely look. It can be made from paving slabs, stone or wood. The main thing is that the porch is not slippery, and is resistant to aggressive atmospheric conditions.
  • The light and spacious veranda looks very nice.

    The furniture located in it should not interfere with the free opening of windows. Wicker furniture made of light rattan looks very good in such a sunny-airy room.

  • From the inside, the transparent walls can be closed with blackout curtains made of natural fabric or standard blinds. During the cold period, this room can be heated using one of the selected methods. This can be a fireplace, oil heaters or electric convectors.

    Regardless of what season the veranda is used in, it should always be a cozy, comfortable and convenient room.

Open veranda

We create a veranda to the house in the country with our own hands made of wood or polycarbonate: Review + Ideas and Video Attached to the main residential building open a covered veranda is perhaps the most common and most feasible construction for self-production.

Such a room will allow you to be in the fresh air, despite the pouring rain or the hot rays of the summer sun. Flowers, shrubs and climbing lianas framing it will give the building protection and special comfort.

The main advantage of such open buildings is the ability, without giving up home comfort, to be at the same time outside the enclosed space, in the fresh air.

Furniture can also be arranged here, a compact area for comfortable cooking is equipped. It is convenient to meet guests on such a terrace, arrange gatherings and picnics. Functionally, it can be used as a full-fledged living room. Here you can equip a great place for sunbathing: just arrange comfortable sun loungers and sun loungers.

Most of the existing projects of terraces to the house imply a slight slope of the surface of the floor outward.

It is clear why this is needed - for the flow of incoming moisture from atmospheric precipitation. It is advisable to make it from a material with a rough surface. It should be raised about 15 centimeters or a little more above the ground.

The fence for the terrace is preferable about a meter in height. You can use a wide variety of materials for it - wood, metal, brick, glass, metal chains and decorative ropes.

An open terrace can have any configuration - it depends on the imagination and preferences of the homeowner. The veranda in the form of a polygon that surrounds the house around the perimeter looks very interesting. Here you will definitely be able to find a cool corner on a hot day, despite the position of the sun. If the adjacent territory has an uneven relief, then the veranda can play the role of a kind of leveling platform.

What is the important point to note? It concerns the connection of the site and the open terrace.

  • It is best to arrange the veranda so that the view that opens from it pleases the eye:
    on a pond, alpine slide or luxurious flower beds.
  • It is quite possible to attach a veranda to the house with your own hands.
  • Study of various projects and acquaintance with the photo will help to determine the type of building,
    and make the best veranda for yourself and your family.

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