We cut glass with a glass cutter at home correctly + Video

We cut glass with a glass cutter at home correctly + Video Glass is a special material and differs from other building materials.

This building material is extremely fragile and for the most part is transparent.

Not every craftsman can work with glass, and whoever can make friends with this material will still be able to make amazing things out of it, for example, mosaics, colored stained-glass windows and much more.

Even simple windows, glazed correctly, that is, able to let light into the room and retain heat, are a sign of skill.

In this article we will discuss how to properly cut glass.

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Before cutting glass

The basic knowledge of a glazier is knowing how to cut glass correctly so that a sheet is obtained the required size and shape, as well as that the edges are even and without chips.

Previously, both glass and the tools for its processing were expensive and only masters with good skills were engaged in cutting glass, but now the situation has changed significantly. Nowadays, work with glass can be done by anyone.


A very good tool is required to work with a glass sheet.

That is why, before buying glass and working with it, you need to start shopping with a tool.

But the first tool you come across should not be bought, because it may be of poor quality and will not be able to cut the glass as it should.

We cut glass with a glass cutter at home correctly + Video

It is very important to determine which tool you need, because glass cutters are of several types :

  1. Roller;
  2. Diamond;
  3. Oil;


The glass cutter roller has a built-in special roller, which is made of very strong tungsten-cobalt alloy. The normal roll diameter is 6.6mm, which can cut glass up to 4mm thick.


The diamond glass cutter is equipped with a correspondingly small diamond, this diamond cuts the glass.

The hardness of diamond is well known and therefore it has long been used for cutting glass.

Nowadays, as before, the diamond glass cutter is considered the best tool to cut glass.


Not so long ago, the oil cutter was added to the list of glass cutters.

This is essentially an improved roller tool with a built-in reservoir in the handle to supply lubricant to the roller. This lubricant binds the particles that form when cutting the glass while providing a smooth motion.

This glass cutter can cut glass up to 20 mm.

A couple of tips for purchasing

  1. Before buying any kind of glass cutter, it is best to ask the seller to check the tool.
  2. If the tool suits you, you can buy it, but buy the one that was shown to you.

It is not recommended to buy an untested tool, since in most cases the cutting edge is defective.

How to cut glass

It is not so easy to cut a sheet of glass, as it seems from the first time.

Preparation is required to cut the glass.


  1. Absolutely new glass will be good enough to clean from dust and wipe dry with newspapers, the fabric is not suitable for such work.
  2. In the event that you have to cut old glass, then first it should be degreased, after that the glass is washed well with water and detergents.
  3. After all the above manipulations, the glass will need to be dried in a closed and clean room.

Cutting glass

Also cutting glass and preparing containers for waste collection are referred to preparatory work.

There should be two containers, that is, for collecting small waste and for collecting larger ones, which may be useful for something in the future.

Cutting glass is best started with a simple window glass, and then move on to more complex options.

Glass cutting technique

  1. We cut glass with a glass cutter at home correctly + Video To start it is necessary to prepare a table or other surface for cutting glass. The surface is covered with newspaper in four or five layers, this procedure is necessary in order to protect the table from glass crumbs. And also it will allow to distribute the glass pressure on the table surface, preventing glass cracking.

  2. The glass sheet is placed on the table, while it is necessary to retreat from the edge of the tabletop five or seven centimeters. In order to fix the body and at the same time freely move the body over the cutting site, it is best to place your feet shoulder-width apart. This position of the body allows you to achieve a good result.
  3. When cutting glass, it is best to hold the blade with your free hand to avoid vibration. But keep in mind that glass is a brittle material and with more pressure, it can crack.

  4. Use a glass cutter to draw a line from one edge to the other. In this case, the glass cutter wheel must be guided clearly along the marked line and the glass cutter must also be at a right angle.

When using a diamond glass cutter , it is necessary to hold it at the very bottom of the handle and draw a smooth line along the ruler, almost without pressing on the glass.

When cutting glass with a roller glass cutter , slight pressure is required and when the glass cutter moves, a whitish strip appears on the glass surface and is deeper than when using a diamond tool.

Possible errors

There are two errors with the river of glass :

  1. The pressure with the glass cutter is too strong;
  2. The glass cutter is carried out several times in the same place.

When cutting glass, try to press the tool evenly along the entire length of the cut.

If you notice chips when cutting the glass, this only means that you are pressing too much on the tool.To avoid this, reduce the pressure on the glass cutter.

Under no circumstances trace the cut line twice, as this may ruin your instrument.

The final stage - breaking glass

Thin glasses are broken by hands.

A piece of glass, which has already been cut through, must be placed on the edge of the table, so that the cut line is on top and protrudes slightly beyond the edge of the table, and the main part of the glass should lie on the table.

We cut glass with a glass cutter at home correctly + Video

You need to press the glass sheet with one hand, and with the other you need to grasp the protruding part of the glass and smoothly press down on the glass with your hand.

If the edge to be broken off is small and cannot be broken off with your hands, pliers are used.

Knowledge of the theory of stele cutting allows you to apply this knowledge in practice. That is, you can take a small piece of glass and practice on it.

Once you have tried glass cutting in practice, you will be more confident in your skills later on. We hope you find this information useful. We wish you good luck and patience!

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