We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video

We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video All people want to feel comfortable at home at any time of the year.

In winter, plastic windows protect the house from the cold, strong winds and snow, but in the summer the sun enters the house and what to do with it?

Ordinary glass does not protect the room from annoying sunlight and if it is not possible to hang blackout curtains, then a sun-protective film for windows will come to the rescue. This film will protect your home from sunlight.

And also to protect the windows from the sun, you can install roller blinds on the windows, also for protection from the sun, blinds are installed on the windows.

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General information about sunscreen


We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video Cost effective.

A sun-protection film is mounted on windows both to protect from the sun and to protect against temperature rise in the room. Nowadays, such a protective film has become very popular.

Perhaps such a film will save you on the purchase of an air conditioner or fan.

Maintains eye health. Such a film not only protects the room from sunlight, but also reduces stress and negative effects on the eyes.

Also, you can easily use a computer, TV, because sun glare thanks to this film will not bother you.

Keep your privacy . In the event that you live on the lower floor, then the film will hide your house from prying eyes.

This film is also able to strengthen the glass and if it suddenly breaks, then the fragments will not scatter in different directions.

Protects the color of the furniture.

Another advantage of the protective film is that the furniture exposed to the sun will not lose color too quickly.

Keep warm. Also, the film is able to retain heat in the room during the cold season.

By the listed positive qualities, it became clear to you that the film protects from ultraviolet and infrared radiation and, at the same time, does not reduce the visibility of the window.


But sunscreen film also has disadvantages, which we will list below :

  1. The film is is very thin and tears easily and therefore must be handled with great care.

  2. In the event that the film is of poor quality, then it can very strongly adhere to the glass and then it will be impossible to peel it off if desired.

But these disadvantages can be circumvented if you choose high-quality material and use it quite carefully.

Types of films and their characteristics

We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video Sunscreen film is divided into some types, and they have their own characteristics. But all types of films have a high degree of protection from sunlight. Any buyer can choose a suitable film, since there are many types of products on sale.

Mirror film

It has the same properties as tinting film, which protects the room from prying eyes.

Toning film

We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video It can block up to 99% of the sun's rays and give a pleasant light, since most of the ultraviolet radiation is concealed by the coating.

Protective film

Protects the room from sunlight, and also has protective properties.

Decorative film

Has different colors and various patterns. This film can be used to decorate and diversify your windows.

Light and thermal energy are reflected with different indicators and for each manufacturer these indicators are different and range from 90% and more.

Therefore, you should choose a trusted manufacturer and pay attention to the quality of the film.

Film installation and care

If you have at least some skills in sticking any film, then you will quite cope with this task. Of course, you will spend several hours on installation, but you will save on specialist services.

If you are confident in your abilities and ready to install the sunscreen film, then you will need the following tools :

  1. Knife;
  2. Spatula (rubber or plastic), to avoid damaging the film, do not use a metal spatula;
  3. Special window cleaner and liquid soap;
  4. Spray gun.

But before you stick the film, you must take into account that the film must be glued at a particular air temperature.

It is not recommended to stick the film at temperatures below 7-10 degrees, but at high temperatures it is also impossible to stick it.


  1. We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video First it is necessary to wash the window well, remove all dirt.
  2. In a spray bottle, mix water and liquid soap, but do not shake.
  3. The protective cover must be removed from the film, but care must be taken to prevent dust or dirt particles from entering the film.

  4. Then the solution must be applied to the adhesive side and to the glass, taking care that the surface is well damp.
  5. Then you need to attach the film to the glass surface and as it sticks to the glass, you can start smoothing it.
  6. When the surface is free of bubbles and unevenness, the film is left to dry.
  7. After the film is completely dry, you will need to trim off the excess.

According to the text written above, you understood that it is not so difficult to mount a reflective film.

But you need to be very careful. It must also be remembered that the film is best glued to the inside of the glass. Well, now the film is installed, now you need to think about the intricacies of using the coating.

Features of film care

Like any coating, the film requires careful handling and has some peculiarities. It is very important to know the peculiarities of film care.

Remember not to use abrasives and other products that contain any abrasive particles!

To clean a window trimmed with film, it is best to use a microfiber cloth, and also wash the window with warm water with the addition of liquid soap.

We fix reflective film for windows: features of gluing + Video

If you take proper care of your film, it will serve you for many years. In the event that you no longer need the film, you can easily remove the film from the windows.

Reflective sheeting is a good option for people who want to make their home even more comfortable and protect their rooms from the harmful effects of sunlight. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Good luck and patience!