We make a drilling machine from a drill + useful photos and videos

We make a drilling machine from a drill + useful photos and videos How to make a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands + budget method for 300 rubles

In carpentry, it is impossible to do without drilling holes, and therefore the most popular carpenter's tool will be a hand or electric drill. Such a tool is very convenient to work with workpieces with a small thickness, as well as to drill plywood, sheet material.

But to make holes in a thick workpiece without spoiling the geometry is quite difficult. A drilling machine will help you with this task. So that such a purchase does not "eat up" all your savings, we suggest that you make a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands.

Such a tool will be a reliable assistant to every master.

What is a drilling machine and what is it for

We make a drilling machine from a drill + useful photos and videos Drilling thin material will not be a problem, just take the drill in hand, a couple of seconds and the job is done. But what if you really need to make an accurate and verified hole in a thick bar? Hand tools will not work because there is a high risk of ruining the workpiece.

The result of such work will be a shift in the center of the hole, the appearance of a ragged edge and a change in geometry. A drilling machine will help you to avoid such shortcomings and make a hole with certain parameters.

Due to the reliability of fixing the part that you will be processing, as well as the centering of the tool, it will be possible to ensure drilling accuracy that cannot be achieved with a drill.

In order to make a furniture filler with your own hands, you will need to modify the original tool. It won't take much time and effort to make.

Do not forget about the versatility of such a tool - when replacing drills, you can work with absolutely any material, both soft wood and metal, and it will also be easy to drill sheet steel. Instead of drills, you can use a milling cutter, and then the device can replace even a milling machine with low power.

In addition, the drilling machine will help to facilitate the work of the master. Believe me, working with stationary devices is much easier, and you do not need to hold heavy tools on the weight.

Making a stationary machine from a hand drill

Almost every hobbyist has an electric drill, because it is one of the most versatile tools. When replacing nozzles, in addition to drilling, you can drill walls, clean seams, clean the surface of the material. In addition, on the basis of a drill, craftsmen make a number of desktop machines, and even drilling machines, which will be discussed further.

The following tools are required for work:

  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Circular saw.
  • Bulgarian.
  • Coarse sandpaper.
  • Ruler with pencil.

  • A simple set of hand tools.

In addition, you will need an electric drill itself.It will be required to assemble the device, and then it will be able to take its place on the bed. An additional plus is that at any time the drill can be removed and used for its intended purpose. The drilling machine from an electric drill is distinguished by its simplicity, and therefore very few materials are required.

You will need to prepare in advance a piece of board, plywood with a thickness of 1.5 cm, screws, bolts and nuts, as well as furniture rails. The board from which the frame will be made must be free of mechanical damage and cracks, with a minimum number of knots. Before starting work, it should be looped, and, if necessary, treated with sandpaper.

Instructions for creating a machine

It is not difficult to make a drilling machine from a drill, and we will consider in detail all manufacturing processes.

The main structure is the frame, which will consist of a horizontal support and a vertical post. The tabletop and spindle box should be attached to the latter. The step-by-step instructions are described below.


As the material for making the stand of a homemade drilling machine, slats are used that are cut out of a pine board. You will need two blanks, and their cross section should be 3 * 4 cm, and two with a cross section of 2 * 2 cm.

The length of each rail should be 0. 6 meters. It is convenient to cut the board with a circular saw, but you will first need to adjust the side stop. When the slats are ready, sandpaper them to remove any burrs.

The bars should be glued in pairs and aligned along one of the boundaries, and the joints themselves should be coated with wood glue, then use self-tapping screws for fixing.

As a result, you will get two identical woody corners. The racks should be connected with each other using jumpers, namely with bars of 8 * 4 * 2 cm in size. They must be installed on the inside of the corners, as well as reinforced from the outer structure with inserts that will be cut from the same board.

Spindle box

The second step is to create a spindle box. It will hold the power drill while allowing it to move vertically.

The box should be assembled from plywood, and you will need to cut two pieces of 15.5 * 5. 5 cm, as well as one measuring 14 * 15. 5 cm. The mobility of the unit will be provided by the guides, and you will need 4 pieces of them with a length of 12 cm.

Bend the stoppers at the ends using pliers.

The guides should be screwed onto the plywood blanks, two on the wide one, and one piece on the narrow ones. Now we assemble the spindle box, which has the shape of the letter "P", and the guides should be on the inner surfaces. Use self-tapping screws to attach the box to the vertical frame. The resulting structure will be easy to mix, while there will be no backlash and distortions.

Clamp for drill

Next, we make a clamp for an electric tool.This machine unit is one of the most critical. To provide excellent strength indicators, it should be made from two plywood blanks glued together, the size of which should be 16. 5 * 8. 5 cm.

A round hole must be cut in the workpiece, and its diameter will depend on the model of the drill. In any case, the drill should run freely but without clearance.

A correctly made retainer will make it possible to use the devices as a grooving machine, and they can make longitudinal grooves in soft material. A cut should be made outside the retainer, which will make it possible to clamp the drill, and a hole should be drilled in its "cheeks", inside which the locking screw will be installed. The latch must be attached to the movable box using self-tapping screws, and for reliability, you need to reinforce everything from below with a plywood corner.


For a drilling machine from a drill, you need a table, that is, a tabletop, which must be made of plywood. You can also use a laminated board made of wood shavings, and the size of the working surface should be 26 * 24 cm.For fastening, you need a piece of plywood 26 * 5 cm in size and corners, the sides of which are 6 cm. Then, using self-tapping screws, connect the table for bar.

The connection should turn out to be reliable, so it is worth glueing it additionally.

The reliability of the structure will add triangular inserts, which will be glued in the corners. It will be much easier to work with the machine if the table top is movable. It is not difficult to ensure its vertical movement, you just need to attach the guide bar to the bar, make a through hole and pass a long bolt through it.


We make a drilling machine from a drill + useful photos and videos The machine must be on a stability workbench, and a horizontal support is perfect for this. It should be made of the same plywood, and you will need to cut out blanks measuring 26 * 24 cm, as well as 5 * 24 cm.

First, connect the vertical frame and the narrow part of the base, and then glue the joint and do not forget to use self-tapping screws for fixing.

The resulting structure can be attached to the support. It is best to use M6 bolts, because their nuts are pressed into the base of the plywood from below. Also, use the melt bolts so the nuts will be up.

Feed and spring-loaded drill

The spindle box in normal condition should be at the top of the vertical frame with an electric drill installed above it.

To get this, use a spring with suitable parameters. It should be installed between the corners of the frame, and to fix it, a screw with a ring must be screwed into the upper jumper, and a self-tapping screw must be screwed into the box body.

The drill is forcibly lowered by means of a movable handle and should be made from a bar with one end attached to the top of the frame.The lever should be strengthened, and at the point of attachment to the wood, press in a sleeve made of metal of the diameter you need, and then fix the lever itself with a bolt. To transfer force, use a metal strip from the hole at the ends.

Its length should be selected empirically, and fixed with ordinary self-tapping screws.

Next, it remains to install the drill, fix it, and then perform a test drilling. It is during this process that you can drill a technological hole in the worktop, at the point where the drill comes out, which will make it possible to work with material of different thicknesses. The finished machine should be covered with several layers of varnish or painted. So you not only give the device a finished look, but also ensure the safety of use as well as durability.

Variants of home-made machines

You can make a full-fledged drilling machine from a car that has served its purpose from the steering wheel. Make a frame according to its dimensions, attach an electric motor to it. The engine from an old washing machine is perfect. The transmission of rotation will take place thanks to the belt drive.

The best option would be to use a pulley with several strands, which will make it possible to adjust the speed (then you can work with materials that are different in hardness).

A filler machine can be made in a similar way. You can drill small-diameter holes even on a small machine made from an old microscope, and an electric motor from an old tape recorder is installed on it.

The only difficulty will be finding the right cartridge. A drilling machine will help make life much easier, and even the simplest home-made device, which is made on the basis of an electric motor, can open up new horizons for it. Drilling metal, wood, making grooves and making a piece of furniture - this will be possible with a drilling machine, which is not difficult to do with your own hands.

Budget option - we make a machine from a drill for 300 rubles

And this is an unusual way, and you will need to spend about 300 rubles. This will give you a tool that drills at any angle, from 45 to 90 degrees.

So, let's consider the features of such a device:

  1. Tilt angle. In order to tilt the device to the required drilling angle, it will be enough to unscrew the two green levers from the top and set the required degree on the scale.
  2. Drilling limitation.

    If you turn the limiter knobs to the required height, you can limit the depth to which the drill can enter.

  3. Freeze. The device can be fixed in absolutely any position on the vertical plane. For example, it is very convenient if you change drills so that the drill does not go down.
  4. Fixation on the table surface.

    If you can fix the sole of the device with four self-tapping screws, for example, to the table, be sure to use this opportunity.This function will be very convenient if you need to drill many parts of the same type.

  5. Outsole. There is a 6 cm wide recess at the bottom to make it easier to install the fixture. The top of the sole has a 45 degree chamfer on both sides, and you may need to drill a hole in the edge of the square bar.

In operation, such a device is simple and convenient. This will greatly help ease the work in the workshop, and at the same time it costs a mere penny.