We make carved platbands on the windows with our own hands - Overview and Tips and recommendations on the choice of materials and methods of carving + Video

We make carved platbands on the windows with our own hands - Overview and Tips and recommendations on the choice of materials and methods of carving + Video Russian architecture of ancient times is associated with the majority of carved wooden window frames. Their form stands out among many others for its diversity and beauty.

Not long ago, in any corner of the country, one could find craftsmen who know their business and make breathtaking platbands for windows. Then, the popularity of such works faded away, but now it is resuming with renewed vigor.

In this article, we'll talk about a wonderful way to decorate window openings using carved wood trims.

Such elements are most suitable for a wooden house, you can buy ready-made stencils in full size or print them, adjusting the dimensions at your discretion.

Also, we will tell you what materials are best suited for making decorative trims for windows.

What are carved wooden platbands for?

The main function of carved wooden platbands was precisely in decorating window openings. Everyone tried to distinguish their home from others and to be different. The constructive function of wooden platbands is to close the gaps between the window opening and the frame.

This is done to minimize the ingress of dust and dirt into the home, as well as rain, snow and wind. In addition, the platbands also perform the function of sound insulation.

In the old days, it was believed that carved wooden platbands are able to protect housing from the evil eye, and are a special amulet for people living in it. That is why a variety of ornate patterns have their own specific meaning.

Modern architecture

Provides the following functionality for do-it-yourself carved wooden casing:

  • We make carved platbands on the windows with our own hands - Overview and Tips and recommendations on the choice of materials and methods of carving + Video Increase the height of the house if it is too low.

  • Individual design of the house in accordance with the stylistic idea.
  • Creation of a harmonious combination between all buildings on a suburban area.
  • Closing the gaps between the window opening and the frame.
  • Protects against cold, wind and precipitation.


Often, decorative carved platbands are indispensable, especially in log houses, since other materials will lead to a loss of the structure's visual appeal.

Important recommendations

  • Carved wooden platbands have their own peculiarities of operation, which you must pay attention to:
  • Negative influence of jumps air temperature, high humidity, contribute to the loss of appearance and deformation of the material.
  • When choosing wood for platbands, consider the properties of each species, because it also has its own processing and use characteristics.
  • Difficulties often arise when combining wood and plastic elements, so give preference to materials that imitate wood.

The meaning of the patterns of platbands

Each of the patterns of carved platbands made of wood has its own sacred meaning.

  • sun is placed on the kokoshnik, which is used as a symbol of energy and life.
  • The snake is the embodiment of fertility and wisdom.
  • Cross is a symbol of a harmonious combination of material and spiritual.
  • Plants on the platbands - the unity of man with nature.
  • Earrings in patterns are hospitable hosts.

    Earrings testify to the hospitality of the owners of the house.


For the manufacture of carved window frames, wood is used. With proper processing and periodic, you can not be afraid of the negative influence of the external environment.

How to make carved platbands?

Materials for carved platbands for windows

Larch is the most durable wood, which is not susceptible to putrefaction and the appearance of mold due to its high resin content.

Although these qualities do not allow it to be used to create carved elements due to its strength and hardness, working with larch is very difficult.

We make carved platbands on the windows with our own hands - Overview and Tips and recommendations on the choice of materials and methods of carving + Video Alder, linden, aspen - the most malleable materials, from which wonderful carved platbands are obtained ... In addition, it must be borne in mind that such materials need to be treated with antiseptics and fire retardants.

Ash, beech, oak - resistant to the negative influence of the external environment. But processing such a tree is rather difficult.

Pine and birch are the most popular materials for making carved platbands, since it is a pleasure to work with them. From such wood, openwork patterns of breathtaking beauty are obtained.

Apple and cherry is used for the manufacture of the smallest details for platbands.


For the manufacture of carved window frames, in addition to wood, they also use MDF (only for interior decoration), PVC (wide range of colors), polyurethane (for rounded windows), metal (protects the assembly seam) ...

Methods for installing platbands

Telescopic method L-shaped allows you to attach decorative elements by dipping into the groove of the window frame.

The advantage of this method is that the attachment points are not visible at all.

Overhead method is the most popular way of fixing carved platbands. Fastening takes place using nails or special glue.

Features of the carving of wooden platbands on windows

In order to make these decorative elements for windows with your own hands, you will need templates. They come in a variety of shapes, with artsy and bizarre patterns.

If you have experience in woodcarving, it will be easier to get the job done than a beginner. You can choose a drawing on any specialized Internet resources or purchase it in a store.

The selected fragments must be enlarged to the size of your window, so it will be easier to work. For carved wooden platbands and templates, take fiberboard, high density cardboard or the same paper.

Important !

It is much more difficult to cut small parts than large ones, moreover, they quickly lose their original appearance and require replacement over time.

Also, take into account the angle of inclination of the upper carved platband to prevent snow ingress and drainage of water.

The upper platband on the window is called the kokoshnik, and the lower towel. The most popular carved platbands are birds, animals, plants and figures.

Details of the carved casing for the window

  1. sill or bottom strip;
  2. vertical strip;
  3. top bar;
  4. shoulders;
  5. diadem;
  6. flowerpots.

For different sizes of window openings, it is recommended to draw up a drawing with an intermediate report, which must be repeated a certain number of times.

To do this, select 1 - 2 parts and repeat them alternately.

The most decorative and beautiful are carved platbands, which are cut right through. For such work, wood of light shades is suitable, or any other that is covered with white paint. Thus, you can arrange the windows on the dark side of the house, then the drawing will appear brighter in all its glory.

When carving in an overhead way, it is necessary to fix the parts that were cut separately on a single board.

Glue or nails will help you with this. Thus, you can decorate a window to which the platband has already been nailed earlier. The overhangs are painted one shade darker for expressiveness. The combination of both carving techniques creates a unique beauty on the windows.

Making carved platbands for windows

First of all, you need to choose a pattern and print it in an enlarged format.

In addition, the pattern must be placed correctly on the wood. To prevent cracks in the material, place the carved frame stencil on the windows along the grain of the wood. It is recommended to highlight the slots in color, and then proceed directly to the work, which is divided into stages:

  • We make carved platbands on the windows with our own hands - Overview and Tips and recommendations on the choice of materials and methods of carving + Video Do window measurements. For carving, a board with a thickness of at least 3 cm is taken through; for the overhead method, a material with a thickness of 1 cm is suitable.Remember that the wood must be dry.

  • Cutting blanks. So that the seamy side of the carved wooden casing fits snugly to the frame, the material is chosen with a shallow depth of 1 - 2 mm.
  • Cutting a pattern using a stencil. For this purpose, drills of various diameters are used; through holes are made using a jigsaw. For a beautiful cut, the place where the jigsaw is immersed is marked with a hole made with a drill, the point of entry of the jigsaw is marked with a drilled hole.

Carved elements must be cleaned with sanding paper, and dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner. The overhead thread is attached to the window with nails, the caps of which are then removed. For the reliability of fastening the platbands on carved wood windows, special glue is used, which is applied from the seamy side.Also, through or deaf thorns or liquid nails are used to attach carved platbands to windows. To preserve the original pitch of the material without loss of quality, carry out the treatment with fire retardants and antiseptics, as well as from bark beetles.

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