We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video

We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video Having studied the step-by-step instructions for the sliding gates with your own hands, as well as having studied the drawings and diagrams, looking at the sketches and instructions in our article, having chosen the desired option, get to work, get down to action immediately, having purchased the listed materials, feel free to get to work, and then enjoy the result of your labor.

Everyday life cannot be imagined without enclosing structures. The gates take the leading role in them.

How can you install a structure you like in your yard so that the family budget does not suffer greatly? You can make them yourself.

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Sliding gates.


Sliding gates are a real hit today. Many people prefer this type of structure and even make sliding gates with their own hands.


The mechanism looks more complicated than the usual swing gates, however, in many ways it outperforms the latter. Especially in compactness, because the leaf of the sliding gate runs along the guide rail along the fence, and does not require much space around it. In most cases, it is this fact that attracts buyers.

Advantages over swing doors

We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video Also, if we compare them during operation, then sliding gates again have advantages over swing gates . For example, in very windy weather, it is quite difficult to control the hinged flaps, besides, they must be fixed with a limiter, in order to avoid impact at any gust.

With sliding canvases, you can forget about such difficulties. And having remembered how long it takes to open one by one the doors one by one, and then close them, there is no doubt in whose favor you want to make a choice.

Types of sliding gates

Sliding or sliding gates are two canvases of a certain size that move along a guide rail.

Mechanical and automatic gates can be distinguished. What is their difference is clear from the names. But there is no definite answer which of them is preferable.


Usually equipped with a handle for easy web control. To mount them, you do not need to bother with summing up the electrical circuit and the cost for them is much lower.

The mechanical method of gate control excludes possible breakdown of the automation and blockage of the passage as a result.


On the other hand, automatic is much more convenient to use. Until recently, garage doors with remote opening were just a dream. Many knew about them only from foreign films.

Now such a function is available to everyone, and it is a pleasure to use it.

The automatic gate mechanism consists of a radio receiver, a photocell, a drive and a guide rail.


There are three variants of the sliding gate mechanism:

  1. We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video suspended (when the guide rail is attached from above),
  2. cantilever (in this case, the door leaf moves along a beam fixed on the structure itself) and moving along the ground.

Each of the listed options has some nuances.


For example, the suspended method limits the passage height. For owners of tall cars, this is a serious disadvantage.

If the rollers move on the ground, there is a danger of clogging the guide, which is located below, near the ground. Therefore, they are mainly used either indoors or in countries with dry climates, where dirt around the rails can be avoided.


But the console design is devoid of such disadvantages, its guide is mounted directly on the frame. Between the roller carriage and the rail, the same console is formed from which this version of the sliding gate took its name.

As for the price category, the cantilever canvases are of a higher level, because complex special fittings are used here.

But if you have the time and desire, you can try to reduce the cost of sliding gates. How? Just make them yourself.

Making sliding gates with our own hands


First you need to have all the necessary tools and material.

Tools that will be needed in the process of making sliding gates:

  1. Construction concrete mixer, welding machine, grinder or grinder;

Important! Welding must be performed in staggered patterns. Otherwise, the frame may overheat and deform.

  1. Everything that may be needed for laying bricks;
  2. Screwdriver , metal scissors, drill, hammer drill are used on the stage of erecting the frame and its sheathing;
  3. Shovel, hammer, crowbar, needed when performing earthworks;
  4. Stepladder, level , tape measure and wrenches;
  5. Tools for staining .


We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video The tool is usually simple, but it is already difficult to pick up materials.

The fact is that when selecting components separately, they may simply not fit each other, and this will affect the quality and functionality of the structure.

For example, a gate will be skewed to one side or gaps between elements will be noticeable. Therefore, if possible, it is better to buy components with a special set, where all the details have already been agreed.

There are many companies that sell such kits with the ability to deliver the order on site.

Basic elements of a set of sliding gates

  1. Frame;
  2. Carrying trolley;
  3. Carrying beam;
  4. Plateau with side swing rollers;
  5. End roller;
  6. End roller trap.

Before starting work, it is important to draw up accurate drawings indicating the overall dimensions of the structure and marks of the clearances, the distance for rollback. Only then will it be possible to decide how to make the gate.

Materials for work

  1. Components of concrete : cement, sand, crushed stone;
  2. For the foundation: reinforcement, channel, I-beam;
  3. For the collection of support posts: bricks, concrete blocks or wood;
  4. The support frame will require a metal profile;
  5. Material for the outer finishes.

    For example, sheets of corrugated board .

Stages of assembling a sliding gate with your own hands

  1. We make sliding gates with our own hands no worse than from the factory- Review + Video Preparation of the base for gate . Here you need to take into account the composition of the soil on which they plan to mount the structure and the mass of the paintings themselves. Usually the top layer of soil is removed and reinforcement is installed. Then they move on to forming the foundation for the pillars and laying a pipe with an electrician for automation.

  2. Create wireframe . The frame of the future gate is made of a shaped pipe. A tire from a set for sliding gates is welded to the bottom of the leaf, and if the gate is planned to be automatic, then a toothed rack from the same set is attached to the tire. The fasteners must be welded exactly horizontally. Otherwise, excessive load on the drive is inevitable and, as a result, an early breakdown.

  3. Painting gate . In the conditions of independent execution of the gate, the most optimal method will be paint spraying or application with an ordinary brush.
  4. Installation of bearing carriages with rollers and the remaining structural elements on the concrete foundation. Typically, a large anchor bolt is used for this or welded to the embedded element.

Important! It is better to install carriages after at least 7 days after laying the foundation.

After that, the catchers and the knurling roller are attached to the tire, the upper blade holder to the post, as well as the toothed rack.

  1. Canvases filling and mounting on carriages . The sash canvases are filled with any finishing material. For example, from a metal profile, wood or metal picket fence.

Important! The canvases should be filled before installation.

Filling is carried out using rivets or self-tapping screws.

  1. Installation and adjustment of automatic drive and security system.

These were the main steps in making a DIY sliding gate. In fact, there may be much more manipulation, it will depend on the chosen model.

Self-made sliding gates will come out an order of magnitude cheaper than ordering from a commercial company at a retail price.

But you will have to make an effort and delve into the rules for their construction, so that later you will not regret the savings, but enjoy the design.