We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video

We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video The normal desire of any person of average income is a reasonable economy on building a house. If you dream of building a house with your own hands, you need to know which points you can save on, and which ones you shouldn't, what needs to be considered in advance and what issues you should pay attention to. Use only tried-and-true tricks to save money on material costs, site selection and time of year to build.

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Choosing a plot for building a house

Before starting construction, you must have a plot, preferably fenced, a project and building permission. Decide which buildings besides the house you want to put on the site, for example, for a modest house, a garage and a bathhouse, 10 acres of land will be enough.

Remember that an exorbitantly large plot increases the purchase price significantly, and in the future you will have to invest a lot of labor, time and money to improve it.

You can also save money on the features of the relief. Plots are flat and with a slope. The cost of the work is based on the size of this slope, since an individual project or leveling of the site may be required.

We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video

The size and structure of costs will also depend on the characteristics of the soil on the site: on the degree of their heaving and saturation with water.

You can find out this information by contacting the organization for geological and geodetic surveys in your area, or ask about the composition of the soil from prospective neighbors.

It is worth paying attention to the fact of bringing communications to the site. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a demolished house with all utilities than to pay a lot of money to get permission to connect electricity and gas.

Project and linking the house to the site

There are typical and individual projects. To save money, you can purchase a finished project.

They are sold by many companies, their cost varies from 24,000 to 65,000 rubles. Be sure to make sure that the project contains a complete set of documents, including the architectural, construction and engineering parts. The latter is especially important, and you need to have it right away. Even if the house project suits you, but you want to change something, it will be cheaper than ordering an individual project.

We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video

You should also evaluate the internal layout of your country house.

It should be economical and convenient.

The best shape of a building for economy is a square, it has an optimal ratio of living space and utility space.

The house does not need a large number of corridors, and their area should not exceed that specified in the regulatory documents.

After purchasing the project, you should correctly place the house on the site. Using the principle of "solar architecture" will avoid additional financial costs for heating.

According to them, the house is oriented on the site so that the maximum number of windows faces south.This simple heating method has been known since ancient times. Through the windows, ultraviolet rays heat the room and thereby reduce heating costs.

How to save money when purchasing materials

If you are building a concrete, brick or aerated concrete house - all work related to the ground, foundation and walls should be done correctly in the warm season. A timber frame house can be built all year round, but it is better to build a foundation in a warm season.

By the way, you can save money when choosing the technology of a Canadian frame house. It allows you to build a house with your own hands, regardless of the season.

We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video
An example of a Canadian house. Building in the winter season

If you start building in the spring, it is best to start preparations early in winter. Preparation - saving and reducing construction time at the same time.

What can be done in advance:
  1. Buy reinforcement, wire, all components for formwork, sand and crushed stone for concrete, the necessary tools
  2. Construct clamps for foundation frames, beams, floors, lintels, crossbars, formwork
  3. Select and order windows and doors.

It is better to make purchases in winter, while you will save a lot of money on building your own house.

During this period, the pace of construction decreases and the cost of materials decreases. And if you are determined to build a house inexpensively, save on cost, and not on the quality of materials, it is better to prepare for the start of construction in winter.

How to spend less on material for walls when building a house

In the total estimate, 30% is the cost of walls.

The opportunity to save depends on how you imagine your future home. The most expensive is the construction of brick walls. This is a large expenditure of labor and time; construction features also require highly skilled workers, and a strong foundation.

It will be more economical to use porous ceramic stone. Its use simplifies the construction technology: less concrete is required, and the terms of work are reduced.

And the low coefficient of thermal conductivity makes it possible to erect walls without additional insulation, only ceramic stone and facing brick.

Chopped logs, cylinders, glued beams are considered expensive materials.

From economical options, you can consider the construction of frame houses, adobe houses, or from foam concrete. Building a house, using the technology of fixed polystyrene foam formwork, can be considered very budgetary.


The foundation is 20% of the cost estimate.

They can be reduced both when choosing the type of foundation and when installing it.

The most expensive is the strip monolith We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video deep buried foundation. When erecting a slab foundation, you can save 35 - 40% by replacing metal fittings with composite ones.We recommend a pile foundation, it is reliable and erected in 1 day, at a price not expensive, the cheapest columnar foundation or on tires, if you do everything yourself, it turns out very cheap.


Monolithic slabs are the most expensive type, which also differ in low sound insulation and create a significant load on the walls and foundation of the house.

Alternatively, precast reinforced aerated concrete slabs can be used. They are well soundproofed and have less weight, but they are practically not inferior in cost to monolithic ones.

Hollow reinforced concrete slabs of all sizes and for any loads are considered an economical option. They are easy to install, but they are famous for poor sound insulation and weight. In addition, they do not have top reinforcement and are not used in balconies, awnings and canopies.

We save on building a house with our own hands: Review + Secrets and Video

The most accessible material is overlapping on wooden beams. It reduces costs by 2 - 2.5 times at this stage. But you need to correctly calculate the load on the floor and perform the installation with high quality. And you can improve the quality of sound insulation using mineral wool.


You won't be able to save a lot here. The more complex the shape of the roof, the more expensive materials you will need and the more qualified builders you need to attract. The most economical option is a simple gable roof. You can reduce costs by using Russian analogues of expensive imported materials. Compared to copper seam roofing, ceramic tiles and slate tiles, cement - sand, flexible tiles and metal tiles are more affordable.

As a result, it can be added that the main directions in which you need to go in order to reduce construction costs is not to strive to erect huge and complex elite structures. A simple, small country house is the most profitable and advantageous option.