We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video

We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video In modern multi-storey construction, there is a popular tendency to rent apartments without renovation, namely with a rough finish. Of course, there are new buildings on the real estate market that have been renovated by the developer.

Sometimes it is quite successful and does not require investment in the first few years until it gets bored. In addition, this is true for monolithic and brick houses, which shrink for several years. As for the technology of bulk block construction, such houses do not settle, so repair work can be safely carried out in them.

How to start repairs in a new building? This question is asked by many, and it is not surprising, because you have a lot of work in front of you, and you do not know what to start. Let's try to figure it out together, and focus your attention on the main stages of renovation in a new building.

Before planning the work

First of all, inspect the apartment for defects and defects in order to understand what scope of work awaits you. Decide what needs to be repaired or replaced first.

We can definitely answer that the list of important works includes:

  1. Replacement of the entrance door, windows, ventilation, if necessary.

  2. Wiring and placement of sockets in the apartment in the right amount, and it is better to decide on this right away, because you will need to gouge the walls, and then repair the defects.
  3. Connecting water, checking the sewerage system, installing plumbing in bathrooms and toilets, namely, bathroom bowls, sinks, bidets, toilets, shower cabins.
  4. If the start of repairs from scratch in a new building coincides with the heating season, using a thermometer, be sure to check the heating level of the radiators.


It is very important to know and remember that at the initial stage of the repair it is necessary to draw up a list of claims of the detected defects and defects to the seller or to the developer.

It is best if you are compensated for the expenses in the amount of money, rather than redo it on your own.

Do-it-yourself start of repairs in a new building provides for the calculation and order of stages of the necessary cases. An important factor affecting the speed of work is the financial side. Buying an apartment without renovation, in any case, you are forced to draw up all the necessary documentation for it, and at this moment you begin to pay utility bills.

And, as you know, you need to pay for everything: for garbage collection, water disposal, heating, electricity, gas, cleaning of the local area.

Thus, while not yet living in your apartment, you must spend money on its maintenance. Therefore, the earlier you start repairs in a new building, the more profitable for you.

Renovation of an apartment in a new house


There are two different approaches to the issue of renovating an apartment in a new house.

Renovation and decoration of an apartment according to plan

We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video This approach provides for the need to think over everything to the smallest detail.It is necessary to draw up a detailed map and stages of the finishing work.

Here it is important to describe the main types of capital repairs in a new building, as well as the installation of devices. Very often, and this is completely justified, for such work, one team is hired from scratch, which will start and bring the job to the end. The timing of the repair can be different, it all depends on the area of ​​the apartment, as well as your financial capabilities.

Expedited repairs

This approach is characterized by the fact that all repair work is performed by a hired team, which will be constantly under your control. Thus, within a period not exceeding 1 - 2 weeks, an apartment in a new building will be ready for further work.

Along with laying communications in housing, they often prepare a small room in an apartment, where they lay the floor with a floor covering of your choice, decorate the walls, making the room ready for living. Further repair work in a new building with a rough finish can be carried out taking into account the appearance of money for this and free time, respectively.

Important points

It is believed that new buildings shrink the base and walls . In fact, experts assure that such processes are completed before the building is put into operation, and take about one and a half years.

In case you notice cracks in the ceiling and corners of the walls, or the falling off of tiles in the bathroom, this indicates that the new house has problems with the stability of the base.

In this case, do-it-yourself repairs in a new building should be postponed until the reasons for such phenomena are clarified.

Before starting the renovation of a new apartment, check the front door and the lock on it . You can choose the model and complete set of the door by prior arrangement. In the contract it is necessary to indicate the desired model of the door and the lock in it. In order to secure your home, it is recommended to replace the developer's lock immediately.

Next, you need to deal with the distribution switchboard and connect an electric meter. These actions will make it possible to use electrical tools for repairs. It is recommended to decide in advance on the placement of wiring and sockets in the apartment, so that you do not have to buy carriers and extension cords. To do everything right, consider the following points:

  • In the kitchen and bathroom, wiring must be laid in sleeves and hoses for tightness.
  • In order to connect a washing machine and a boiler in the bathroom, you need a separate wire with a cross section of at least 25 A;
  • A separate wire is also required to install the air conditioner.

  • In the living room, bathroom, in the kitchen, you need to run a cable, the function of which will be additional grounding.

Important !

When laying the wiring, use only a one-piece copper cable without solders and twists.

We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video An important task for you, there will also be connecting hot and cold water meters , and collection of sewerage in the bathroom. Also, install washbasins and a toilet.

Considering that high-quality plumbing cannot be cheap a priori, for a start you can put a budget version of sinks and toilets, plastic sewer pipes.

All this can be replaced if desired at any time.

In order to lay water pipes made of plastic, you need to use a perforator and drill holes 2.5 - 3 cm. Then, you need to connect the pipes by soldering them together and connect them to washbasins, bidets and cisterns. Water meters are connected at the final stage of working with sewage.

Stages of work

Rough work

We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video At this stage of renovation in a new building, take care of cleaning the apartment from residual fractions of mortar and concrete. Your main task is to clean walls, ceilings, floors, where you need to grind, or cover up holes, cut seams, and more.

It goes without saying that such work produces a lot of dirt, dust and waste. In this regard, it is necessary to make the ventilation system in the apartment at the highest level and carry out wet cleaning.

An important point in the sequence of repairs in a new building is the preparation of the floor in all rooms for further finishing.

Seal up any chips, cracks, holes and existing seams. The most difficult job is leveling the floors using cement screed and reinforcement mesh. This process is carried out after the preparation of the ceilings and walls has been completed.

Finishing work

We will quickly make repairs in a new building without finishing and with a rough draft: tips and tricks + Video After clearing the room from the results of rough work, you need prepare the walls and floor for laying tiles. Such cladding material is often laid in bathrooms and as a sleeve under a kitchen set.

Also, decorative plaster is a good option for wall cladding, moisture-resistant plaster is used for the bathroom, and one that can be washed is suitable for the kitchen. There are many options for such a cladding in hardware stores. Anyway. The base must first be prepared and leveled.

In other rooms, the walls can be pasted over with wallpaper, there are also a lot of options, for any budget.

Liquid wallpaper or plaster for wall decoration is also often used in apartment renovations. This cladding looks wonderful.


Check the glass units in the window openings before starting finishing work, adjust or replace them if necessary.

For flooring, choose finishing materials to suit your taste and budget.

They can be covered with linoleum, porcelain stoneware tiles, laminate floors, parquet boards, or quartz vinyl tiles. Self-leveling floors with various colors and effects have been invented for the bathroom. They are certainly not cheap, but they look breathtaking.

Installing and connecting lighting devices in rooms, choosing furniture are already pleasant chores. The main finishing works have been completed.

Now you can get into the details of the additional decor.


As practice shows, about 70% of capital repairs in a new building can be done with your own hands without involving specialists. Laying of parquet boards, stretch ceilings, installation of windows and doors, in most cases requires the hands of professionals.

It is important to pay special attention

Works that are prohibited to be carried out if you wish to re-plan the space in the apartment

  • Organization of living room and kitchen in one room.

  • Entrance to the bathroom or toilet from the living room and kitchen.
  • Moving the kitchen to the living room.
  • Placing a bathroom above the kitchen or living room of the neighbors below.
  • Kitchen equipment for rooms without windows.
  • Installation of wiring and sewer pipes in floor slabs and wall joints.

  • Any work to reduce or fill the ventilation duct.
  • Increase in load force on supporting structures.
  • Transfer of heating radiators and hot water pipes, which are connected to the transfer to the general system of the house, with their removal to loggias and balconies.
  • Connecting underfloor heating to a common heating system.

Repair work, for which it is necessary to obtain permission from BTI

  • Change of the architectural project of the apartment.

  • Redevelopment with the removal of load-bearing walls, partitions, pillars.
  • Relocation or merging of bathrooms.

Repair work that does not require permission

Relocation of sanitary and technical equipment (stove, bathroom bowl, washbasins, toilets ).

  • Arrangement in load-bearing structures of doors or filling of an opening.
  • Installation of double-glazed windows on balconies and loggias.

  • Installation of partitions, provided that the load on the floor slabs does not increase.
  • Renovation work in the apartment (cosmetics).
  • Installation of new engineering devices similar to those installed.
  • Installation and dismantling of built-in wardrobes and mezzanines.
  • Installation of air conditioners, antennas of protection nets on the facade of the house.

  • Modification of the external facing of balconies and loggias.
  • Transfer of gas and electric stoves.

Finally, let's mention the stylistic directions in the design of apartments, but the choice is always yours. This is classicism, art deco, high-tech, loft, avant-garde, Scandinavian, Provence, minimalism, country.

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