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Wester Clever, Premium, Patriot, Wise, Leader + Video The gas boiler is the basis for the uninterrupted and high-quality operation of the entire heating system at home. When choosing, everyone tries to find a unit with durability, reliability and acceptable cost. The domestic Lemax boiler meets these parameters and user reviews confirm this.

The modern gas boiler of the Russian company Lemax stands out for its competitive cost and good performance. The manufacturer offers a whole series of boilers under such names as Patriot, Leader, Gazovik, Premium and others.

All these series are designed specifically for the harsh Russian conditions and have Russified automation.

About the company

The brand was formed in 1992 in the city of Taganrog. As a result of passing a long way from a small company to the largest production, the company today occupies a leading position in the Russian market.

All equipment is manufactured using the latest technology. Products have an excellent price-quality ratio according to consumers.

The following advantages of Lemax boilers are distinguished:

  • Good characteristics are proven by a high efficiency rate from 90 to 92%;
  • Operational safety due to the presence multi-stage protection;
  • Easy to connect;
  • The company assumes a three-year warranty;
  • Provided that the boilers are used correctly, they can last up to 25 years.

These advantages are largely due to the company's cooperation with leading European manufacturers of heat exchangers and automation, which supply high-quality parts for domestic boilers.


Today there are several types of boilers:

  • Floor type with a heat exchanger made of steel or cast iron ;
  • wall-mounted.

Floor standing is considered a classic option for private households. Their main advantage is complete energy independence.

But there is also a small drawback - they are sensitive to blowing out a flame if the chimney goes out to the windy side. Not very critical, but it will have to be rekindled, since this is not done automatically.

The principle of operation consists in heating the heat exchanger of the heating system and hot water supply (for double-circuit) with a burner built into the body. Circulation in the coolant can be natural, in the case of non-volatile types, and forced, in volatile ones. Piezo ignition is used here.

Floor-standing view available with steel or cast iron heat exchanger. Steel models of a single-circuit floor type are dependent on electricity and their work consists only in heating. Double-circuit is used to heat water for domestic use. The best representatives of Lemax are single-circuit cast iron units. This is due to the good characteristics of cast iron.

Wall-mounted can be installed both in a country cottage and in an apartment. They are compact and have a set of devices for uninterrupted operation, but are power-dependent.

Automation is made in Italy. No adjustment required during operation. The main thing here is to have a stable voltage.

They have a protective function against overheating and blowing out the flame.

Disadvantage - lack of protection against jamming and freezing of the pumping system. Economical fuel consumption and increased efficiency of the device thanks to the modulation principle. Connects to the chimney.

Design of Lemax boilers

The main components of the gas heater are:

  • Wester Clever, Premium, Patriot, Wise, Leader + Video Burner or gas burner block, wick, piezo ignition.

    By pressing the button, the piezoelectric element is activated, with the help of which the wick is then ignited. The main burner is ignited from the igniter;

  • Heat exchanger. The branch pipes are connected to the heating system. The process of heating the coolant takes place in it. If there is hot water supply, it must be borne in mind that when the water heating mode is turned on, the heating stops;
  • Automation, including the control board and sensors;
  • Gas valve with an expansion tank;
  • Circulation pump.

    The company has developed an independent layout of elements and assemblies, an instruction manual.


Failure to observe the correct installation may result in breakdowns and malfunctions. This work should only be performed by qualified personnel.

Features of installing Lemax boilers:

  • Since the automation unit is equipped with draft sensors, thanks to which, when removing combustion residues, the burner can be turned off;
  • With the device, create the necessary conditions for traction. The manufacturer recommends to connect the unit to the chimney from sandwich pipes;
  • Ease and speed of switching on;
  • Mechanical regulation;

In the automation unit, the main role is played by a gas valve.

It is controlled using similar converters or electronic controllers that receive data from electrical sensors.

The combination valve is assembled from elements such as a simple valve and a solenoid valve. The simple one is kept open with the help of a spring, and the second one, during the start-up process, opens with a button to ignite the wick. It is held for a certain time for the heating-sensitive element to warm up by the igniter. This element generates an electric current by which the electromechanical control device is kept open and the key can be released.

When the gas pilot is blown out, the thermoelement cools down, which is provoked by the cessation of current generation, and the magnetic valve closes. The overlapping of the spring valve occurs when the signal is transmitted from the temperature and draft sensor.

The company's product line

The brand's line is represented by devices with different levels of functionality for heating rooms of different areas. Let's take a closer look at some of them:

  • Wester Clever, Premium, Patriot, Wise, Leader + Video The Wester Clever series is represented by four models of atmospheric convection boilers with different power ratings. A characteristic feature of Wester Clever 20/30 is high heat transfer rates, at which the heating of the coolant at the outlet is up to 90 degrees.

    Clever 40 has a large capacity. The most powerful representative of the line is the Wester Clever 61 model. It can operate both from the mains and independently.

  • Premium are intended for premises with a chimney. The series is presented in a range of capacities from eight to one hundred kilowatts.

    The modifications have single-circuit and double-circuit models. The intensity of the fire is automatically adjusted. The material of manufacture is steel.

  • Patriot. This model has the foreseen ability to work with both forced and natural ventilation.

    Installed in apartment buildings. Burnout is removed by means of coaxial chimneys. The power factor ranges from 6-10 kW.

  • The Wise series is made of Czech cast iron. These boilers are single-circuit.

    They are resistant to voltage and temperature fluctuations. If necessary, they can switch to work from liquefied fuel, also connect to indirect heating tanks, a climate control system and a thermostat.

  • The leader is represented by devices with cast iron heat exchangers. They have a silvered surface. The injector burner is located at the bottom of the furnace.

    Available in single-circuit type only. Able to heat an area of ​​150-500 sq. M. It is the most expensive series.


According to the feedback from the owners of Lemax equipment, the following features can be distinguished:

  • Reasonable price;
  • good and high-quality assembly;
  • reliability of the automatic system;
  • durability and resistance of the heat exchanger;
  • ease of operation
  • good maintainability.

Consumers also highlight some disadvantages of the device:

  • During operation, filters need to be replaced, the heat exchanger needs periodic cleaning, and it is also necessary to monitor the condition consumables;
  • possible corrosive formation.

Eugene. Kostroma . We have been using the Lemax boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger for over 4 years. The device is very easy to configure.

There is a temperature regulator on the panel, switching is quite easy and has a minimum step.

Andrey. Serpukhov . We live with our family in a village where there are constant power outages, in a two-story house. Having installed the device of this company, we lived in warmth during the entire cold period, despite these interruptions.

The fact that he is not dependent on electricity is his main plus. Works stably without problems.

Nikolay. Moscow region . The Lemax boiler was installed relatively recently.

I'm happy with everything. I highly recommend this brand. From my own experience I was convinced of the reliability and quality of these products.


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