What are the advantages of CMC wallpaper glue, its varieties and manufacturing standards: Tips + Video

What are the advantages of CMC wallpaper glue, its varieties and manufacturing standards: Tips + Video Wallpaper has remained the most popular finishing material for many years, and CMC glue has been a famous means for gluing them for a very long time ... KMTs wallpaper glue has a number of advantages that allow it to lead the sales market over the years.

Due to its technical characteristics, the wallpaper is attached to the wall reliably and for a long time, and water of any temperature is used in the preparation, which favorably distinguishes CMC from competitors.

Composition and technical data

The glue got its name from the chemical elements that make up its composition - sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, the main element. Externally, it is a fine-grained white powder. Modern manufacturers began to add antiseptic impurities to the composition, which prevent the appearance of mold.

CMC glue has the following technical data:

  1. What are the advantages of CMC wallpaper glue, its varieties and manufacturing standards: Tips + Video dry matter in the composition - 57%
  2. active elements in dry matter - not less than 69%.
  3. Sodium chloride in dry matter - 21%
  4. Moisture - 12%
  5. Complete swelling of the composition to the finished mixture - no more than 2 hours.

  6. The shelf life of the solution is 1 week.

! Important. The main particles of the CMC glue composition are absolutely non-toxic elements and cannot harm your health.

Often, to increase the adhesive qualities and strength, CMC is added to cement and chalk putties.

Types of glue

Before you buy KMC glue in the store

What are the advantages of CMC wallpaper glue, its varieties and manufacturing standards: Tips + Video … pay attention to the color of the dry matter.

If all the GOST standards were observed during the manufacture of the adhesive, the powder will be white. In this case, you do not have to worry that during the preparation of the solution, an inhomogeneous mixture with lumps or sediment is formed.

Do not purchase yellowish glue. Often, the composition acquires such a color if the manufacturer saves on manufacturing technology, does not adhere to standards and specifications. It is strongly not recommended to use such glue, as it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

For example, yellow stains may appear, which cannot be eliminated; over the pasted wallpaper and repairs will have to be redone.

! Important. The process of creating CMC glue is regulated by the technical conditions TU 2231-034-07507908-2001 and TU 6-55-40-90.

If we evaluate CMC by its ability to glue wallpaper to the surface, we can distinguish three main types: for light, heavy and medium wallpapers. The main active substance, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, gives the solution its thickness and stickiness.

The more it is in the composition, the thicker and more sticky mixture that will hold on the wall, including heavy vinyl wallpaper, can be prepared.

Advantages of CMC glue

How does CMC differ favorably from other wallpaper adhesives?

  1. This universal glue.It will not be difficult to dilute the dry substance to a ready-made solution, and additional antiseptic additives will save your repair from the formation of mold.
  2. Ready-made mortar is easy to use for wallpaper installation.
  3. The glue does not have harsh, unpleasant odors.

  4. Due to its composition, the probability that spots or streaks appear on freshly pasted wallpaper is reduced to zero.

Today, many manufacturers present their products on the market of adhesives. Both domestic and foreign. The advantages of the Russian-made CMC glue, undoubtedly, include a low cost. On the other hand, the time that the mixture is ready for a ready-to-use solution is about two hours, which does not contradict GOST standards.

As for wallpaper glue from foreign manufacturers, the disadvantages include the high cost compared to Russian counterparts, but you will overpay in time, since less than a quarter of an hour after the dry matter is diluted, you can already start gluing wallpaper.

! Important. The most famous manufacturers of CMC glue in the Russian Federation are OOO TC Vympel, OOO Zavod Karbocel, OOO Omega and others.


Even if you will dilute the glue solution for the first time, this will not cause you any difficulties. Prepare in advance the dishes in which you will prepare the glue, preferably enameled.

Carefully read the instructions on the package. Please note that each pack must indicate how much water is needed. Often, for thin wallpapers for 0.5 kg of powder, about 8 liters of water are needed, and for heavy ones - about 7 liters.

Slowly pour the powder into water at room temperature, stirring constantly.

After everything has been thoroughly mixed, leave the solution for swelling (the waiting time for readiness is also indicated on the package).

! Important: Select CMC for the type of wallpaper that you will glue. 0.5 kg of dry matter is enough to wallpaper a surface of 50 sq. m .


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