What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos Today the market is filled with a variety of modern materials for the walls of your home. And their choice is huge. These include: wallpaper, decorative plasters, ceramic tiles, lining, drywall, etc. Everyone can choose the material for wall decoration that he likes.

A couple of decades ago, the choice of building materials for decorating and repairing walls was rather scarce and poor.

And today - just eyes run up from the abundance of materials and decorative elements. Every day there are new technologies that make your home even better and more beautiful.

The most common modern methods and options for finishing the external and internal walls of the house are: painting; pasting with decorative wallpaper; facing; finishing with a variety of wall panels. For the exterior walls of the house, the following are most often used: decorative plaster finishing; siding cladding.

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Important elements when choosing a finishing material

Wall decoration should be given special attention, because most of the room is occupied by the walls of the house.

Depending on what elements and materials you choose for wall decoration, the creation of the interior in the house will depend. What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos To choose the right material for decorating the walls of a house, you need to know its main features, take into account its practicality, main characteristics and properties, durability, color and compliance the style of your interior, created in the house. For each room of a frame house, in accordance with its purpose, different building elements and materials are selected. Especially carefully and with high quality, you should choose the finishing decor for the outer part of the frame house. Paints should be highly moisture resistant, and decorative plasters should be cement based.

Decorative wallpapers

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos For many years, the most common materials for decoration the walls inside the house are wallpaper. The variety and color range of their choice increases every year. They come in a variety of types: paper, fiberglass, liquid, non-woven, vinyl and textile. Each species has certain properties, a different palette of colors and patterns. Thanks to these diverse properties, they can be used in different rooms and create a different and unusual interior style.

Wallpaper for painting has gained immense popularity and fame; it can be used to paste over not only walls, but also ceilings. Photo wallpapers are also in great demand. The textile material, which is formed on a non-woven base or paper, looks very nice and beautiful. For its release, silk, viscose and flax are used. It is customary to process this type of wallpaper with a dry soft cloth or with a vacuum cleaner.

There are more expensive exclusive and original materials for interior wall decoration - these are wallpaper made of natural reed and bamboo, as well as seaweed. In addition to the listed types of wallpaper, wood, felt, textile and quartz coatings can be used.

Fabric coverings

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos The most common and best material for walls at home it is a fabric cover. Today the market has a huge selection of this material, different textures and colors. Interior fabrics add sophistication to your walls.

This environmentally friendly natural material is used to decorate the walls of corridors, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. The fabric cover is easy to assemble and disassemble. The material is stretched over wooden slats, which are attached to the floor and ceiling. This finish does not require careful alignment of the walls.

Types of decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is a material for interior decoration of house walls, which look very unusual and original.

The following types of plaster can be distinguished:

  1. textured plaster is a mixture of different colors, made on the basis of binding synthetic materials and a special filler;
  2. sgraffito is a colored plaster consisting of soil and several layers of coatings with an original silhouette pattern;
  3. tadelakt - mineral Moroccan plaster, moisture resistant, it contains no synthetic additives and foreign dyes.

Flock coatings can also be attributed to this material, they imitate leather, suede and velor or textures of natural stones, stone chips, structural and "Venetian" plasters. All of its types are not afraid of moisture and are quite easy to apply, have a varied color palette, are resistant to any mechanical stress and hide all roughness and irregularities.

Environmentally friendly materials

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos
Leather panels are very expensive

To create comfort and coziness, modern material for the walls of a wooden house is suitable: cork covering like wallpaper or plates. It has good sound and heat insulation and environmental properties.

Walls covered with genuine leather will look very expensive and beautiful, and their surface will be smooth or textured. But today the most common coating is crocodile or monitor lizard skin tiles. This material is very strong, fireproof and durable. This coating option is quite expensive, therefore, there are wall panels on the market that imitate leather, and also produce wallpaper for a leather coating. If you want to create an ethnic style in the house, leather and fur wall decoration using and using natural stone, wood or bronze is ideal for you.

Plasterboard wall decoration is often used. It is mainly used for finishing wood flooring. Glass and metal are perfect for decorating a high-tech room.It can be tiles and panels of various colors and sizes, with or without a pattern, transparent and with silvering. If desired, the walls can be finished with special aluminum sheets in the color of gold, bronze or copper.

Materials for interior decoration of the house

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos The best option for kitchen walls will be covered with ceramic tiles. It washes well, is durable and looks very pretty. It is produced in a variety of colors and shapes. For kitchens and bathrooms, matte or glossy tiles with a textured or smooth surface are usually chosen.

Paint is a cheap excellent finishing material.

If your walls are flat, without any cracks or potholes, then painting the surface is ideal for you. By experimenting with color and getting different shades, you can resolve all your conceived design thoughts and ideas. To do this, choose only moisture resistant and washable paints. The most reliable and durable will be polyvinyl acetate paints. Matte or semi-matt will perfectly hide all the unevenness of the walls.

Modern materials for interior and exterior decoration of the walls of a wooden house - in addition to ceramic tiles and different types of wallpaper - are decorative wall panels. They are easy enough to install and their service life increases. These coverings are produced from fiberboard and plastic. On the outer coating, they are imitated by natural stone or wood. Also, fabric-based materials with high moisture resistance are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom: isoprene, vinisthene, linkrust.

Today, mosaic tiles are used for wall decoration in the kitchen and bathroom. The mosaic includes: smalt, glass, ceramic tiles and natural stone. All presented elements and materials for interior decoration of the walls of a wooden house in the kitchen and bathroom have a beautiful appearance. They are also easy to clean and require little maintenance.

What are the best modern materials for decorating walls at home? Views + Videos
Decorative painting

Materials for exterior wall decoration of the house

Currently on the market there are various materials for the walls of a frame house and elements for exterior wall decoration of a wooden frame house.

They can be both natural and artificial. Composites are used for exterior wall decoration - these are porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. They are lined with basement and lower floors of buildings. Natural stone is used to decorate the exterior walls of the house. This material is very durable, beautiful, frost-resistant and waterproof.

Artificial decorative stone is also often used. It is very easy to install, unpretentious, durable and affordable. Protection of the facade of the house from atmospheric external influences will give such material as vinyl siding.

Whatever material you choose for interior and exterior decoration of the walls of your home, it must be reliable and of high quality. It is also important that the coating matches the entire interior and architectural style of your home.

When choosing a coating, consult with specialists who can advise you on the best option for your frame house.