What are the life hacks for building a house? Review + Video

What are the life hacks for building a house? Review + Video Useful life hacks for building and repairing houses. Construction and repair is a responsible business, and sometimes difficult, and if professionals know how to optimize the process of work, then ordinary people who do it for the first time and unprofessionally often make many mistakes.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared life hacks for construction and renovation that will facilitate the process.

Life hacks for construction

  1. A standard mesh table can become a real boon for small garages, as well as for field work. It's great that when folded, such a table will be compact, and preparatory work will take only a few seconds.

    Thanks to the installed grooves, it will be convenient to cut, you do not need to move the sheets to the edge, and if you wish, you can even equip it with a table top.

  2. During the pouring of concrete structures, the vibrator for tamping will not interfere. The design will be based on a rod on which bearings should be fitted. In order for it to move well, pieces of rods must be welded between the bearings. A piece of plastic pipe should be used as a body, and then it remains to insert the rod into the drill and work can begin.

  3. What are the life hacks for building a house? Review + Video An interesting option would be to install hidden type hinges, which will make the garage room in which you are doing repairs or manufacturing more resistant to hacking. Although you know for sure that this is mostly to calm the soul of the garage owner himself, because if someone sets out to get into the premises, he will succeed. Still, it's worth going back to the loops. A welded structure can be used here, which will be welded to a regular hinge. Also an interesting option would be locks for doors, which will not allow the sash to be squeezed out, and the tension force can be adjusted with a nut.

  4. Also, it will not be superfluous to consider a very simple makeready option that will help turn the sander into a sharpener. The stop with the help of a clamp and a template should be set to the required angle, and then take the chisel and you can start! On the side edge of the stop, neodymium magnets are embedded, which do not allow the chisel to come off the plane.
  5. Laser-type levels have a huge drawback - they cannot be used if the weather is sunny (at least, without special receivers, because the beam becomes practically invisible). True, the receiver does not cost five kopecks, but if you have a smartphone with a front camera, you can use it as a receiver. So, when the beam is at the camera level, it will be perfectly visible on the screen.

    Next, you should move the phone up and down to find the position where the glow will begin and you can put the risk in front of the camera. This distance should be divided by 2 and you get the desired point.Receiver manufacturers will definitely be upset if this technique is adopted by shabashniki and builders.

  6. A plate that is sharpened on both sides will make it possible to unscrew the broken off threaded part of the screen, a fitting or some kind of eccentric without any problems. At least a couple of times the craftsmen needed to do this kind of work.

    If you do not know about this method, then it will take a very long time to saw the broken off piece into several parts using a hacksaw blade. If you use a life hack, then the sharpened edges will dig into the metal and twisting the piece will be quick and very simple.

  7. When driving corners into the ground, a hammer drill can be a great helper, and for such cases a nozzle, which is made by boiling from plates and corners, will be very useful.

Yes, repairs are like a small disaster. Such an event in a person's life involves inconvenience, strained like strings, nerves and problems.

To make your life easier, use useful life hacks for building and renovating a house, with which the scale of problems in repair will be significantly reduced.

  1. Drilling to dimension. Before drilling a hole in the wall, measure the length of the dowel and mark it on the drill, for example with the same insulating tape. So you will not need to drill through the walls many times, and there will also be no risks of drilling a "window into the world", namely a hole in a neighbor's apartment, whose faces are unlikely to be happy with this turn of events.
  2. Dedusting works.

    Before drilling begins, surface contamination should be minimized, so stick a sticker to the wall under the drilling and bend it. You now have a pocket for collecting dust.

  3. Hammering nails and no pain. Although at first it may seem that hammering in nails is a trivial matter, believe me, even it requires skill. And if you are trying to do it for the first time, but the attempt may be unsuccessful and even painful (if you get on your fingers).

    To keep the nails still, use your wife's comb, which has a lot of teeth, and among them it is worth fixing a nail. Then you can start driving in - your fingers will be safe and sound.

  4. Screwing screws for metal into wood. In general, self-tapping screws for metal entering the wood is bad, but if the necessary fasteners are not available, then use a regular bar of laundry soap. You should rub the self-tapping screw with soap and you can easily screw it in the way you want.

  5. Chipping-free cutting of tile coverings. In order for you to be able to cut the tile without chips, you can use a glass cutter, but before that you must soak the tile in water for several hours, and then, gently pressing, you should draw a self-tapping screw along the marked line and at the same time you should press lightly on edge so that the notch line is aligned with the edge of the desktop.
  6. Nails that you will never lose. Where do you have carnations when you are doing renovation work? You may be holding them in your teeth, but this is inconvenient, and sometimes there were even cases when everything ended in failure. You need to glue a magnet on the hot melt glue to the end side of the hammer handle and you can attach several nails to it at once.

  7. Magnetized bits from the screwdriver. An equally convenient option would be to use a magnetized screwdriver bit, but what if one is not available? To do this, attach a magnet to the bit and, using the unique capabilities of the magnetic field, the screw will hold very tightly to the tip of the screwdriver.

  8. Balloon dyeing can be safe. There are no special conditions for dyeing small items from a balloon at home, and this may ultimately be fraught with damage to property. But if you have a large cardboard box in the attic or on the balcony, then you can safely experiment in the field of artistic creativity.

    So, you are required to hang the structure to be painted inside the box and you will be able to embody your design ideas, while not being afraid to smear the surrounding objects.

  9. A tray that is always clean! If you do not want to wash the tray from paint every time after painting the surfaces, then you should wrap everything with foil. For reliability, several layers should be used at once, and after painting work, you should carefully take out the foil, roll it up and discard it. Paint tray will be like new!
  10. Surplus paint. If we talk about life hacks for building a house, then the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200btaking an elastic band over a jar with a paint and varnish composition will be very useful, and then it will be convenient for you to remove excess paint from the brush.

    This will keep the edges of your can clean and prevent paint droplets from splashing around the repair area. An elastic band can be made from available tools, such as cutting off the edges of rubber gloves.

So, we figured out the construction, now about the urgent - repair, which is an equally important part of the arrangement of the internal space of housing.

Life hacks for repair

All the information that you find further is based on the personal experience of thousands of people. Remember and use!

  1. If you have a child / pet who loves to walk into the deepest puddle, find the dirtiest bench and jump in the front garden, NEVER cover the hallway with light paper wallpaper.

    Believe me, no matter how you care for the surface, after 6-12 months they will acquire a gray tint exactly according to the growth of the child or dog.

  2. Do not spare the money and buy normal doors for your bathroom, not cardboard or wood fiber, because over time it will begin to swell with moisture.
  3. The repair should start with the fact that you distribute the sockets around the room.It may even require a separate work on wiring in the room, kitchen, bathroom, but this is really important.
  4. It is worth thinking in advance about whether your apartment will have a wardrobe, or whether you will hang the TV on the wall, where will the router / home phone be placed, in order to bring out all the wires in advance, hide them in the wall or at least under the baseboard / in the box.

    This is especially true for antennas so that the wires do not stick out from the TV to the outlet.

  5. If you are not an ideal hostess (the one who constantly washes the floors and wipes the dust), and even if you do not have pets, and guests rarely come, then it is recommended everywhere (and in the hallway , and in the kitchen) lay tiles / granite on the floor and darken the grout. All liquids that are added to light shades of grout so that they supposedly do not absorb dirt and moisture are in fact complete nonsense.

  6. Repair should start with replacing windows, because they are the most dusty. At the expense of the air conditioner - if you decide to install it too, then it is best to do it on bare walls after you replace the windows.

    After that, only because when replacing window frames there will be dust, and if the air conditioner is installed up to the windows, then its filter can "swallow" and will have to be cleaned unscheduled.

  7. If you are carrying out repair work in only one room, in the kitchen or bathroom, then you should try to find workers who will agree to cut the tiles on the staircase (of course, you should warn the neighbors in advance that you will wash their doors) or in the yard.
  8. Do not make a fake panel on the back wall in the kitchen, because it absorbs dirt more strongly, and is even much worse washed out compared to the same tiles.
  9. When calculating a kitchen or wardrobe, it is worthwhile to make a sketch in advance, as well as make a couple of drawings of the entire home, in order to remember exactly what things you would like to put in the cabinets.
  10. What are the life hacks for building a house? Review + Video It's not worth putting anything heavy on the upper shelves.

  11. For a toilet, it would be a wise decision to purchase a toilet with two flushing modes, or even better with a bidet function.
  12. If the old bathroom suits you in terms of size (and many also in quality, because Soviet models are made of cast iron), then you should use an acrylic insert. According to reviews, everything is clean, fast and convenient.
  13. If noisy neighbors annoy you, then you should think in advance about the option of installing noise insulation.
  14. In addition, useful life hacks for repairs say that you should not make shelves above the stove, as the film from the shelves will quickly escape from the steam and heat.

  15. Light switches are best done at hand level.
  16. Choose all materials in advance so that workers do not sit for half a day upon arrival and do not later demand payment for downtime.
  17. After the surface has been covered with wallpaper, the windows must not be opened.
  18. Do not install the refrigerator next to a window or near a window, because it will react to temperature changes, and as a result, freeze a lot of ice in the chamber, waste more electricity.
  19. Make the length of the cornice from one wall to the second, and even when the window does not reach the wall by 0.

    8 meters. The fact is that if this is not done, the curtains will hang, visually make the window heavier and "eat up" the light, and the extension of the length has not hurt anyone.

As you can see, all utilities are divided into categories, so you definitely won't get confused and cope with your goals. Good luck in building and repairing!