What are the most reliable kitchen faucets

What are the most reliable kitchen faucets How to choose the right mixer for the kitchen + recommendations and examples

In a large number of apartments, the main place for water consumption is the kitchen, because they constantly wash something on it - vegetables, hands, dishes and utensils. On average, a kitchen faucet is opened and closed about 100 times per day, and therefore it is clear that the device must be high strength, durable, reliable, handle the load and be compatible with the sink and the kitchen interior.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a reliable kitchen faucet, and our tips will help you make the right choice.

Which design to choose

What are the most reliable kitchen faucets Today, all types of mixers, and no matter how unusual and unlike in appearance they may be, they can be divided into three main varieties, depending on the design features:

  • Two-valve - classic version, where there is two taps for supplying ice and hot water.
  • Single-lever, to When only one lever can be used to adjust both the temperature and the water pressure.

  • Non-contact, for which direct contact is not required, because it turns on only when you bring your hands to the tap.

The most popular variety is considered to be single-lever , n because they are really convenient to use, and you can also regulate the temperature and pressure with just one little finger. With a mixer like this, it won't take a lot of time to adjust the desired temperature, which means you can also save water. If you need to turn off the water, then just lower the mixer, and do not turn back the taps.

Two-valve are much inferior to single-lever ones in terms of convenience, and they are used either by conservatives or by those who have a classic-style kitchen.

Contactless with a mixer are the most economical and convenient option, but the type of cost is not so common.


Material of manufacture

Today you can find on sale such mixers that are made of metals and alloys, including bronze / steel / nickel / brass, ceramics, plastic and granite.

The most durable are the faucets that are made of brass and bronze because they are not affected by water, and they also look expensive and luxurious. Steel mixer is also an excellent option, which is ideal in terms of price-performance ratio.

If you want to simplify the maintenance of the mixer, it is best to use chrome-plated products, not shiny ones - this way dried drops will not be very visible, and chrome mixers look much more expensive.

There is another type of mixers made of aluminum alloy and silicon - silumin. They are inexpensive but not very durable.It is interesting that dishonest manufacturers even make some parts from silumin, but they hide this, however, this can be determined by the low weight of the product.

C The best mixer to use is one where the inner elements are made of ceramics and the outer parts are made of metal.

Ceramic faucets look beautiful, go well with a stone or porcelain stoneware sink, but they are inferior in reliability to metal ones, and they also have a much shorter service life.

Granite mixers are rare and are bought by those who have a granite sink. Plastic products are resistant to water, aggressive environment, and not yet corroded. But at the same time, the material is not durable, and can hardly be considered durable. This option is more suitable for a country house, where the mixer is not used very often.

Spout shape and size

Which spout shape and size should you choose for your kitchen faucet? The faucet spout is a very important parameter for the kitchen, because the convenience of using the sink for washing food and dishes will depend on it.

Here the approach will be radically different from the choice of a device for a sanitary unit. Make sure that the jet hits the center of the sink so that there is no splashing.

The height should be such that you can easily collect water in containers, wash dishes and vegetables, large pots. The choice of height will also depend on the depth of the sink, because if it is not very deep, then the spout should turn out higher, but try not to overdo it, otherwise the water will spray. If the sink depth is large, then it is worth choosing low models.

It is most convenient to buy a mixer immediately with a sink and other accessories, so that everything turns out as practical and convenient as possible. As for the form, follow your own preferences and interior features. Manufacturers offer many different options that make your head spin.

Lever from above or from the side - which is better?

What are the most reliable kitchen faucets In this case, we are talking specifically about single-lever models, where the control lever is located on the side or above the surface of the mixer. In principle, the location depends on the height, and most often faucets with a high spout have a lever on the side, and with a low one at the top.

If we talk about convenience, then both options are the same, but a lot will depend on your preferences.

Note that the lever located on the side is a little more practical, because it will not drip on the mixer water or particles of dishwashing detergent, which means it will be easier to clean.

Faucet attachment point

Before choosing a device, you should pay attention to the attachment features. The mixer can be installed on:

  • Worktop, and then a hole of the required diameter must be cut in it.
  • On the wall.

  • At the sink, if there is an opening.

Each mixer has its own types of attachments, and therefore all parameters are important to consider. If all the elements of the kitchen are bought at a time, then the task becomes much easier.


A kitchen mixer is needed for large and constant loads, which is why it is important to take into account many different parameters when choosing it - from the material of manufacture to the type of fasteners. To make the right choice, designate for yourself in advance what functionality the mixer should have, and what kind of appearance it should have, and then you can definitely buy what you need, spending the minimum amount of time on it.

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