What are the nuances of using PVC film, as well as creating soft windows for gazebos and open terraces- Installation and maintenance of them: Review + Video

What are the nuances of using PVC film, as well as creating soft windows for gazebos and open terraces- Installation and maintenance of them: Review + Video Soft PVC windows for gazebos are made of polyvinyl chloride. This material, despite its apparent fragility, has excellent strength and reliability, and is the best way to protect open buildings such as a veranda, a terrace and a gazebo from atmospheric precipitation and wind.

PVC film is used as an alternative to plastic glass units. Of course, it is advisable to install ordinary windows in the event that the building is planned to be used on an ongoing basis.

But this is not always necessary for the owners of a suburban area, because summer cottages are mainly used from spring to autumn, and extra spending in this case is not needed.

After fixing, the PVC film can be rolled up and unwound if necessary.

Features of using polyvinyl chloride film



The material is suitable for different seasons. Often, openings in open air structures are covered with foil. This is an excellent protection for the gazebo on a rainy or windy day, in addition, in winter it will become an obstacle to snow ingress. Of course, PVC film will not be able to hermetically close the room, but if you put on a heating radiator and tightly cover the window openings with film, cozy gatherings are a success.

Use 10 years

The term of permanent operation of soft flexible PVC windows is about 10 years. As practice shows, analogs of this material quickly lose their original properties under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations. At the same time, PVC film can last at least 5 years under constant exposure to the sun. Experts advise not to roll the film into rolls in winter, because at a temperature of -15 ° C it becomes rough and makes it difficult to use it.

Soft windows for terraces and PVC curtains have a number of positive characteristics, among which are:

  • What are the nuances of using PVC film, as well as creating soft windows for gazebos and open terraces- Installation and maintenance of them: Review + Video Durability and reliability;
  • Safe use;
  • Long service life;
  • Affordable price;
  • Good level of light transmission ;
  • Attractiveness and aesthetics.


In addition to protection from rain, wind and dust, the film will protect you and your guests from mosquitoes and midges in the evening, which is also a pleasant fact , because these insects can easily ruin your rest. The range of PVC films is wide enough. You can choose any color you like, and a drawing can also be applied to the material. The flexibility of the structure means that the soft window in the gazebo cannot be broken, therefore it is safe for children to be in the room.


An important factor in favor of choosing a PVC film for windows is its affordable price.

Such soft PVC windows will cost you several times less than plastic structures.In addition, the ability to transmit up to 90% of the sun's rays will save you the need for additional lighting during the day. The material is endowed with the qualities of resisting color fading in the sun, and the applied pattern will not peel off.


The disadvantages of soft PVC windows for gazebos include the likelihood of accidental breaks due to insufficient strength of the material. The film, through negligence, can be damaged by a sharp object and, unfortunately, cannot be repaired in the future, you will have to completely replace the canvas.


As for the pricing policy, the average cost of soft PVC windows for 1 m² is about 1.5 thousand Russian rubles. Also included in this price are various fasteners. Prices may vary depending on the size of the window opening. With an increase in the size of the openings, the cost of 1 m² will decrease.

This situation is explained by the fact that less fasteners are required for work.

Soft PVC windows are made of material with a thickness of 500 - 700 microns. The thicker the film, the more reliable and practical it will be. The standard web width is 1.4 m.

Tip. If the window actually turns out to be wider, a construction hairdryer will help save the situation. To do this, dock the floor and treat the seam with a stream of hot air. Remember that you need to create an overlap of 3 cm.

To strengthen the soft window and fastening, it is necessary to make an edging with a width of 5 cm.

For this purpose, a special Oxford material is used, which has a rather attractive appearance.

Note. For doors, a zipper with a thickness of 10 mm is used.

Installation of soft PVC windows for gazebos

In practice, several types of fittings for soft PVC windows are used:

  • Nickel plated locks. They are used for installation of soft windows with an opening width of 2 m.

  • Stainless steel swivel bracket. It belongs to the more durable types of fastening and is suitable for working with openings larger than 5 m.
  • Silicone straps.

What are the nuances of using PVC film, as well as creating soft windows for gazebos and open terraces- Installation and maintenance of them: Review + Video The most demanded method of installing soft windows is fastening fasteners on each side. This method makes it possible to remove the film completely, if the need arises.

In the second method of installation, fasteners are fixed from below and to the sides.

When installing only the upper part of the panel, it can be installed on the eyelets. The last option of installation allows the possibility of folding PVC film for soft windows into a roll, which can be secured with silicone straps.

During the installation of windows, for the first time, unevenness of the material may be observed, which will eventually pass under the influence of the sun. Do-it-yourself installation of soft PVC-film windows can be done without attracting additional labor force.

You shouldn't have much difficulty. The installation of each individual window will take no more than 20 minutes. Installation begins with securing one canvas using a stapler.The brackets are attached at the top of the window opening.


If it is not possible to fix the film at the bottom, then you need to make a pocket, in which you can then place a weighting agent (by analogy with roller blinds).

This method of fastening makes it possible to align the panel. After reaching the normal state, you can start fastening the twist locks. Then comes the turn of installing the belt tape. Its task is to fix the folded canvas.

Provide a distance between the fastening side elements in the region of 40 cm. At the top, the fasteners are installed in increments of 30 cm. This installation method will not allow the diaper to shrink and deform in winter.


What are the nuances of using PVC film, as well as creating soft windows for gazebos and open terraces- Installation and maintenance of them: Review + Video Care for soft transparent PVC windows are extremely simple. It is enough to wash the material with soapy water or specially designed compounds.

In addition, as noted above, the film is unpretentious in maintenance and does not lose its original qualities for a long time.

Manufacturers do not recommend using sponges with an abrasive surface or coarse brushes for cleaning PVC curtains of soft windows, which can damage the surface. Regular maintenance of the film can prolong the life of the material.

Experts advise to avoid contact of the film with the ground, with the ground and mount anthers made of polyethylene or PVC. These are a kind of pockets that are designed to protect the gazebo from dust and various kinds of pollution.

High strength and reliability makes this material very popular among owners of suburban scrap metal. The film has good elongation, which prevents deformation and tears, so it does not need repair work for a long time. If the gazebo is not heated, the preservation of heat inside is possible due to the high quality of the material's thermal insulation. Such a gazebo can be used for its intended purpose even in winter.

Polyvinyl chloride film is wonderfully combined with fabric or tulle curtains, curtains.

You can also install blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, curtains on the windows.

The variability of the material allows you to make the choice without problems. Both tinted and transparent films are presented for the review of buyers. Toning will save you from prying eyes of bystanders, and from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is very good in the summer heat. Also, one of the important advantages of the film is its resistance to the formation of mildew and mold.

In addition, the material has a high level of fire safety.

As for the edging, you can't do without it. This is an additional fastening along the entire perimeter of the soft PVC window. It can be fabric, film, of a different color palette from the widths of strips no more than 5 cm. This allows you to select the edging to match the entire arbor.

If your gazebo has wide window openings, then you can supplement the edging with a lock along the entire length of the panel.This will allow you to open and close it as needed.

Types of edging for soft windows:

  • awning - Oxford cloth;
  • moisture resistant - made of polyvinyl chloride.

Each of the types has its own advantages and is popular with the consumer. The PVC edging is connected by soldering to a soft window, which prevents the possibility of rupture.

The awning edging is characterized by durability, it is mounted by sewing on to a soft window. The color scheme of this edging is available in about 10 options: white, red, green, brown, black, beige, yellow. The service life of the awning edging is 12-15 years of continuous operation.