What are the types of shower trays with different curtain options: Tips + Video

What are the types of shower trays with different curtain options: Tips + Video A modern person cannot do in his house without a room to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness in the house. This is a bathroom, which can be a separate room or combined with a toilet. In order to equip a bathroom in accordance with all the rules, it is necessary to arm yourself with knowledge from this area.

The first step is finishing the premises, laying and installing plumbing. After that, they are engaged in the choice of furniture and decor.

In the bathroom, bathtubs of various configurations, shower cabins with or without a pallet, shower trays with curtains are installed.

Furniture items and facing materials are selected for reasons of compactness, strength, functionality. In addition, the materials must have a good level of moisture resistance.

The popularity of shower trays

The bathroom is explained by the desire to save precious space in a small area. Indeed, very often they try to fit a washing machine, a rack, shelves, a convenient heated towel rail and so on in the bathroom.

Also, shower trays are installed in large bathrooms, where there is space for a full bathroom bowls, household appliances and various furniture. This allows you to quickly shower without splashing water throughout the room. Curtains for booths are made from different materials, which makes it possible to choose an option that suits the style of your bathroom.

Note. In order to save space in a small room, install a corner shower tray.

Trays for the bathroom are presented in various forms, type of material, installation location, type of curtains.

How to choose the shape and optimal size of the shower tray?

The design of the shower tray can be different in width, length and height. The sides can be both high - from 10 centimeters, and small, no higher than 4 centimeters. The lengths of the sides are from 70 to 130 centimeters.

The most popular are shower trays 90 x 90 cm, corner or square design.

Curtains for these options are selected for reasons of convenience or financial capabilities (glass, plastic, textiles). The choice of the shape of the pallet depends on the size and shape of the room. In addition, before buying, make sure that the bathroom has a complete plumbing system and that it is in good working order. This will save you from possible trouble when connecting the pallet.


The materials from which pallets are made must comply with sanitary standards, as well as meet safety requirements, and have a high level of moisture resistance.

Shower trays made of acrylic

Trays of completely different, sometimes even uncomplicated forms are created from acrylic. The material has an excellent property - it is possible to mount additional desired elements into it. In addition, acrylic has increased strength while being lightweight. It is easy to care for acrylic shower trays, various dirt is easily washed off.

The service life of an acrylic pallet is about 15 years.

Note. In the absence of an internal reinforcing layer in the acrylic structure, it must be mounted on a metal frame to prevent sagging and breakage of the pallet.

Cast iron shower trays

Cast iron shower trays are quite heavy, but they attract customers because they have a good level of heat retention and are easy to clean. The shape of modern products can be any, sizes are also variable.

The most demanded were and remain the trays with a size of 90 x 90 cm.

Shower trays made of steel

Steel shower trays are not very popular, since their design does not have high practical indicators and functionality. The heating rate of steel is very low, in addition, the material is quite noisy, which is very annoying for many people. The enamel, which is used to cover the steel, cracks, abrades during the operation of the pallet, and the product becomes untidy. In addition, the installation of glass curtains on enameled shower trays is somewhat complicated by the peculiarities of this material.

Ceramic shower trays

Ceramic shower tray has excellent operating characteristics, but its price is correspondingly high. Ceramics attracts customers with their excellent appearance, durability and attractiveness. In addition, ceramic trays have excellent thermal conductivity. Installation of curtains on these structures is not complicated by anything, so you can choose any type of material:

  • What are the types of shower trays with different curtain options: Tips + Video Glass curtains are made of tempered glass, which has high strength rates. In case of an accidental impact, the glass will not break, and possibly only be covered with a network of cracks.

    In addition, it can be combined with any other material. Often, these curtain options are installed in small bathrooms. The cost of installing a shower tray is low, and there are no difficulties in the work.

  • Plastic curtains. It's a pretty malleable material.

    From which you can make different versions of products to protect against splashing water. Additional fasteners are used for fastening.

  • Vinyl curtains have gained their popularity relatively recently. They look great, and in addition they can be painted with paints specially designed for this purpose.


Sliding shower tray curtains save space. Various options for design and installation of sections are presented to the buyer's choice.

Ideal choice

To make the best choice of shower tray with curtains for you, several points and factors must be taken into account:

Place of pallet installation. When installing the pallet in the corner of the room, there should be no difficulties with the supply of drainage pipes.It's a different matter when it comes to installing the structure in the center, which can be complicated by the inability to bring the system to the pallet.

Type of construction (ready-made and prefabricated). The buyer has a choice, depending on his goals and preferences, namely, to purchase a ready-made pallet or assemble it on his own. It is cheaper, of course, to make a metal shower tray with your own hands, but during installation, difficulties may arise if the elements do not fit each other in different parameters.

Reliability and compliance with safety requirements. When choosing a pallet, pay attention to the coating.

You can protect yourself and your family members if you opt for a grooved bottom or with an anti-slip coating. Alternatively, use a silicone or rubberized mat.

Bumpers level. For families with children, a shower stall with a deep tray is ideal. Elderly people, due to their physical shape, will appreciate showers with a low base or floor-flush options.

Note. Regardless of the choice of the type of pallet and curtains to it, it is necessary to make waterproofing and water drain.

Advantages of shower trays with curtains:

  • Simplicity of construction;
  • Durability;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Tightness ;
  • Economical use of space with a high level of functionality;
  • Attractive appearance.

Disadvantages of shower trays:

  • The need to finish the bathroom in accordance with the rules for using a room with a high level of humidity.
  • Professional installation.

    The necessity of installing a reliable sewerage system is explained.

How to choose a shutter bar?

There is a wide selection of barbells in various shapes and lengths in stores. Moreover, they are made from different materials. Despite the fact that curtains made of plastic and glass are gaining more and more popularity, the level of sales of textile models does not fall, but, on the contrary, grows from year to year. This is quite understandable, because textile curtains are cheap, and the choice of styles and colors is quite large.

In addition, they are extremely convenient to use.

Curtain rods are made of:

  • Wood . Wooden options are treated with moisture protective agents to extend the service life. The price of wooden rods is high, but if you have a goal to fit it into the bathroom design in the best way, then this option is for you.
  • Plastic .

    Plastic rods are one of the cheapest options. They are great for bathrooms due to their moisture resistant qualities. The rods are made in the form of pipes with rubber nozzles.

  • Metal . It is a very stylish bathroom solution with a high level of durability, corrosion resistant treatment in high humidity conditions.

The rods are mounted using special fasteners. In addition, various fixation methods are used in practice. Some models require additional holes in the wall, followed by the installation of reinforcing heads and tightening the bolts. Most often, angular, curved, semicircular rods are installed, which differ in fixing methods.

Curtains for shower trays

When choosing curtain material, focus on the dimensions of the shower tray, as well as the functionality of the product.

Modern curtains are produced in various configurations:

  • Combined;
  • Frame;
  • Frameless.

Material of the curtains

Fabric with water-repellent properties

Hooks are used to attach this type of curtain. This is a universal version of shower trays with glass curtains that can be changed at any time if necessary. The choice of shades is very pleasing, there are colors and patterns for every taste.

Glass curtains

What are the types of shower trays with different curtain options: Tips + Video Very stylish, but not cheap option that requires a careful approach to the choice of fasteners.

The base to which the glass structure will be attached must be as stable as possible.

Plastic curtains

When installing such structures, care must be taken to treat the joints with a sealant and fix special rubber gaskets.

Sizes of curtains made of glass and plastic can be of various sizes, but the most demanded dimensions are 80 * 80 cm, 90 * 90 cm. Fabric curtains are chosen with the dimensions most suitable for your shower tray.


The price of shower trays with ready-made curtains made of plastic or glass varies from lowest to highest.

The approximate cost of ready-made structures that are popular in the Russian market is:

  • Nautico SWB-8005, China - 13 thousand rubles;
  • Loranto CS-7006, China - 7 thousand rubles;
  • Wasserfalle F-2005, Germany - 48 thousand rubles.
  • Shower tray RGW PA-56, Germany - 25 thousand rubles.
  • Buon Trapezen G-06, Sweden - 2Z thousand rubles.
  • Parlu ZE91, China - 8 thousand rubles;
  • Aquadush AD-H, Russia-Slovenia - 8 thousand rubles.
  • Erlit, Russia - from 12 thousand rubles.

  • Arcus AS-З01, China - 12 thousand rubles.
  • River Don Light, China - 6-12 thousand rubles.
  • Pucsho Kreis TR, Germany - 20 thousand rubles;
  • Am. Pm Like Twin Slide, Germany-Italy 26 thousand rubles.
  • Graham-Graham MG 06, Great Britain - 26 thousand rubles;
  • Jacob Delafon Odeon Up, France - 40 thousand rubles.

  • Niagara NG-00З, South Korea - 80 thousand rubles.