What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video Siding is a lightweight finishing material used mainly for finishing facades.

This remarkable invention appeared in the 60s of the last century in the United States.

A little later, it began to be actively used in the USA, Western Europe and Canada. Over time, its popularity has grown significantly in other countries.

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Advantages of house cladding with siding

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video The performance of siding is hard to dispute.

It is used comprehensively and everywhere.

Very often, house cladding with siding is done along with its insulation , and the owners of private houses do it with their own hands .

Panels look different and can simulate different materials. They are used to decorate commercial and industrial buildings, residential buildings. The use of material for restoration of old buildings is indispensable.

Panels perfectly mask all surface imperfections and irregularities. For the subsequent finishing with siding, no special preliminary preparation of the working area is required.

The material is easy and convenient to mount on any kind of surface.

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video A special lock is provided for docking in the siding panels: individual panels dock and snap together. To fix the panels, they have ready-made grooves, so you don't have to drill anything.

Even a not very prepared beginner can easily carry out the installation process. The surface of the sheathing will be neat and durable.

Types of siding

The industry produces many options for this type of finish.

Depending on the material used for production, siding can be divided into:

  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • cement;
  • vinyl ;
  • wooden.

Each species has its own, peculiar only to it, characteristics.


What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video Vinyl is considered to be of higher quality:

  • it is durable,
  • is not subject to corrosion,
  • is not afraid of atmospheric precipitation.

But its cost also corresponds to working qualities. Vinyl siding is available in a variety of colors and shades.

If desired, you can choose a material that imitates wood, stone and brick .


Metal siding has remarkable performance.

To increase the service life, metal siding is covered with special polymer compounds, but uncoated material, unprotected, is also sold.

It has long been known that metal is afraid of moisture. Under the influence of high humidity, its integrity is violated, it is subject to corrosion and other harmful processes. Aluminum siding is more resistant to aggressive impact, but it does not tolerate mechanical damage. Its cost is quite high.

Natural wood

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video The most expensive The material for the manufacture of luxury siding is natural wood. Wood is subjected to special processing before production. Not all tree species are suitable for wall cladding.

Currently, such a material is made by pressing individual wood fibers, which are bound by specially added polymer components. Some types of natural panels have a beautiful natural pattern on the surface.

This distinguishes products from cedar, oak and ash.

  • Siding does not need special care,
  • it is not exposed to ultraviolet radiation,
  • does not absorb moisture, does not fade or fade,
  • are not deformed.

Manufacturers promise certain types of material a service life of at least fifty years.

How to choose a siding color?

With the help of modern siding, you can create a real house of your dreams. At the same time, the options for siding colors can be very different.

It is quite possible to combine siding that differs not only in texture and color, but also in the type of material.

The main thing in this business is to choose precisely the colors that will contrast or harmonize. Best of all, if it is a two-three-color palette.

It is advisable to use different textures and colors more boldly.

Vinyl siding

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video Beige is most often chosen from vinyl material - this is perhaps the most popular tone.

A very spectacular look is obtained from such a structure with contrasting snow-white windows. Everything looks harmonious and neat, although not too creative.

Different shades of the same color

These shades do not have to be bright. You can achieve a completely unusual effect by choosing two almost identical colors of different shades. This can be, for example, brown and beige.

You can choose the color of the finish according to the color of the roof, which must be made an order of magnitude darker.

Black and white contrast

This can be a contrasting and catchy black and white house.

"Wooden" house

Using the "block house", you can embody a real country house, almost indistinguishable from a genuine wooden one. Or you can decorate the balcony in the apartment with wood or wood siding panels.

It is impossible not to mention the basement siding.

This impressive fa├žade is sure to please your family and loved ones. Compared to the previous ones, he will noticeably win.

Stone siding house

What are the ways to use siding in home decoration: Pros and Ideas + Video With original design and siding different colors and textures, you can create a respectable and elegant structure.

If you like, you can make the house look like it was made of stone.

At the same time, you can combine the most unexpected colors, but a one-color facade will look solid and worthy.

Try a combination of textures

You can plan a facade with an original combination of basement and vinyl siding. To inspire the creation of such a plan, you can use ready-made design solutions to choose for yourself, how to decorate the facade of your own house.

There are many very different options, but you can always come up with something new, your own.

It is not advisable to use more than three shades. Otherwise, a building with a visually distorted volume may turn out, which will not have integrity and harmony.

If you do not have experience in design work, but, nevertheless, want to do everything yourself, look in advance a lot of photos ready-made options for siding finishing. Based on the ones that you especially liked, you can create the image of your own home.